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By Ruth on September 20, 2016 in Interview, movie, television

In the course of interviewing a wide variety of actors, I am consistently gratified when I “discover” a driven actress who can practically do it all. And in the case of Lucie Guest, I have stumbled upon a filmmaker who is so much more than “just an actress.” While I believe that every person in the business should never be labelled as “I’m just a…,” Lucie’s stunning talent causes the term “actress” to merely scratch the surface of her immense array of talent. The difficulty with busy ladies like her is establishing the time for a chat–even a brief one. In the world of filmmaking, every moment is precious. But Lucie willingly gave up some of those precious moments to answer a few questions about her career and her future aspirations.


RH: What inspired you to become an actress?  What kind of training have you had?

LG: It was probably Mr. Rigler’s fifth grade production of the musical A Grapevine Connection.  It was opening night, the school gym was packed, and I was performing my non-speaking background role during the square-dance number when I yelled out some unscripted “yee-haws,” and the crowd went wild. I was hooked.  I’ve trained with many different teachers over the years. My favourite places where I’ve trained are The Groundlings in LA, UCB in LA , and Second City in Toronto.

I notice you made an appearance on Supernatural.  Please tell us how you got that job and what the experience was like. 

Working on Supernatural was fun. I basically auditioned and got the part. It was one of my favourite characters to play because it had the perfect amount of dark comedy. Everyone on the show was nice and I was excited to be a part of the show. The show has the best fan base; I still sometimes have people come up to me and reference the episode I was in.

You were on six episodes of Blackstone. Please tell us how that experience of having a recurring role compares to being a guest star on one episode. 

It’s great to have a recurring character because you are constantly building and developing that character as it grows with the storylines of the show. I like seeing the storyline evolve through the eyes of a character.


You were in The Town That Came A ‘Courtin. How did you get that role?  What was the atmosphere like during the filming of that movie? 

I had worked with David Winning before in a TV series called Health Nutz. He directed a few episodes in seasons one and two. He also directed The Town that Came A-Courtin’ so he was a big reason why I got the part. Working on that show was really fun. We filmed that movie in twelve days, so it was really fast-paced — a lot of pages and scenes per day. It was great to work with Lauren Holly and Valerie Harper; they are both strong and funny women.

You appeared on a couple episodes of Orphan Black. Why is that show so special to you?

I am such a fan of Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black. She’s such a talented and versatile actress. She’s so fun to play off of and work with — a very giving actor. That show is such a successful one for Canada; made in Canada by Canadians, and it has a lot of critical acclaim. So, I was happy to be a part of it in any sort of way.

Any other upcoming works you can mention? 

You can catch me on Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce on season three, and see if you can catch a glimpse of me in iZombie. I am most excited about a short film that I wrote and will be directing called Never Better – A Closure Comedy. We are applying for a grant from Storyhive to get the funding so if you want to help us out, please vote! {Voting ends September 23rd at 12 noon PST}


Do you have plans to eventually write/direct/produce?

Yes definitely.

Are there any causes or charities you feel very strongly about?

Anything to do with animal rights and animal adoption is a cause of mine. I also work with Women for World Peace foundation as well.


While Lucie’s remarks are straightforward and to the point, there is no doubt that the passion behind those words radiates from within her soul out to the sea of anticipatory imaginations of eager viewers and fans alike who await her next project with great expectation. And rightly so. The very fact that Lucie set aside some time during one of the most frenetic weeks she has possibly ever known (due to her StoryHive promotions) to respond to some questions about her fascinating career and experience shows me that she is a genuine professional who recognizes the significance of reaching out in tangible ways to those who are willing to rally behind her for a good cause. Not only that, but it is evident that her talent and indomitable but gentle spirit engender deep gratitude amongst those who make the choice to reach back. In fact, it is her dedication that motivated me to move the date of this posting up a few days–true story! She did not request that I publish the interview now, but I believe in reciprocity, and I have learned that a substantial majority of people do believe that in that idealistic truth that sometimes appears to be lacking in this world. So please support her at her social media links below as actors truly do covet each and every interaction on social media. Moreover, if you are so inclined, please consider voting for her StoryHive project! I can assure you that her gratitude will be limitless and everlasting.








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