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The Christmas films that Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas is producing this year have been some of the foremost ones ever to come from this beloved network, at least, in my opinion. And if ratings can report the story, I doubt I am alone in my approximation. One film continues to create an abundance of buzz amongst the viewers–Miss Christmas. There is literally nothing that can make my Hallmark heart happier than to chat with the youngest star of that film, Luke Roessler. He and his mother were quite willing to share a plethora of stories and information about Luke’s career, and at last, I have the opportunity to share our most entertaining interview!

Luke Roessler Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

RH: So nice that we could chat today, Luke.

LR: Nice to chat with you too, Ruth.

Please remind me of how old you are.

I’m ten.

You have had quite a career for only being ten. In fact, when I saw that you were going to be in Miss Christmas, I thought to myself, “This kid looks familiar.” Then when I looked at your credits, I was like, “Oh, he was in this and this and this…” 

I’ve been a very busy actor here in Vancouver.

Photo by Rob Gilbert Photography

So, Luke, how did you get started in acting?

Well, my sister did this acting and modeling competition, and she won. My mom wasn’t sure about letting my sister act, but people kept saying she should. So finally my mom let her do it, and my sister got an agent.  And then they saw me, and they were like, “Hey, let’s have him too!” But it was like I was way too young and we didn’t think I was good enough. But they kept asking my mom, and finally, she said I could do it. The first audition I did, I booked it, and it was for a milk commercial.

How old were you at that time?

I was seven.

I’m assuming your sister’s older, right?

Yes, she’s fourteen now. She’s done a few commercials here and there, but she does a lot more dancing competitions now.

As my mom likes to say, she knew I had lots of energy at school, and my teachers didn’t always know how to manage my energy. She thought acting might not be right for me, but she was wrong.

Actually, your personality reminds me of some of the other kids I’ve interviewed. Do you know Christian Convery?

Yes! We see each other at auditions all the time. And we got to see each other at the Joey Awards. But yeah, we’re kind of similar. We get along really well.

From Hell On Wheels

What was your first regular TV role?

It was Hell On Wheels on AMC. I played Willam Bohannon. That was my first big thing. I did a short film before that.

Was the audition process pretty simple for that show?

Yeah, it was pretty simple. I had a lot of lines for the audition; I remember that. But I’m good at memorizing my lines. I think my mom would say she thinks I sometimes do it better than the adults.

I was trying to think of the first thing I saw you in, and while I don’t recall your part, I know I watched the pilot of the show Heartbeat. I loved that show and was sad when it got canceled.

Yeah, I got to play the kid kicking the airplane seat. And the main character turned around and threatened me with a really big needle.

from Arrow

I remember your part now! But wow, you’ve been in quite a few shows. You’ve been in Arrow

Yes, I got to be in the show, but then my part got cut.

Oh, so you’ve already had that experience that I think every actor has at least once in their career. 

Yep, but at least I got paid. And I got to be in that cool show. But I’ve had to deal with rejection too. In fact, I booked Supergirl, but then they cut that one too.

Oh, that’s such a shame! But you’ve also been in The Man In the High Castle.

No, it’s called The Man In the Low Castle.

{Clearly Luke has an incredible sense of humor as this sent me into fits of laughter.}

You’ve also been in Christmas Truce. I didn’t get to see that one, but my mom did, and she said it was really good.

from Christmas Truce

It was a good one. I don’t think they have shown it since the first year it was out. I got to play a little German boy, and I had to speak some German. Actually, my grandfather is German.

Oh, that makes sense because your last name is German, right?

No, it’s Mexican.

{Again, he regaled me with his humor.}

You are quite a performer, Luke. 

Actually, I’m part German and part Portuguese. My dad is half-German, half-Portuguese. And my mom is Swedish and Irish.

Luke, you were also on Bates Motel. What was it like being on that set? I know it might have been a bit of a dark show for a child, but I’m just curious.

It was fun and scary. But it wasn’t too scary. It was an amazing set. The part was kind of challenging for me. But my mom and everyone else said I pulled it off pretty well. And I think I did too. I played young Norman Bates. I like to say I did horribly good.

from Bates Motel with Freddie Highmore

Did you get to meet Freddy Highmore?

Yes, and he was really nice to me. It was a highlight for me to meet him. I even asked him for some acting advice. He said, “Don’t act. Use your eyes. Feel things deep inside in your belly.” I really hope someday to get a role on The Good Doctor.

So your first Hallmark thing was Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Lost Without You

Yes, definitely!

The Postables are going to love hearing from you.

My mom was so thankful that I got on that show. My mom said it teaches good values and I guess Martha Williamson is someone my mom really likes.

Did you get to meet any of the main four actors?

Yes, and I got to take some nice pictures with them too.

Thanks to your mom, I am sharing those pictures as I’m sure the Postables would love to see them.

I did a second Hallmark film with William Baldwin called While You Were Dating.

Oh yeah, you got to work with one of my all-time favorite directors, David Winning. 

Yes, I did. And I got to be pretty funny in that one. Lots of funny lines to say.

from Once Upon a Time

You were in Once Upon a Time too.

Yeah, that one might just be my favorite. I played two characters–Young David and Young James. They’re twins. The costumes were interesting. One was rich and one was poor.

Photo by Michelle Faye © Copyright 2017, FX Networks. All rights reserved. (Legion)

And you were also in Legion

Yes, I got to play an angry boy, and there were some scary parts. But there were other kids on the show, and the adults kept us away from the really scary stuff. My mom always makes sure that I’m in stuff that’s okay for me and keeps me away from what she thinks is the really bad stuff.

So let’s talk about Miss Christmas. That has been such a popular Christmas movie for Hallmark this year.

Yeah, my mom said it broke all kinds of records.

A lot of people are calling it one of their favorites this year.

That is tremendous.

Brooke D’Orsay, Marc Blucas Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

Did you have a favorite part in Miss Christmas?

I really liked the very end.

And why was the end your favorite part?

Because there were a lot of kids, and I got to push a big, red button. That was for the tree lighting.

Oh yeah, of course! 

In fact, it was two AM when I actually got to push that big, red button. I had to wait all that time, but I was so excited to push that button. And just so you know, I don’t usually have this much energy, but I saved it all up for you because I knew we were doing this interview.

Oh, that’s so sweet of you, Luke.

With Miss Christmas, I also liked the snow in the summer. We filmed it this summer and it was really hot out. But it was fun having Christmas in July.

Marc Blucas, Luke Roessler, Brooke D’Orsay, Erin Boyes, Greg Rogers Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

Also, working with Marc Blucas was fun. He played my dad. And then Greg Rogers, who played my grandfather, he taught me to play chess. That was loads of fun!

Was this your first lead role?

Yeah, I had a lot of lines to learn.

So how does school work for you, Luke, when you have to be on set?

I love missing school! But if I’m on set, sometimes I have to work with a tutor so I don’t get behind in school. And one time, when I was filming Legion, I was on set for three days in a row, and I had a really fun tutor to help me with my work. Sometimes I do the work at home or with my mom. My mom always makes sure that my schoolwork comes first.

I actually do a lot of commercials. Those usually take only a day to film, so I just miss one day of school then. In fact, I think I’ve done about thirty TV commercials. You have probably seen me more than you think. I’ve got a really fun L.L.Bean commercial out right now. It’s a Christmas commercial. {After out chat, I actually saw that one on Hallmark, and have seen it several times since.} There is an elf on shelf one that might be out now, too. I’m not sure.

Are there any other upcoming works you can mention?

Well, I am in a big blockbuster film that comes out next year, but I cannot say what it is right now. It’s a small part, but a really cool movie. And I’m always auditioning for stuff, so you never know.

Luke, in your free time, what do you like to do?

I do karate. I have a green belt with four stripes. I do soccer in the spring. I also do kickboxing. I also watch TV and play video games. My mom calls me a TV/movie buff. I play with my friends. And, of course, I jump off rails.

{His signature wit, yet again!}

But I do play just like kids should. My mom wants me to be a young boy first. I also like to have lots of fun with doing accents.

Photo by Rob Gilbert Photography

Do you take acting lessons?

No, I don’t. But I do have an acting coach that I work with. I’ve taken some private lessons too, as roles and auditions come up. But as my mom says, a lot of what I do is just me. I do look young for my age, which means I get to play roles that are younger than I really am. I don’t mind that. It’s fine with me.

Do you have any specific goals for your career, maybe something you’d like to eventually do?

I want to be on a Spiderman movie! I have been a fan of Spiderman ever since watching the old cartoons when I was really little. I think my mom said that when I was two, my dad showed me those cartoons. And since then, I’ve been locked into Spiderman. Spiderman is my favorite superhero! I would love to play Peter Parker one day.

Also, I’d love to be in a Star Wars film. Oh, and it would be great to work with Steven Spielberg.

Wow, big goals–I love that, Luke. Thanks to you and your mom both for meeting with me today. It was fun chatting with you.

It was fun chatting with you too, Ruth. Thanks so much!

What my readers didn’t get to witness was the vivacious way in which Luke conducted himself during our interview. As he became more comfortable with the environment, it became readily apparent that… as his mom said, “You never know what he’s gonna say next!” But to be honest, I adore the fact that Luke has a witty, enthusiastic personality. In fact, in my research of renowned artists and creative minds, I have discovered that the vast majority of these people were often labeled “problem children,” “class clowns,” and even “a teacher’s worst nightmare.” While I don’t apply these derogatory terms to Luke, I make it a point when I work with a student in any capacity that I remind myself that the children who are interactive and talkative are frequently more highly engaged with the material and their surroundings than those who remain quiet and aloof. In fact, if that energy is harnessed in the correct direction, the possibilities are limitless for that particular child. Actually, subdued children are not necessarily “better” than those who are more boisterous. In short, Luke was an unmitigated delight to interview.

As Luke’s mom and those in the acting world have helped Luke bridle his creative energy in the most beneficial way, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy observing this young man on screen. Directors, producers, and other creatives within the film and television community have indeed identified the gem that Luke is. He immerses himself thoroughly in the role at hand, and he is committed to ensuring that he always brings his best to every project. While some may question his silliness and even his mild sarcasm, I believe he ascribes to an old adage I used to hear when my daughter was in elementary school. “When it’s time to play, play hard. When it’s time to work, work hard.” Luke is attentive enough to recognize that his on-camera acting and even his auditions necessitate his keen sobriety and undivided attention. And no matter the character nor studio, that is exactly what he brings to every set from the first day onward.

So please check out all of Luke’s works at the links below, and consider following him on Instagram. Furthermore, if you have not watched Hallmark’s new Christmas movie, Miss Christmas, all I can say is… I entreat you to rectify that immediately. As Luke continues to mature into an aspiring young artist, I am convinced that the roles are only going to become more significant as more doors open for him. His parents have him set on the right path, and as long as Luke remains true to the values which they have instilled within him, I predict nothing but continued success for this gifted young man. 




As a Bonus:

Here are pictures from Luke’s movie While You Were Dating:

With William Baldwin

With Director David Winning





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