5 Things You Need to Do Before Hosting a Party on the Beach

By Ruth on May 10, 2017 in advice

Beach parties are an absolute blast, but hosting one can present a challenge or two. Mostly in preparations and plans. So, to gear up for playing host to a party on the beach, read through and memorize the following 4 tips. And remember, above all, keep the beach clean.

Music is Everything

There is nothing quite like sitting around a campfire, the waves lapping at the seashore, with all of your friends swaying to the rhythm of acoustic taylor guitars. It’s a soothing sound to wrap up a perfect night. Or, better yet, if each friend plays an instrument, the beach is the perfect place for a jam session. Just be sure to be respectful of any homes or hotels around the area.

Brush Up On Beach Rules

Whether it’s a public or private beach, you can be sure there are public rules. Make sure you brush up on the beach rules so you can better adhere to safety guidelines. For instance, a general beach rule is never litter. So, pick up your trash, respect the rules, and have a good time. A party on the beach isn’t code for destroy everything in sight. To be a good host, you need to set a good example about following the beach rules and guidelines.

Bring Easy-Clean Snacks

Pretzels, small sandwiches, chips, watermelon slices…you name it. These are foods that you can eat with your fingers, thus decreasing the amount of waste at your party. Always clean up after yourself on the beach. And never, ever throw any trash into the ocean. Be respectful of your surroundings! If anyone is bringing anything, make sure they know to bring snacks and beverages that are easier to clean up. Hold yourself and others accountable for what is brought to the beach.

Make it BYOBB [Bring Your Own Beach Blanket]

Everyone has that tried-and-true beach blanket lying around, so put it to good use. Create a seating area around a campfire with everyone’s beach blankets. Or, pile up a few old sleeping bags for a beachy night under the stars. Making your party BYOBB makes it easier on you as the host because you don’t have to worry about providing a blanket for everyone else.

Partying on the beach can be fun, with a feeling of freedom that intensifies when you look out over the expansive ocean. The aforementioned tips are sure to help you host the best beach parties possible.

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  1. desiree May 11, 2017 Reply

    the beach partys are great and then i love the party and then we have fun some time we have players come and play

  2. Lauryn R May 14, 2017 Reply

    These are great tips, thanks for sharing! Beach parties are the best!

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