Making Your Junior Bridesmaid Part of the Wedding

By Ruth on September 29, 2017 in advice, fashion

A junior bridesmaid is a very important little lady. She is usually between the ages of 9 and 14. That means that she is a little old to be a flower girl and a little young to be a bridesmaid. For her to be included, a few adjustments need to be made.

The junior bridesmaid may be a little sister, a daughter, or a niece that the bride is especially close to. She usually takes the position very seriously and is old enough to be a trusted member of the bridal party when given specific duties.

She is to be included in many of the wedding preparations and included in any activity that is age appropriate. Of course, she would not go to the girls night out party, but she can go to have her hair and nails done just like everyone else.

Junior bridesmaid dress

The junior bridesmaid dress should be very similar to the dresses you select for your bridesmaids. Of course, you will have a few considerations. If the bridesmaids are wearing strapless gowns, simple spaghetti straps for the junior bridesmaid dress is appropriate. If the bridesmaid’s gowns are split up the leg, you would not include that feature in the junior bridesmaid dress.

While floor length gowns are acceptable, a tea length dress may be easier for a child to handle on a long day.


Many junior bridesmaids are given the honor or performing at the wedding. If she is in dance, a dance performance in a special dance outfit from a quality place like is in order.

She may also sing or recite a poem for the wedding. Whatever you assign her to do; she will be a lovely addition to the wedding.

Other things your junior bridesmaid can be included in

Here is a list of things you can assign your junior bridesmaid that she can handle beautifully and she will feel like a valued member of the group:


  • Making wedding favors
  • Attending shopping events
  • Helping attendants seat guests (especially parents and grandparents)
  • Passing out programs
  • Passing out bubbles, rice, or confetti after the ceremony
  • If the child is not too tired, she can greet guests in the reception line
  • Helping with cleanup

Alternating roles

If your junior bridesmaid is your daughter or soon to be step-daughter, you may want to have her serve as a junior bridesmaid to honor her, but you may also want her to be part of the vow exchange. This is a part of many weddings where families are being blended. The parents write vows to the children to love and protect them. The parents can help the children in writing vows to the new members of the family.

It is important to understand that these re-vows. They are promises. Children should not be forced to write or recite any promises that they do not want to or that they feel they cannot keep. A child might promise to try to help their new parent or siblings feel welcome or to try to share their life with them. Just let them fit in naturally. If that is too difficult, have them simply accept the vows being offered.

When a junior bridesmaid or a junior groomsman is being included in the vow exchange, it is customary for them to walk down the aisle with the bride or approach with the groom.

Including children in the wedding that have a special place in your heart is endearing and it helps get your union off to a great start.


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  1. denise September 29, 2017 Reply

    my wedding party was small enough, I didn’t have one, but that’s great advice.

  2. Sarh S October 5, 2017 Reply

    Aww, what a cute and sweet idea. I love the tips to keep the junior bridesmaid in with the others, but also keep it age appropriate.

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