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One of the smartest things the Hallmark Channel ever did (in my opinion) was to make the decision to schedule a series of films that correspond with each of the holidays and seasons. Due to the astronomical growth within this network (and no, I am NOT exaggerating), Hallmark has been incredibly kind in its bestowment of leading roles in some of these beloved films to lesser-known actors, and it just so happens that is why I reached out to Kevin McGarry. While I am not overly familiar with his past works, I was quite pleased that Kevin carved out some time in his frenetic schedule to answer a few questions about his career and specifically his work with Hallmark.

RH: Why did you decide to become an actor? What kind of training have you received?

KM: I always enjoyed stories, and the character’s journey. I had an active imagination that was best served through a creative outlet. Acting was a way I could express myself, and where my talents best served me. I’ve trained throughout the country, and I continue to do so. I enrolled in the Theatre Arts program at Fanshawe College in London before studying in Toronto with the Pro Actors Lab, and Lyric in Vancouver.

What was your first professional job? How did you get that role, and what was the experience like?

My first professional job was on a short-lived TBS series called Love Bites, guest-starring as the lead’s ex-boyfriend. Afterwards,  I spent four years working in theatres across Canada, including seasons at the Charlottetown Festival in P.E.I and the Shaw Festival in Niagara-on-the-lake. The experiences with both were paramount for me.

from Open Heart

What can you tell us about Open Heart? What did you enjoy most about the show and your role?

Open Heart was the first series I was part of as a regular cast member. The story revolved around Open Heart Memorial Hospital and the secrets and mysteries it’s faculty held. I played Dr. Timothy Hud, an ex-army medic and first-year resident. Everything about this show was a dream, from the stories we told to the cast and creatives involved.

Postables are going to remember you from Signed, Sealed Delivered: From Paris With Love. I think this was your first Hallmark film. What was it like to work with the cast and crew of this series?

SSD was my first experience working with Hallmark. It was a blast as they had just switched from a series to making TV movies. I guest-starred as a man who thought his wife was being unfaithful, but found (with help of the Postables) that I was wrong.

from Heartland

You have now joined the cast of Heartland. How did you land that role? What has it been like joining the cast of a well-established show like this one?

For all these roles, I had to prepare and audition like most actors. Heartland was no different. Joining that cast has been a real pleasure. Working outside on a ranch, riding horses through the Alberta mountains…it beats a stuffy studio any day.

with Michelle Morgan

Again, the people are a dream on that show, and I have had such a wonderful time working with Michelle Morgan (who plays Lou). She’s as talented as she is beautiful.


You have your first Hallmark lead in the upcoming film Love at First Bark. How did you get that role? What was it like working with your co-star? What can we expect  from the movie and your role without giving away too much? Did you have to be trained to work with the dogs in this film? How was that experience?

Photo: Kevin McGarry, Jana Kramer Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brendan Meadows

I was very lucky to be asked to be in LAFB, and I hope people enjoy it as much I enjoyed working on it. My character Owen, is a dog trainer, and to prepare, I shadowed a dog trainer in Toronto (where I live) for a few sessions. She was lovely and very kind to let me watch. She said it was more about controlling the owners. A dog’s a dog. It’s the people who need the discipline.

Kevin McGarry, Jana Kramer Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

My co-star Jana Kramer and I actually worked together in another movie a few years ago {Country Crush}, so It was a great surprise when I found out she was in it. She’s a wonderful actress which I think is quite prevalent in the movie.


Any other upcoming/recent works you can mention?

Right now, I’m in Northern Ontario shooting another Hallmark film. This is a Christmas movie, so we’re trying to get the last few days of snow. I can’t say too much about this one yet, but we’re all working hard up here, and (mostly) staying warm.




What kind of pet would be your dream pet?

Dream pet? I used to have an Australian shepherd dog. She was a dream pet – when things calm down a bit, I think I’d like another one!

In truth, I am first of all delighted that Kevin even took the time to meet the deadline I set for him. I realize things do come up, but his promptness has impressed me immensely. I understand how actors can be extremely engrossed in their current works, and I had no idea he was in the midst of such an undertaking when I reached out to him. Furthermore, his responses demonstrate his attention to detail and assurance that he will be able to portray his roles with ease. The fact that he took the initiative on the dog training dazzles me even more. Sometimes young actors adopt the attitude “fly by the seat of your pants,” and they have to learn the hard way that total preparation for roles is a crucial element in this business. Perhaps Kevin has already learned that due to problematic moments in his career, or maybe that is merely an innate ability within his artistic tool belt. Regardless, even in his brief responses, Kevin has shown a glimpse of his true passion that demonstrates that he is grounded, humble, benevolent, and perchance even gallant. ( I think I see a bit of that old-fashioned courtesy in his manner and responses.) Therefore, it is with great anticipation that I request that all of my readers do exactly what I am planning to do Saturday night, April 1st. Let’s tune into the Hallmark Channel together and watch the premiere of Love At First Bark, a movie that will kick the Spring Fling movies into high gear! Furthermore, consider checking out all of Kevin’s links below. I must say his list of credits sounds amazing in the extreme. And be sure to follow him on social media so that you will be amongst the first to know about his upcoming news and shows. Let’s welcome yet another “Hallmark Hottie” to the dashing list of Hallmark leading men!






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  1. Kathyhelms4 April 1, 2017 Reply

    Wonderful interview Ruth… I have seen Kevin before, so it was nice to get his story.

    • Author
      Ruth April 1, 2017 Reply

      Thank you Kathy. I hadn’t seen him, so I’m looking forward to seeing him tonight!

  2. Patty Souder September 26, 2017 Reply

    Would love to write to Kevin McGarry but can’t find an address to write him at

    • Author
      Ruth September 26, 2017 Reply

      I am so sorry. I do not have that information.

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