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What do I always say about Hallmark? I maintain that they are loyal to the casts and crew of their various projects, and the many of the supporting cast are regularly used in a myriad of films without even being “noticed” by the general public. But how could you not notice the stunning Gwynyth Walsh, whose career has spanned a few decades? Recently, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries aficionados witnessed her prowess in the most current Hailey Dean film, and she will be featured in the next Spring Fling film (Like Cats and Dogs) on April 15th. I am pleased that she promptly agreed to answer a few questions about her varied and illustrious career.

RH: Why did you decide to become an actress? What kind of training have you had?

GW: I was interested in drama throughout school, although being an animal lover, I was also interested in perhaps becoming a veterinarian. In grade eight, our drama class put on an original play, which was somewhat unusual for the time. The play was reviewed by the major daily newspaper and the reviewer mentioned me very favorably. That made a huge impression on me and after that, the die was cast.

The earliest part of your TV/film career consisted of guest star roles on well-known, successful shows throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. Are there any guest spots that stand out to you especially?

I was very excited to land a recurring role on LA LAW. The show was very popular, so it was a big deal. And after the fact, all anyone asked me for a while was, “What was it like to kiss Harry Hamlin?”

And it also meant a lot to me to work with Angela Lansbury on Murder, She Wrote. Ms. Lansbury is a class act. She wasn’t that young when she was doing that show so they tried to keep her days short, but she made a point of staying on set to do both sides of the close-up –meaning she stayed to read off-camera with you when it was your close-up. Some actors don’t do that, but coming from theatre, she always made a point of being there for her fellow actors.

Star Trek

You’ve appeared in a few Star Trek shows. How did you happen to get involved with that franchise? Any special memories stand out?

as B’etor

I’d auditioned for a couple of roles that I didn’t get before landing B’etor. The part was initially only supposed to play for two episodes, but I guess the Duras sisters got a lot of attention because they brought us back. It’s quite amazing to become part of that world. Star Trek fans are some of the most dedicated on the planet.

Your longest-running role was with the show Da Vinci’s Inquest.  How did this role come about? What is most memorable about that experience for you?

from Da Vinci’s Inquest


Da Vinci’s Inquest brought me back to Vancouver. I was reluctant to leave LA for a Canadian series, but it was so well-written and such a game changer for Canadian TV that I had to be involved. I’m very proud to be associated with that show.



You also were a part of the film Flight 93. What was it like recreating such a significant and poignant moment in US/world history?

I was very anxious about doing that movie. I wanted to do the best job I possibly could, to honor the memories of the people lost and also for the sake of their family members. Through the grapevine, we heard that the families were generally pleased with the film and I certainly hope that was the case.

I believe your first film with Hallmark was The Christmas Ornament. What was special about that film?

I’d played Kellie Martin’s mother in ER years before. But I never met her, because the role only played after her character’s death. It was great to work with her again and now, we’ve done so for a third time on Hailey Dean.

Journey Back to Christmas

Since then, we’ve seen you in The Color of Rain, For Better or Worse,  A Gift of Miracles, ‘Tis the Season For Love, and Journey Back to Christmas.  What is your overall takeaway from this impressive list of films?

Honestly, they’ve all been fun.

with Kellie Martin

Recently, we saw you in Deadly Estate: A Hailey Dean Mystery.  How did that experience compare to some of the other Hallmark films you’ve done? 

My character, Doris, is a little darker than you sometimes see, so that was a fun opportunity for me. I’ve worked with the director Terry Ingram a few times now and always enjoy the experience.

We will soon see you in the Spring Fling film Like Cats and Dogs. What can you tell us about your character?  Any behind-the-scenes moments you’d like to share?

I had so much fun working on that film. Cassidy Gifford is a wonderful young woman. Ron Oliver, the director, keeps the atmosphere on set so light and enjoyable that it’s a breeze. And there was a wonderful dog, Billy. I’m always a sucker for dogs so that made the whole experience wonderful. Although Billy was a little exuberant, so it was sometimes an exercise in concentration and you had to make sure not to get knocked off your feet!

Billy, from Like Cats and Dogs

You and Hallmark seem to have a great working relationship.  What do you like about Hallmark and working for them?

Hallmark creates a great family product. I’m always happy to be working with them.

Any other upcoming/current works you’d like to mention? 

A couple of irons in the fire, but nothing I can really talk about.

Any plans to eventually write/direct/produce?

It’s a difficult transition to make, especially for women. I so admire the women who have made it. The time to take the first steps seems to be when you’re working on a series. It never crossed my mind when I was doing Da Vinci, so perhaps that ship might have sailed, unless I get another series.

You have had an incredible career that does not appear to be slowing down. What do you think is your secret to longevity in this business?

You’re so kind to say that. It certainly does get harder as you get older, especially for women. I don’t know whether you’ve had the chance to catch Feud, the film about Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during the shooting of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? In interviews about the project, {Jessica}Lange says that she doesn’t think the situation has changed that much since then. And if she feels that,  I think that says a lot about what it’s like for those of us a little further down the ladder. I guess all I can say is that you have to keep loving what you do and keep knocking on the door. It will still open sometimes.

If you could work with one current industry professional that you have not yet, whom would you choose and why?

There are too many! There are so many great actors and great directors out there. I am really impressed with two French-Canadian directors right now –  Denis Villeneuve and Xavier Dolon. Perhaps if I stick to my own country, I might actually have the chance of my wish coming true!

Even in this brief discourse, it is evident to me that Gwynyth is wise in the ways of life and especially in the workings of this profession she absolutely adores. To watch her on screen is a veritable treat, and there is no doubt that acting is her destiny. Unquestionably, there are ups and downs in this glittering world of make-believe as there would be in any business, but the work of being an artist in the entertainment universe is not as easy as it might appear. While Gwynyth embraces every aspect of this beloved industry of hers, she lives in reality as opposed to whimsical fantasies that fans and even young aspirants attempt to carry with them as they enter this competitive, but alluring vocation. While I’m sure that Gwynyth has had those moments that have caused her to question her abilities, her direction, and even her choice of careers, her determination, sunny outlook, and willingness to put in the time and resources necessary has brought about her longevity. Even as she ages (quite gracefully, I must say), the alliances and relationships she has established within her career have proven to carry her through times of difficulties and uncertainty. I appreciate her upbeat, humble and kind attitude, but I also sense her pragmatism and eagerness to not sugarcoat the more serious aspects of the business. The fact that she has kept her head out of the clouds so to speak has ensured a magnificent affiliation with a studio that admires and esteems her just as much as she does them. And if Kellie Martin thinks Gwynyth is pretty awesome, well, I would venture to say that Gwynyth must be a dynamically engaging woman! Don’t forget to tune into the Hallmark Channel this Saturday, April 15th, for the all-new movie Like Cats and Dogs, and keep your eyes pealed for the glorious Gwynyth and her fabulous pal, Billy! And while you’re at it, consider checking out all her links below, paying special attention to her past works. There is a good chance you may have seen this beauty in other shows and films without even realizing it!





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