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Last year, after watching the original Christmas movie Sound of Christmas, I decided to reach out to the star of this film, Robin Dunne, for a potential interview. He had been a long-time favorite in our household, and he was quite amenable to an interview in spite of his hectic schedule. Recently, on a whim, I asked him for a follow-up interview only days before the new Aurora Teagarden film was to premiere, and being the kind and generous man that he is, he agreed to do a quick interview. I am grateful beyond measure for his willingness to connect with me as he has, and now I present my second interview with this gracious talent.

RH: After our last interview, I was able to see your character in the season finale of Murdoch Mysteries season 10. I know that season 11 has already been playing out in Canada, but the U.S. is just getting that season. What was your experience like in both episodes? What did you appreciate about portraying your character?

Murdoch Mysteries

RD: I had a fantastic time working on Murdoch Mysteries. For one, the cast and crew of the show are a lovely bunch of people. And, it was very satisfying to be able to return in the Season 11 opener and re-visit the character I played – a guy who was at once a bully as well as a complete coward, depending on who he was dealing with. As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’ve known Yannick {Bisson} for years, and both he and the creative team of the show were very generous in letting me have fun in this role. I really appreciated that. I wish that show nothing but more of its great success.

I know you recently wrapped on A.R.C.H.I.E  2. What was it like working on that sequel? When can we expect to see this film, and what can we expect from the story (without revealing too much)?

Having the opportunity to make a sequel to A.R.C.H.I.E was thrilling. Once again, I had the opportunity to write, direct, and act in the piece. This time, robot wonder dog Archie finds himself part of a bizarre carnival surrounded by some oddball characters. We have some returning actors from the first film (including Michael J. Fox as the voice of Archie), as well as a bunch of new performances. I must say the ensemble cast in this film is outstanding. I’m excited for people to see it. The film will be released this spring.

Of course, Hallmark viewers know that you are back in Aurora Teagarden, and the next episode features both you and Yannick Bisson. Without giving anything away of course, what can you tease about this upcoming film as it relates to your character specifically?

Aurora Teagarden

At risk of repeating myself from our last interview, there is nothing better than working with your friends in this business (or probably any other business, for that matter). Having the opportunity to re-visit my character in Aurora Teagarden was a blast. Being back on set with Candace {Cameron Bure}, Marilu {Henner}, Peter {Benson}, Miranda {Frigon}, director Martin Wood, producer Jim Head, and the rest of the gang couldn’t have been more fun. Not to mention, being able to work once again with Yannick, and my wife Farrah Aviva. I feel very fortunate to be part of the Hallmark family. Without giving too much away, there is a bit of tension between Bartell and Robin in this film. I can’t really say much more than that…

As Robin Daniels

I know that the next two Aurora Teagarden films are set to start filming soon. Can you tell us if you are in the next ones? Do you have any specific hopes for your character’s involvement in the next episodes? 

I really don’t know much on that front, other than the fact that I’m sure Aurora will be on to more new and dangerously exciting adventures. It would be a lot of fun if Robin Daniels popped up again somewhere in that orbit.

Hallmark viewers didn’t get to see you in a new Christmas film or any other film last year. Any chance there may be something else in the works?

Since last year’s Sound Of Christmas, I have been busy shooting and finishing A.R.C.H.I.E 2. We still have some more work to do in post-production. I have also been developing a series which is slated to begin production this coming April.

Welcome To Nowhere

U.S. viewers are still waiting to see Welcome to Nowhere. Any update on this film?

Welcome To Nowhere has been in a bit of a limbo as we are still tinkering with an alternate cut. I have a lot of affection for that film. U.S audiences will definitely have an opportunity to see it in 2018.

As one who has had such a varied career that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, what are a couple of your professional goals that you hope to accomplish sometime in the next few years?

With Director Martin Wood?

Over the last several years, I have been lucky to have found a nice creative groove, whereby I have the opportunity to write, to direct, and to act. Sometimes alternating, sometimes all at once. I have always wanted to diversify in this business and learn all the various aspects of it. I feel very fortunate and I hope it continues.

If you could take one week and go anywhere in the world for a vacation, where would you go and why?

Funny you should ask. Since getting married last summer, neither Farrah nor I have had an appropriate window of time to take a honeymoon. We finally decided to bite the bullet and take much of January off to go on a trip to Africa. It’s a continent that I have long wanted to see again, and we’re very much looking forward to it.

Thanks, Ruth! Always a pleasure speaking with you. Hope everyone enjoys Last Scene Alive on Sunday.

With his wife, Farrah

Although this interview may be brief in nature, the very fact that Robin took the time to connect with his fans and with me in such a hospitable way demonstrates the kind of person Robin is. He’s immensely successful in his own right, and he is not in dire need of any publicity. Furthermore, the fact that he and his wife are preparing to go on vacation makes his eagerness to chat with me even more astounding. Robin’s giftedness far transcends that of a typical working actor; he is a diverse industry professional with extraordinary associations that have bequeathed him with opportunities that boggle the imagination. It is marvelous enough for me to witness his acting prowess, but when one factors in his directing and writing credits, I honestly don’t know how he remains current with his frenetic schedule. I know for a fact that many in his position would not bother to recognize an independent journalist like me, but the fact that he didn’t discount my request nor respond with mediocre answers is such an endearing gesture that I find myself willing to invest even more time in promoting his works and his career. While I regularly support those within the Hallmark universe, it is artists like Robin that inspire me to go the extra mile with my support because of the value he has placed on my promotions. That is one of the reasons I purpose within myself to ensure that I award him all the assistance and attention I believe he deserves.

Therefore, I entreat all of my lovely readers to tune into Hallmark Movies & Mysteries tonight (January 7th) for what Marilu Henner has called the best of the Aurora Teagarden films to date: Last Scene Alive: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery. I would further invite everyone to check out all of Robin’s links below and consider following him where applicable. What he has accomplished in his career thus far is already phenomenal, but something tells me that in the months and years to come, Robin is going to continue to pursue even more of his dreams and raise the bar still further. One thing of which I am fully convinced is that Robin is continuously persevering with every vision he has within his heart and mind as he is never satisfied with merely “coasting” through his life and career. He is a man of action who proceeds to hone his craft and enable his dreams to come true while genuinely appreciating everyone who has helped him along in the process.






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    wonderful interview–I have always enjoyed his acting

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