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Shortly after he appeared in the film Milton’s Secret, I had the opportunity to interview William Ainscough. At first, I didn’t even make the connection that William was Nicole Oliver‘s son, but following that conversation, I kept my eyes peeled for this brilliant young man. And just a couple months ago, I had the opportunity not only to interview him again, but I got to meet both him and his mother at Everfree Northwest! (If you don’t know what that is, it is a My Little Pony convention, and I actually went with my daughter and her friends this year!) 

RH: After our last interview, many people asked me about your film The Christmas Secret. What was your experience like making that film? Any special memories? 

from The Christmas Secret

WA: Working on The Christmas Secret was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed working with all of the cast members. One of the cast members I worked with, Jaeda Miller, I was lucky enough to get to work with again on Ready, Jet, Go! It was really nice knowing someone going into a new show- and we could continue our Minecraft building adventures together.

You have been a major part of Ready, Jet, Go. What is it like being a part of such a recognized kid’s show? What do you enjoy most about voice work? What do you find challenging? 

Well, being Sean has been an amazing experience and being on a show that can influence young minds in a good direction is awesome. My favourite part about voice acting is getting to meet all the other people in the room, and getting to do voices all day, but I’m still getting the hang of waking up and being energized in a cartoon-way first thing in the morning!

at the Leo Awards

How did it feel getting nominated for two Leo Awards? 

Being nominated for not one, but two Leo Awards left me kind of speechless at first. I loved working on both of the films and it was a massive honor to be nominated for both.

It was nice getting to meet you at Eveefree Northwest. What is it like going with your mom to those conventions? Do you get to choose whether you go or not?

Going with my mom to the MLP conventions is really interesting because I get to see a whole different side of my mom, which is her work side. Watching her connect with fans and hearing their stories are wonderful. I love going to conventions, but my mom never forces me to, which is really nice.

Some young people in the business actively pursue their careers while some do it more on the side. How do you approach your acting career? 

I have been acting for a while now, and I am now approaching my grade nine year in school. For grade eight, I decided to take it a bit slower, to try and make sure I can get into school and know the routine, but now I would say I audition more often, and take what comes to me.

from Milton’s Secret

As you get older, do you have a desire to continue pursuing your acting career, or are you considering writing, directing or doing other jobs in the business?  

I would love to keep acting. It has contributed majorly to how I am in everyday life and on set/in the studio as well. If I don’t continue acting, I would want to stay in the business and write or direct, because the entertainment business means a lot to me.

I often ask adults what it is like doing independent/student films, but I rarely ask young people about their experiences in these films.  How would you compare your experience on set filming a lower budget film as opposed to a high budget work like Once Upon a Time? What are the similarities/differences?

Once Upon a Time was a really fun show to be on, filming in a big studio with blue screens and a crane and everything. While working on smaller things, they didn’t have a crane or a blue screen, but the atmosphere and the sense of being on set remained the same. Acting is acting and working is working. Sometimes the more independent shows allow you to do things or play characters you wouldn’t normally get a chance to play, but whether I am on a big or independent set, I’d like to think I stay the same old me.

Any other works coming up you can mention? 

Not currently, but I have high hopes for the future!

from Milton’s Secret

In addition to your acting pursuits, what other interests do you pursue?  

I have been drumming for a long time, and that is also a big part of my life. I love to jam with my friends, play video games, and rugby, and I also love to be a normal kid as well.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go and why? 

If I could go anywhere, I would visit New Zealand because it seems like such a cool place. It has lots of mountains and nature, which I would love to explore, and they play some good Rugby.

Thanks for talking with me, Ruth. I hope to run into you again sometime!

at the Leo Awards

I was already impressed with William the last time I had the opportunity to chat with him, but after meeting him and reviewing his responses this time, it strikes me just how much he is maturing. His parents support him completely in all his endeavors, and speaking as a mom, I applaud the fact that they are raising him to be responsible, respectful, kind gentleman. Additionally, it is clear that they are instilling within him a vital characteristic that is sometimes missing in young people today. While they are raising him to be an independent thinker and they are not compelling him to be a part of the entertainment world, they are also teaching him to make educated decisions that impact him now as well as further down the road. All too often, young people are either told how to think (which eventually leads to rebellion) or they are left to their own devices with little or no direction whatsoever (which leads to delinquency, hopelessness, and worse). It seems that William’s parents have discovered the “perfect” balance, and William seems to be flourishing and soaring with their guidance. While I realize that no family is perfect, it warms my heart to witness a family that can lead an unpretentious, pragmatic, benevolent life even in the sometimes tumultuous world of TV and movies. With young people like William in the world, I have a sense that our future is filled with sunshine and enthusiasm rather than the “doom and gloom” that is often preached. I invite everyone to check out William’s links below and possibly even look up some of his past works (Hallmark did air The Christmas Secret this month, so if you didn’t catch it, be sure to watch out for it this holiday season). William is definitely the complete package–talented, intelligent, humble, and considerate–and we could certainly use a few more young men like him in this world of ours!






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