6 Reasons Why a Christian University May Be Right for You

By Ruth on April 4, 2017 in advice

When you’re trying to make decisions about which type of university is the right fit for you, you’ve got to consider what is important to you and where you see yourself in the future. For many students, the right place for advanced study is a Christian college. Educational institutions that have a focus on faith can be a great choice for students interested in a variety of college majors. Here are six reasons why a Christian university may be the right place for you.

1. Learn With Students Like You

One of the key things to focus on when choosing a college is finding a place where you feel comfortable and can be yourself. Christian universities offer religious students an atmosphere filled with students that share similar values. Taking classes, participating in discussions, collaborating with others, and living on campus can be richer and more enjoyable if you feel like you’re with your own people. In college, students make important connections for their professional and personal life in the future.

2. Get Closer to Christ

Going to a school that focuses on faith can also help you build a stronger bond to Christ. The main purpose of a college education is to learn more about a variety of subjects and develop expertise. As you study topics such as philosophy, science, literature, and mathematics, you can also develop a stronger understanding of the bible and the origins of the Christian religion. On campus, you can continue to regularly attend church and get closer to the true Christian lifestyle at a faith-based university.

3. Maintain Your Values

When you put numerous young adults together on a college campus, there are bound to be a few situations that push against some of the most important Christian values. In many college campuses, there is a trend of increased binge drinking, casual sex, and drug use. Students who don’t feel comfortable in these situations may not know what to do if this behavior is common and around them constantly. In a Christian college atmosphere, there is a stronger focus on following your faith and maintaining your values, so risky behavior is less of an issue.

4. Support Your Community

At a Christian college, there also may be more a focus on philanthropy and community development. Students at faith-based schools may be exposed to more projects that put the less fortunate in the spotlight. On campus, you can find out how you can make a difference by participating in community service. This focus on helping others can give you the tools to follow this practice throughout life.

5. Pay a Reasonable Cost

Many Christian universities also offer reasonable tuition costs compared to other private colleges. The cost for ACU’s conflict resolution degree may be much more manageable because of the school’s focus on providing a Christian education. Instead of putting yourself into a lifetime of student debt, you can pay a more inexpensive price for your education at a faith-based college.

6. Expand Your Mind

The last big reason why so many students are finding a Christian college experience beneficial to their lives is because it helps you expand your knowledge. These top learning institutions are dedicated to giving students the building blocks to learn about the world. Leading the way is the Christian lifestyle and the endless quest for knowledge and curiosity. At Christian universities around the country, students can get a diverse liberal arts education that prepares them for the world of work.

Your college choice is one of the most important decisions of your life. It’s about more than the classes you take and the professors who will mentor you. At a Christian college, you can feel confident that you’re getting a world-class education that aligns with your core values and the goals you have for your future.


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  1. McKenzie May 2, 2017 Reply

    This is a great post! Choosing a Christian university can really enrich your college experiences. Thanks for sharing.

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