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Again, Hallmark employs the most genuine and talented actors–period!! And the way I know is that I had the opportunity to interview this sweet gem a few weeks ago about her upcoming Hallmark film, All For Love, that will premiere on the Hallmark Channel tonight (May 27). Lindsay Maxwell is someone with whom I first connected back during one of the Garage Sale Mystery films, but it wasn’t until our recent chat that I got to know her story about how she became an actress, her experiences within the business, and even her recent personal news.

RH: Lindsay, I am so glad it worked out to talk with you today.

LM: Me too, Ruth. Thanks for reaching out. I really appreciate it. I know you did an interview with one of my dear friends, Jordana Largy. We’re really close friends, and we actually just finished filming another Hallmark film together recently. It was so cool to film with one of my best friends.

Oh, that is great news! And I remember Jordana. I interviewed her right before we saw her in Gourmet Detective. She is really sweet.

Yes, she is a good soul.


Lindsay Maxwell (Mandy) Garage Sale Mystery

I was looking through your works, and I was so happy to go back and look at one of my reviews because you were actually in the review. It was for Garage Sale Mystery Guilty Until Proven Innocent.

Oh, yes with Lori Loughlin! Yeah, that was a fun, little role. I filmed that back in 2015. In fact, that one was filmed in my hometown of Mission. It’s about an hour and a half east of downtown Vancouver.

So, Lindsay, how did you get started in acting?

That’s a great question. I started when I was five years old. I’m the youngest of three. and I had a lot of energy. So my parents put me into an acting class, and I loved it. Then they got me an agent, and my first gig was 21 Jumpstreet with Johnny Depp and Holly Robinson. That was filmed in Vancouver, so I was in a couple episodes. It was my first speaking role too. I was at the tender age of six at that time.

I also loved the movie The Wizard of Oz. It was my all-time favorite movie, and I asked my parents when I was four, “How does one do that?” I wanted to be in Oz, and they said, “You’re gonna have to be an actress.” And I was like, “Done!” And so that is how I got started.

From doing acting as a child, how did you end up doing it as an adult?

Well, Ruth, I focused a lot on acting when I was a child, but because we lived further away from Vancouver in a smaller town and my parents were both working parents, I couldn’t really get to auditions. My mom and dad would try to get me to auditions, but we would have to work around their schedule. So I stayed in the theater through my elementary and on into my high school years with the odd audition here and there. Knowing full well that once I graduated from high school, I would pursue it full-time. Hopefully. And that’s what I always said. So I did the school plays, and I had so much fun with those. But I also went to acting classes regularly so that when I graduated, I knew I’d be prepared.

When I was eighteen, I got an agent whom I was with for fourteen years, and even though I now have a new agent, to have one for fourteen years in our industry is so unheard of. I like building relationships with people I work with, but about three years ago, I was at a point in my life where I felt I needed a shift. It was all amicable and lovely, but change is inevitable sometimes. So from eighteen until now, it has been consistent and a really wonderful experience. My new agent is lovely, and we’re working together to find out what roles I want so that I can keep pushing and challenging myself.

More than likely, it looks like IMDB does not have all of your works on it.

Yeah, sometimes it goes like that with IMDB.

As I look through your past works, I notice you were in one of the Stargates.

Yes, that’s right. That was from a long time ago. It was a lot of fun. I had a scene with Richard Dean Anderson. MacGyver! My mom was so happy. She was like, “Wow! You get to do a scene with MacGyver!” And he couldn’t have been kinder.

I know that series still has a tremendous following.

It sure does.

And I have heard lovely things about Richard Dean Anderson.

Oh yes, he really lives up to his reputation.

You’ve done so many great things, I almost don’t know where to start. But I notice you were on Supernatural.

Supernatural was great. First of all, they are so fabulous–the cast and the crew. And I first filmed something back in 2006, I think. I was just in the first part of the episode that time. But then the second episode was in 2014, I believe, where there’s a big revelation of a recurring character. And I helped reveal some things about one of the characters, kind of segued into it. I got a lot of following at that time and went to some comic cons. So that was pretty cool.

Supernatural is one of those shows…I don’t know where I’ve been the past twelve years, but I’ve only discovered it this season, and now I’m into it.

That’s totally normal. There’s so much out there, and you connect to it as well. My brother loves Supernatural, whereas I’ve seen a few episodes. but I’m not a diehard fan. But I do find that network shows like that which have a strong following–the fans are just incredible, and they’re so supporting and loving and really into it. You know when you have a favorite book and you get so into the characters? That’s how I think a lot of the fans of Supernatural feel. So when you can be their idea of how you think the character should be, that’s a great feeling as a performer.

I did notice that you have been in several Christmas films. Some have been Hallmark films, and some have been with other networks. 

Yes, and sometimes we as actors don’t even know which network the movie is for. We’ll be sure that we’re doing a Hallmark film, and then we find out it’s Lifetime or some other network. For example, one of the Christmas films I did was Under the Mistletoe in which I had a supporting lead. It felt so much like a Hallmark film. But it’s not. Regardless, they play it every year, and my mom loves to call me and say, “Oh, I’m watching you in Under the Mistletoe,” ’cause that’s her favorite movie because it is a tear-jerker and it pulls at the heartstrings. My character was really fun. She has some real depth to her.

I think that might have been your first Christmas movie.

I think you’re right. We actually filmed that in July. And as you know, July in Vancouver is not boiling hot, but it’s hot enough. We had to wear Christmas hats and sweaters in the middle of July for the Christmas movie.

This one starred Jamie Ray Newman, and my character was really neat. Jamie was really lovely. And that one was back in 2006 if I remember correctly. Time flies when you’re having fun.

It’s impressive that you’re remembering the years on so many of them. That doesn’t always happen with actors when I’m interviewing them. Sometimes they don’t remember. You have a good memory.

I do. It comes in handy for memorizing lines.

Do you happen to know what your first Hallmark film was?

I think it was Lucky in Love. Originally, I thought Baby Boot Camp was Hallmark, but it’s not. Even though it does have the same feel as some of the Hallmark films. But yes, Lucky in Love was really sweet. That was with Jessica Szohr. She was just great, and she’s from Gossip Girl. Cindy Busby was in it as well. And I just love her.

Oh, I do, too. I’ve interviewed her twice, and she is a favorite of mine.

I don’t blame you. I would too.

So it sounds like this may be where Hallmark fans would have first seen you. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this one, but it’s been awhile.

And there are quite a few Hallmark films out there. But this is one where she makes a wish that her life would get “better,” and then she finds out it isn’t really better. That was fun, too. But they’ve all been fun. To be completely honest, all of the movies I’ve filmed–whether I’ve been filming in sub-zero temperatures to wearing Santa Christmas hats in July–you have fun doing them with everyone ’cause you’re creating a story. It takes all the cast and crew to create a film. It’s really a wonderful business to be in.

I’m not sure why it is, but everyone I interview never seems to have a negative thing to say about the sets they have been on. I think maybe it’s the fact they have a positive outlook on things. But I think it’s pretty cool.

It is pretty cool. Because we choose this. We know going in that it’s not a hundred percent guarantee that this will work out. No matter how talented you are or how beautiful you are on the outside or how right you feel you are for the role, it’s not a hundred percent in your hands. You know that going in, and you have to maintain a level of composure and just recognize that it’s not about you. You go in and try to tell a story through your audition, and when you land that role, there’s no feeling like it. Oh my gosh, it’s so cool! It’s like, “Yes, they saw what I felt and tried to portray.” And then you get to go on set, and you get to be part of the movie magic. And there’s nothing else like that in my life. I have a pretty good life outside of acting, but that its own universe.

You know, when you were talking about there being no other feeling like landing that role, it made me think about some of these actors I get really close to. When I find out they got cast in something, I get really excited! I know it’s not the same, but I guess I live vicariously through you guys. 

That’s awesome!

Especially when it’s someone I’ve been following for awhile, and their career suddenly starts taking off. That is the most exciting thing for me, and that’s just coming from this side. But I can imagine how much more exciting it’s got to be for you guys. 

Definitely. But that’s nice that you understand the work we put into it. It’s not the easiest job. There are many people up for the same role, and sometimes they’re looking for a blonde or someone with black hair or this or that.  And that’s why you can never take it personally. Luckily, my parents have been amazing in this sense. They remind me, “You know, Lindsay, it isn’t a personal thing.” I’ve learned with auditions that you do them and let them go. Then you keep moving forward in life. And you keep being authentic.

Even though I’m in my thirties, I feel like I’m just on the cusp of something that is about to happen. And that’s what’s nice about acting. It doesn’t matter what age you are. There’s no expiry date on that. You could be ninety years old, and maybe you haven’t landed that huge role, but at ninety you do. And it’s like, “Oh, there it is!”

I think, for me, I’ve been happy with so many of the roles I’ve done. And I’m grateful for the consistency because that’s not always the case in this business. I feel pretty grateful.

I love being able to talk to people that have that positive outlook ’cause not everybody does. I have always respected actors, but over the year and a half that I’ve been interviewing actors, I have developed an even greater respect for what you guys do. There was a period of time in which I thought I wanted to be an actress, but now that I’ve interviewed so many, I am so glad I didn’t go that path. 

I understand. I really do. But from what I have seen of you on social media, I think, “What a great person to have for us actors and actresses.” It’s much appreciated, so thank you for reaching out and just being you yourself. You’re consistent and you’re thorough. And that’s good, too. Congrats, love.

Well, thank you. It means so much when actors like you are appreciative. Sometimes that doesn’t happen.

I hear you. It’s human nature, and not just in this business. Sometimes people forget to be appreciative, but it always feels good to be acknowledged.

So you were in Baby Boot Camp too.

I was, and that was fun! I’m not a mother yet. But that was my first time working with a child. And that was really neat. Christie Will was the director on that one, and that was 2013. That was a ton of fun, and it was a heartwarming story. And that starred Danneel Ackles, Jensen Ackles’ wife. I had fun playing a mama. I was a little bit of a flirt in that one. {laughs} The baby that played my child, I am still in touch with her mom to this day. So that’s nice. I get to see pictures of her growing up. So I had a supporting lead in that one, and we filmed that in Vancouver. I can’t wait to work with Christie again one day.

Well, you keep doing Hallmark stuff, and she does so much with Hallmark.

Exactly. I see her in the room every so often, and she says, “I’m trying to figure out what role to get you into, Lindsay.” She’s lovely. And she’s a mom, and we’ve chit-chatted about motherhood. I’m having my wedding in three weeks. {In fact, it has happened since she and I chatted.} We’re going to Playa del Carmen for a destination wedding.

Well, congratulations! I didn’t even realize that! 

I’m a little more public on Instagram, so I’ve posted more about the upcoming wedding on there. I am not as active on Twitter. I never understood it, so I feel like I’ve missed that boat.

I get it. I’ve become more active on Instagram myself. 

That’s where I like to promote.

I also remember you on Love on the Air. And what’s good about that one is that movie is still one that Hallmark fans absolutely love. 

I’m so glad!

It has an amazing cast and wonderful story. I’m sure it had to be a blast.

Oh, it was. It was a small role, but it was great. But again, it was filmed in my hometown. It’s a neat feeling. When you move away from your hometown, your friends and your family still live there. You go off to the city and create what they think is a big, glamorous life. And then you come back. It’s a neat feeling to do what you love surrounded by the energy of the people you grew up with. In the movie, the dog that I had a scene with was the nicest dog with the best temperament. So that was a lot of fun.

And as I was looking through your roles, I noticed you were in an episode of Timeless as well. 

Now, this was a hard pill to swallow. This is the first time I ended up on the cutting room floor.

Oh, is that what happened? Okay. 

Yeah, I’ll tell you what happened. It was an awesome experience, though. And I’m being very genuine when I say this. I had the original audition last summer for Miss Atomic Bomb who was based off a real-life character. I wore my hair curled, and did the red lipstick, and it was really cool. I had four auditions/interviews for this one particular role. And I ended up getting it.  You know, most people who were in Timeless for a bigger role were from Los Angeles. So I’m so grateful to have had that role on the show.

We filmed it, and it was awesome. They flew up the costume from LA. It was a big to-do. It’s a network series. You tell all your friends, and you announce it on social media. Then people who are in New York three hours ahead of you say, “We didn’t see you.” And I was like, “How could they not see me?” I mean, I had four good scenes. Well, they cut it out. {laughs} And I was like, “Oh my gosh!” So I put another humble message on my Facebook saying, “Hey, guys, it happens to the best of us. I ended up on the cutting-room floor.” And everyone was so supportive, Ruth. And it was fine. I think I had a glass of wine that night. A well-deserved one.

And then two days later, I got a hand-written note from the director and producer stating, “Lindsay, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your performance. It was definitely not a performance thing. You were absolutely lovely and a perfect Miss Atomic Bomb. It was a timing thing.” They couldn’t have been kinder. Oh my gosh!

But my mom has been so supportive and has gone through everything with me. I’m the only actor in the family. My joy is her joy, and my pain is her pain. She said, “Lynds, it’s fine. That’s when you know you’re a real actress. You end up on the cutting-room floor.” And I was like, “Yeah, you’re right.”

Well, maybe with the second season coming, they’ll bring you back for another even better role. 

You’re right. You never know.

It’s really wonderful that they sent you that note, and with this second season happening now, it wouldn’t surprise me for them to at least remember you.

Exactly. I know my agent is happy for the second season. I’d sure love to go back on the show.

from Woman on the Run

You were also in two recent Lifetime films. There was Mannie Dearest and Woman on the Run

I really want to see Woman on the Run! It’s only played in the States. Jason Bourque and I are friends.

Oh, I love him! I absolutely love him!

Isn’t he incredible?

Yes, he is unbelievable! And he’s the reason I DVR’d the film. He had tweeted out about it being on. And then I saw you were in it, and that’s why I contacted you. 

Oh, cool, I’m so glad you did. But Jason, he is so lovely. He’s so talented. I can’t say enough awesome things about him. I first got to know him back when we filmed Heart Felt.

I know that film quite well because I interviewed Matthew MacCaull because of that film. 

Oh, well Matthew is also in Woman on the Run. The nice thing about Jason is he is so good to us actors. When he likes working with someone, you can tell that he likes working with them. He doesn’t hide it. And he tries to use them in different projects as well.

Out of all the films, Ruth, that I’ve done in my career, Woman on the Run has been the most exciting for me and challenging because it is a psychological thriller. I’m looking forward to everyone watching it and seeing what they think of it. I really loved that script. I read that script about seven times over a period of four weeks. I really delved into the script and dissected it. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. It’s a similar concept to that movie. But I think Woman on the Run is a little more interesting.

My character, Greta, plays the nanny of this family, and she and the husband of the family are having an affair. We find out that the wife is worth a lot of money. And so we try to kill her, and we switch identities. And I’m playing his wife. I make the kids call me mommy and it’s really creepy. In my everyday life, I’m not crazy like that at all. I like to think I live a pretty normal, loving life. So I really had to get into her psyche of “how far are you going to go to have a family of your own?” I realized that psychopaths are not walking around thinking, “I’m psychotic.” They feel justified. And that’s where I had to get to. I asked myself, “What’s my why?” So I had to come up with a backstory for my character myself. And every scene was based around that backstory for me. So I created a whole life in my head about where she was before, what she wants for her future, daddy issues–things like that. For me, I came from a nice, healthy family. I always had love around me. Her story is not Lindsay’s reality. So I had to take everything that’s not me and find out who Greta was. And that was really cool. That was when I felt like I was playing a much larger game. She goes off the wire. And it was really interesting.

As actors and actresses–as human beings–I believe we have everything inside of us. But it’s what we can access. There’s stuff we don’t usually access, and there’s stuff we do. For this one, I accessed a lot. {laughs} It was really challenging. It was hard work. But it was good. And I did most of my own stunts. And working with Jason, he lets us have our creative input. He’s always like, “If this is how it feels right for you, let’s try it out.” He gave us the time. You know, sometimes these movies are time-sensitive. And it’s like hurry up, hurry up. But he let us have the times and the moments to get through those motions.

with Jordana Largy

So is there anything else upcoming that you can mention?

Well, I mentioned that Hallmark film I did with Jordana that is coming up. The working title was Love By the Book. But they retitled it as All For Love. That was a lot of fun. I had a really good role on that one. I played the ex-girlfriend of the lead, but I was very nice. It’s a sweet role, and I really like that script. We had fun filming it. This one stars Steve Bacic, so I played his ex-girlfriend. He was fun to work with. He’s a great Hallmark guy. We worked together in another film a while back called Get Out Alive, and I played his wife in that one. So I went from his wife to his ex-girlfriend. All in just a year or so. Jordana had an awesome role on that one too. And evidently, the producer was right when he said the movie would be out by the end of May because it’s airing May 27th! We only wrapped about a month and a half ago. They’re banging this one out pretty fast.

They’ve been doing that this year. They want to do ninety original films this year.

Wow! Well, they’re good movies. The fans love them. My mom loves them. I love them. I’m proud of them. It’s always a really nice tone working on these Hallmark movies. Have you ever been on set for one of these movies?

No, it’s one of those things I want to do. I’ve been invited, but it hasn’t happened yet.

I hope you get to one day ’cause you’ll feel it for yourself. I don’t know what it is. I think it’s probably the content. And I always believe that the intentions of the executives with the movie trickle down into everything down to every last person doing their job. I love doing Hallmark films.

with her new husband

And now your focus is getting married. Congratulations. 

Thank you. Yes, I cannot say enough good things about him. He is not an actor.

Well, as long as he’s supportive, that’s what you need.

He sure is!

It’s fine for him to not be in the business, but I’ve heard the horror stories when they are not supportive.

Oh, me, too. I’m blessed.

I wish you all the best on that.

Thank you, Ruth. I’m so excited! And thanks for taking the time to chat with me and doing this interview. I’m so excited to see your words and mine combined. And you’re doing such a great job, so I’m looking forward to watching you grow too. Congratulations on all your success as well.

Thank you, Lindsay, that really means a lot. 


I think it’s safe to say that Lindsay totally made my day with this interview. While actors are typically complimentary towards me, I felt that Lindsay truly went out of her way to let me know just how much she does appreciate me. When I experience that kind of benevolence and kindness, it inspires me to go above and beyond my typical promotional efforts, so needless to say, Lindsay is “stuck” with my massive and undying support now. Thankfully, she is immensely upbeat and tremendously gifted so I doubt she’ll mind an itinerant interviewer continuing to colossally support her career.

The things I love about Lindsay are honestly too numerous to detail here. Her effervescent spirit, her inexhaustible talent, her authentic inner radiance that shines from behind her eyes and smile and touches all those who have the privilege of seeing her on screen…and that is merely scratching the surface so to speak. I am genuinely pleased that she has found true marital bliss in the husband of her dreams, and I wish them every happiness from here to eternity. I somehow think that Lindsay’s career is going to only deepen as she has embarked upon this next chapter of her life, and I wouldn’t be surprised if motherhood is not too far in her future.

For the present, be sure you tune into the Hallmark Channel tonight (May 27) to catch her in the premiere of All For Love with a phenomenal cast and crew to boot. And don’t forget to follow her at the links below (at least check her out on Instagram and Facebook, but maybe she’ll catch on to Twitter eventually) because after all, isn’t she the very epitome of the kind of positive energy you want to invite into your life every moment of every single day? 






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