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I watched Cedar Cove from its inception on the Hallmark Channel, and most of the cast knew me as a loyal viewer and supporter. But there was something about one of the actresses on the show that always intrigued me–Hayley Sales. Her character popped up almost out of the blue one day, and then she left, oh so suddenly–far too soon, in my opinion. I remember my mother saying how mature that actress was compared to some actors she had seen in the cast, and we both were pleasantly surprised and charmed by her voice when she crooned a lovely Christmas carol towards the end of that first season. Recently, Hayley informed me that she was a supporting character in one of the June Wedding movies coming up on Hallmark, and we worked very hard to bring you this last-minute, but thought-provoking interview about what Hayley has been up to in recent days!

RH: Since we last spoke, you had the opportunity to make an appearance on the show Heartbeat. What was that experience like portraying that character and getting to guest star on a network TV show? 

HS: It was actually one of the most challenging characters I’ve gotten to dig into in a long time but in a really deepening way. It’s hard to play sick when you aren’t sick, or when you have never felt the feelings of someone who has traumatic, terminal illness. The director and the surgeon, on whom the story was based, would come up to me and describe what I’d be feeling at that stage of the illness. My heart nearly broke as I worked to wrap my imagination around it.

I did have a real life experience to draw on, although it wasn’t me in the hospital bed. When I was eighteen, my older brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I was only eleven. I remember sitting at the foot of his bed reading him fairy tales, his whole head wrapped in bandages, the IV’s dripping and the doctors saying he would likely not survive his next surgery, let alone ever walk again. I remember my heart breaking. Let’s just say, it was a crash course in growing up. My parents and I basically lived at that hospital in Portland for a few months, day and night.  But you know what? Those doctors saved him. And when the school year came around again,  he patched up his eye and walked on crutches from class to class, less than a month after leaving the hospital. His determination and his will have inspired me since. To me, he’s a hero. I don’t know if that answers your question really, but it was something that circumvented my mind over and over again when we were filming.

from Supergirl

Oh, Hayley, that more than answers the question. Thank you for sharing that. I remember watching you in that episode and being impressed. I think maybe I now know why. {pause} Supergirl fans also had the opportunity to see you this season. How did that opportunity come about, and what was it like filming that and being a part of such an iconic show? Any behind-the-scenes moments?

Supergirl was such a pleasure to play a part in, and the storyline in which I’m involved–particularly so. It’s actually a rather funny story how it came about. They always say, “Plan a trip, book a job…” and while it’s a funny little saying, it’s so true. I had been setting up a big music showcase in LA for quite some time. The day before I flew to LA, I got a rushed audition in the evening for the next morning. I went into the audition, ran home, packed my bags and rushed to the airport. As I was going through security, my manager called. They wanted me for the role! And it shot the day after my showcase! I wound up doing my show, getting my hair colored red, pulling an all-nighter, and flying back to Vancouver at 4 A.M., where I was then picked up and driven straight to set. I love being busy, so to me it was paradise. But I crashed like a brick when I got back to my house at 11 P.M. that night after filming all day. And woke up the next morning realizing I was a red head! Everyone on that show was so fantastic to work with. Kevin Smith was directing, and he’s got to be one of the most amazing directors I’ve ever worked with. And just one of the funniest, easy-going people around too. I could go on and on about the show and everyone in it, but I’ll try to wrap it up. J Chyler Leigh and Floriana Lima were so lovely. I really enjoyed working with them.

BTS Like Cats and Dogs

Recently, Hallmark viewers got to see you in Like Cats and Dogs. What was it like working with that cast and playing the “other girl”?

I loved being in Like Cats and Dogs. I hadn’t been cast in that type of character before and just relished every minute of it.  Getting to be an entitled dean’s daughter? Loved it. What I think is most fun about those roles is challenging the stereotype. While a character might come off snobby to the audience, from the character’s perspective their actions are justified and they are the heroine of their story. It’s a really neat world to explore. And Ron Oliver? Comedic genius. Wyatt Nash and Cassidy Gifford were such sweethearts too. Love to work with any and all of them again.

Hallmark viewers get to see you in the upcoming film The Perfect Bride. Please tell us about your role and how she fits into the film without spoiling the story. What was it like working with Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton

BTS The Perfect Bride

Working on The Perfect Bride was so wonderful. Everyone in the cast was amazing. Pascale and Kavan are such lovely people and such talented actors. And then there is Martin Wood, our director. We worked together for quite a few episodes of Cedar Cove. He’s one of the best. I’m not sure how to explain my role and how I’m involved with the story without giving away the plot! But I’m someone Pascale’s character has helped substantially.

Any other upcoming works you can mention?

At this point, I can’t really talk about any upcoming projects! I’m sorry! But I will most definitely keep you posted and really appreciate your interest.

In addition to your acting, we know you’re working on an album. Any updates on the status of that album? 

My album has been finished for a year now…I’m so happy with it. To be honest, there’s a bit of a frustrating reason why it hasn’t been released. I won’t go into all the details, but essentially I finished my record with a US label a while back.  Days after I delivered the mastered album, the team I was working with left. The label decided to go a new different direction stylistically and decided to not release quite a few pop artists on the roster, myself included. This does happen all the time in the music industry, even though it isn’t very fair in my opinion. So! I’m not allowed to release it until I find another label under the same mother company.  Without a doubt, this will happen! It just takes time. In the meantime, I’ve been working on new tunes that I will be putting out early next year!

Having fun with Cindy Busby and Andrea Brooks

We have not had the opportunity to hear you sing in a movie/show since Cedar Cove. Any chance that we may get to hear you sing again soon on a show or a movie? How can the viewers help make that happen?

Tweet! Your opinions matter so much more than you could possibly imagine.  People have been kept on shows before simply because the audience wanted them there. It’s really amazing. I love it. I don’t have any plans to sing in an upcoming movie, but I’m sure one will come along in the near future and I will definitely keep you posted.

Hallmark viewers feel that it’s high time you were cast in a lead in a romantic comedy. If that were to happen, who would you like to choose for your leading man?

While it has been fun playing the best friend and the other girl, I would absolutely love to play a lead in a Hallmark movie! I honestly can’t think of a single actor I’ve worked with that I wouldn’t want to star alongside. And I’m sure there are many others I haven’t met that I would love to work with as well! Each actor works so differently that you always learn so much on set.

If you could play any iconic musician in a show/movie, whom would you choose and why?

Without a doubt, Judy Garland. I’ve been dreaming up ways to get a studio to green-light a biopic about her since I was a child. I fell madly in love with everything about her and her story when I was five years old. Ever since then, I’ve thought about the day I’d play her in a movie. Her story was so fascinating to me. Everyone views her as so tragic, but I don’t. I see the tragedy in her life that was definitely there, but she was also a funny, fiery and determined woman, not to mention one of the best performers of all time. Someday! I’ll make it happen. Till then, I’ll dream away!

Picture Credit: Kharen Hill

For me, Hayley has held a special place in my heart since I first witnessed her virtuosic prowess on Cedar Cove, and whenever I have the opportunity to see her perform, I always make a special effort to do just that. I was attempting to decipher what it is about Hayley that is so riveting and mesmerizing, and while I don’t have a one hundred percent complete answer, I believe I have a bit of insight.

Hayley is one who genuinely understands the nuances of acting and portraying a character in a realistic, nonjudgmental way. Now, I realize many actors have the capabilities to do exactly that, but some rise to occasion more rapidly than others. Some have an innate aptitude, and others have to labor tirelessly to realize the full scope of their skills. It can be very easy to marginally slack off if one is blessed with natural talent. And there is no doubt that Hayley has been blessed with an abundance of that in the arts, whether it’s acting or music. Notwithstanding, she has never permitted herself to take the easy way out and just invest half-hearted attempts into her career. On the contrary, with Hayley, I believe the viewers are blessed by her “all or nothing approach.” If anything, she works even harder to ensure that she is a cut above the average and not resting on her laurels.

In addition to this, Hayley is a bit of an old soul when it comes to music, but this is a delightful quality to have and in the long run, will make her more marketable. Young people in music today often attempt to copy all the current trends and sounds out there and rarely seek to make them their own. In Hayley’s case, she has amassed her wide variety of tastes, applied her unique take on music, combined a few old and new elements, and thus, she has identified a sound that is her own. Instead of taking the shortcuts that some musicians do to mass produce a hit that will ensure them fame and fortune (at least for a short time), she has chosen to take the slower approach which permits her to still be true to who she is. 

I would invite everyone to tune in tomorrow night (June 10th) to the Hallmark Channel to watch Hayley (and the other phenomenal cast members) in the premiere of The Perfect Bride. Likewise, I would invite everyone to check out Hayley’s links below, follow her where possible, and support this young woman who is not permitting any roadblocks to deter her from her ultimate destination. Oh, and if you think about it, consider flooding Hallmark with requests for Hayley to play a lead and/or sing in one of their movies or shows! She is so deserving of all the support and loyalty we can summon! 









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