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By Ruth on September 7, 2016 in Interview, movie, television

In this day and age, a plenitude of young people crave the “fast track” to fame and fortune, and this means that they often seek jobs within the entertainment community. Without any difficulty, they expect to become an “overnight” success because they are, by their own admission, so “cool.” Thankfully, there are young actors like Sidney Grigg, who are willing to invest the time and resources required to ensure longevity and eventual success. In Sidney’s case, she has had some tremendous experiences already, and recently she related some of those stories to me as she explained how she began in this business and even how she keeps herself motivated and grounded in a career that requires intense fortitude.


RH: What inspired you to become an actress?  What kind of training have you had?

SG: My brother had been auditioning for commercials and I was going along with him. I begged my mom every day to audition too, but she thought I was too shy.  Eventually, he decided he liked hockey more, and I asked his agent to represent me!

I have trained in weekly acting classes with Julian LeBlanc of LeBlanc School since my start, and I get great coaching from actors Matthew Kevin Anderson and Wesley Salter at JBA {Jeb Beach & Associates}.  Being on student film sets really helped me learn about being on set and what actual filming days would be like.

What was your first professional job? What was the experience like? 

A back-to-school commercial for Famous Footwear was my first professional job and was really fun because my best friend booked it too!

I loved everything about being on set and acting!  I didn’t want the day to end….

You had a role in Hallmark’s The Christmas Shepherd.  How did you get that role? What was that experience like?  What do you like about working for Hallmark? 

I auditioned for the part I got, and then they brought me in to audition for the lead role. I didn’t get the lead role, but got the smaller part anyway.

The experience was great; it was my first time having a trailer.  I liked working for Hallmark because they make a lot of movies in Vancouver, and all my acting friends have worked for them and have only had great things to say. The casting directors and directors of those movies are SO nice!   I haven’t had another chance yet, but hope to one day!

You also had a part in Life On The Line. What was that experience like? What was it like working on a film that featured ‘big-name” stars?

That was the best day of my life! I couldn’t believe I got the part. The set was so cool, and everyone was no nice and the director, David Hackl, was really great and was really encouraging.  John Travolta was also really nice (I had only seen him in Hairspray and loved that movie). The difference I will never forget is that when he was acting, he was so good that it did not seem like he was acting at all! Something I try to do now with my work.

Also everyone was really passionate about the movie and told me all about why they were making the movie and really included me even though I was young.  I still haven’t seen it yet…I can’t wait!


You also had a role in Rufus. What was that experience like?  Any special memories or moments?

It was SO fun working with kids all day!  The boys were really funny! The director was also really nice and is so great with kids!  He would always direct us, but also make us laugh.  I hope to work with him again!

The best thing that happened is that I became really good friends with Haley Tju (Paige), and now we hang out whenever she comes to Vancouver!

You have also appeared in several shorts. What is the difference between filming an independent film as opposed to a studio film?

I learned so much being on short films. All the technical stuff and terms I wouldn’t have known when I got my first job. The directors and people involved in these movies are so inspiring and passionate about what they are doing!  The only difference is not getting paid 🙂 but what I learned is worth so much more than money!  I hope to work with one of them again when they are making movies in the future!

Any other upcoming works you can mention? 

I am auditioning all the time for really great projects, but nothing to report yet!  I am excited about future roles as I grow up where I hope to play a character different than myself.  I keep going to acting classes and getting coaching, so when the time comes, I’ll be ready.

How does school work, especially when you’re filming?

I go to a regular high school, and I live and go to school near where I audition, so I usually leave for an hour or so at a time and go back to school.  Sometimes when it is really busy, I have to have friends help me stay on track.  Because Rufus was two weeks, I had to do school on set which honestly, I loved!  One-on-one with my awesome set teacher Natalie made it really easy to get things done!  I wish I could always go to set school–haha!

As a young person in the business, how do you keep yourself grounded and away from negative influences? 

I have really great friends, a close family and an awesome agent who help with that! Plus, some of my best friends are actors too, and so we all support each other! It’s funny though–we usually never talk about acting when we hang out. Lots of people at school that I hang out with still don’t even know I act.  The kids I’m around, including myself, do other things like hockey and dance and school sports, and one is not more important than the other.  We are all really happy for each other when we do well at things and are there for each other when we have tough times.

What is your advice to other young people who wish to become actors?

My advice would be to take acting classes and do short films to see if you like it!  It’s different than most people think.  It’s hard work and long hours, and you do have to miss out on things if you have auditions or are filmin,g so you have to love it! My mom made me do about six short films before she would let me get an agent!

 What do you like to do in your free time?

I love hanging out with my friends, going to my grandparents’ cottage and travelling!  I also take dance classes–jazz and hip hop.  Living in Vancouver is awesome because there is so much to do! I am never bored!


With Sidney’s attitude of persistence that she has exhibited from the outset of her career, there is no doubt that she will persevere through any complications or disillusionments that may arise within this fickle business. Moreover, Sidney has learned the art of community and gleaning knowledge from every role in which she is cast, no matter the character or its size. It is to her benefit that she has not lost her spirit of wonder and awe, and we can only hope that as the years go by, she will never lose that faith in humanity and her choice of careers. As long as she continues to strengthen her resolve, I believe that we will be able to enjoy Sidney’s talent, positivity, and zeal for years to come. But sure that you follow this exceptionally sweet and genuinely gifted girl via all the links below, as that is the only way you can be assured of following her on every step of her whirlwind journey. 







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