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Sometime last year, Cameron Mathison was gracious enough to grant me a brief interview, and while I have been a longtime supporter of his, as a result of that interview, my respect for him as a person and a professional was multiplied considerably. I know how busy he is between work and family, but a few months ago, I reached out to him yet again. It seemed like we kept “missing” each other’s correspondence, and I was content to just continue my waiting (honestly, as an interviewer, it is something to which I am accustomed.). However, as a result of a recent response, Cameron was kind enough to reward my patience with a brief interview on his way to Australia this past weekend. (And thanks to spending some time in Twitter jail, I saw this considerate gesture in the nick of time!)  

RH: Hallmark viewers got to see you a few months back in the latest installment of Murder, She Baked {Just Desserts}. If there are any more films in this series, what would you like to see for Mike and Hannah?

Cameron Mathison, Alison Sweeney Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

CM: Great question. Professionally, I would like to see Mike really embrace Hannah as his partner. Sort of like a “Hart to Hart” type of feel. It’s really how the last one ended and it would be a nice place to pick up.

Personally, I think they are ready to take the next step as well. Maybe a proposal?

Jesse Filkow, Mira Sorvino, Elle McKinnon, Cameron Mathison, Bailey Skodje Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

Last Christmas we got to see you in A Christmas to Remember. What do you like about making Hallmark Christmas movies? Any Christmas movies coming up for you this year?

I love doing Hallmark Christmas movies!! I like the essence of what Hallmark brings in each and every film. I’m a big fan of Christmas so it’s fun to share that magical feeling with others 🙂

I am working right now on locking in another Christmas movie, but until it’s a done deal, I can’t really talk about it 🙂 Fingers crossed it all works out!

Andie MacDowell,Cameron Mathison Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman

At Home in Mitford is coming up this Sunday (August 20th). I think this is your first time to play a priest. Did you do anything special to prepare for the role?

Good question. Of course, I looked into the specifics of an Episcopalian Priest, but I didn’t want the label of a “priest” to determine his personality. He is a regular guy who loves to help and be of service to others. I loved the character and the whole experience.

Cameron Mathison, Andie MacDowell Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Kailey Schwerman


I think this was your first time to work with Andie MacDowell. What was it like working with her? Any behind-the-scenes stories?

We had SO much fun. Loved working with Andie and loved getting to know her a bit. Behind the scenes stories… hmmmm. There was a funny high heel shoe to my forehead story! We were on a romantic stroll and Andie’s character falls and we end up laying with each other. When we shot it, her shoe shot up and landed on my forehead, leaving a massive “golf ball” bump! Luckily, it was the last scene on a Friday and pretty much was back to normal by Monday 🙂

I have read the book and am very excited to see the movie version. Do you happen to know how closely this movie follows the book?

The film follows the book to a certain degree, but obviously, some creative changes did occur. I think the fans of the book will really like what we’ve done. Definitely the same essence as what we get reading the books.

What do you hope viewers will take away from this movie?

A sweet story of second chances and unlikely love 🙂

Any other upcoming works you can mention?

Just my regular day-to-day on ET {Entertainment Tonight}!! I’m currently on a plane flying to remote Australia to shoot for ET! Good gig, right?

You have traveled all over the world–practically. Is there anywhere you’d like to visit someday that you haven’t visited yet? 

I would love to travel through southeast Asia! For my wife’s recent birthday, I gave her (and the family) a trip. We will be leaving December of 2018… so excited.

I recognize the brevity of this chat Cameron and I had this past weekend, but lest anyone hold that against him, permit me to explain the situation. I do believe a preponderance of viewers in today’s society believe that whenever an actor is approached for an interview, they should recognize the beneficial nature of the service that is being offered and grant it at once. After all, viewers often think that actors live a glorified lifestyle with plenty of “downtime.” Demands for press and fan interaction should be a given.

In reality, the vast majority of actors and industry professionals keep a more strenuous schedule than one might imagine, and in the case of Cameron, one can safely multiply that by at least a hundredfold. Cameron is a regular ET correspondent in addition to his acting work for the Hallmark networks and a wide variety of other responsibilities. Add to that the fact that he is married (happily, I might add) with two children. 

Regrettably, I have heard that some consider his lack of social media an indication of his aloofness or indifference to fans. In the case of Cameron, nothing could be further from the truth. This man has one of the most frenetic schedules in Hollywood, and the fact that he even takes a few moments from his day to genuinely interact with his fans via social media is a testament to his charitable and judicious personality. He loves what he does for a living, and I am certain he wouldn’t trade any of it in spite of whatever difficulties he may encounter.

While it is true that my persistence ultimately gave me the chance to feature him here, I am honored to do so. In my humble opinion, Cameron is in a class of his own. The ease with which he acts on-screen coupled with his unique persona and ability to immerse himself fully and authentically within any character (not to mention his deliciously handsome features) is something that is not witnessed every day in the entertainment universe. Cameron’s general affability and unequivocal giftedness are veritable treats that we viewers sometimes take for granted. I am delighted to highlight someone of his unique capabilities and good-humored temperament, and I greatly anticipate this new role of his in At Home In Mitford, airing this Sunday (August 20th) on the Hallmark Channel. So please check out all of his links below and consider following him where applicable. (He is more consistent on Instagram than any of his other social media channels from what I have seen.) Cameron is one who excels at whatever task is placed before him, and I am grateful that he so readily invites us all to experience, albeit virtually, so much of his life with him!






A divorced writer goes to a picture-perfect small town to get over her writer’s block and ends up falling in love with the town of Mitford, its inhabitants, and its most eligible bachelor, the handsome Episcopal priest who lives next door.

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