Teaching Your Kids To Conserve Water At Home

By Ruth on October 8, 2017 in advice

If you find your water bills increasing for no apparent reason, it’s worth calling a plumber in Sydney to check the plumbing in your home and make sure there are no problems. You may also want to examine how much water is being used by people in your home. This includes your kids, who need to be taught how to use water efficiently.

Teaching you kids about conserving water is something that you should be doing on a daily basis. Once they know how important it is, they should use less water. Over time, this can save you a significant amount of money when it comes to paying your water bills.

Never leave taps running

One of the most important lessons kids need to learn, when it comes to saving water, is that taps should not be left running when water is not being used. This includes teaching them to turn off the tap while brushing their teeth with toothpaste, or scrubbing their face with soap. The tap can be turned back on when it’s time to rinse. You may want to include this teaching when you first teach your child how to brush their teeth.

Switch off taps firmly

It’s also important to teach kids to switch off taps firmly. Taps that are left dripping can lead to a significant waste of water, which also leads to an increase in the amount spent on paying water bills.

Take showers instead of baths

As your kids get older, there is no reason why they cannot jump in a shower to get clean, instead of taking a bath. Showering uses much less water than bathing, as long as you teach your kids that they only need to spend a few minutes in the shower. Otherwise, they may see it as an opportunity to spend ages playing in the water.

Play with sprinklers and hoses only when they are being used for watering

When the weather is hot, kids love to spend time playing in the water from garden sprinklers, or spraying water from the garden hose. There is nothing wrong with them doing this, but you should teach them to restrict their play to times when the sprinklers or hose are being used to water plants and bushes in the garden.

Only flush the toilet when necessary

Teaching kids when to flush the toilet is useful in more ways than one. They should be taught not to flush sweet wrappers and tissues down the toilet, but to dispose of them in a waste paper basket instead. Teaching them about this means that less water is used for flushing the toilet. It also means that it’s less likely your toilet will become blocked due to your kids flushing inappropriate items.

Fill pitchers with water to cool

As soon as they are old enough, teach your kids to fill a pitcher with water and place it in the fridge, so that they have access to cool water to drink. This saves them from having to run the tap until the water runs cool enough to drink.

These are all important things to teach your children. Doing so helps to conserve water in your home, and enables you to save money in the long term.

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  1. Lauryn R October 9, 2017 Reply

    These are all great tips for conserving water, thanks for sharing! I also have my kids turn the water off while brushing their teeth.

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