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For some time now, I have been a fan of the remarkably talented and ardently inspiring Rachel Boston, and every time she is in a Hallmark film, I make a special effort to watch it (and her films are always a hit with the fans!). Recently, Rachel agreed to answer a few questions about her life and outlook within this diverse but invigorating entertainment industry. 

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What inspired you to become an actress? What kind of training have you received? 

I started singing in the church choir when I was a kid. I grew up on a mountain in Tennessee, and our church had an amazing music program. In school, I got involved in theater and dance and then moved to New York City at seventeen. I joined a theater company and lived in the NYU dorms before my Freshman year. I was so excited to be living in New York, although I didn’t know anyone when I landed. I started working with a regional theater company, and a director encouraged me to try Los Angeles for pilot season.  So Mom and I drove out to LA, and that’s how I got started on my first series.



From a Few Fans of Rachel Boston

Sherry Edie: “Rachel exudes sweetness, warmth, kindness and happiness. She comes across as approachable and friendly; down to earth, fun and full of joy, and she brings all of those qualities to her movie roles. Whenever I see her in TV interviews, I see someone who has a zest for life and loves what she does for a living. You can’t fake that kind of energy and general vibe. She fits right in with the other Hallmark family members, and I look forward to her future projects.”

Kimberly Hood Britton: “I love everything Rachel has done. She comes across as winsome, approachable, believable, and warm. My favorites are Ice Sculpture Christmas and Stop the Wedding. Thanks Rachel!”

Renee Chin Hatfield: “Rachel, I enjoy your talent and infectious smile. You seem to overflow with happiness when you portray a character. Thanks for your movies.”


RachelBostonWallArtWhat do you like about working for the Hallmark network?

I love the messages and that the whole family can watch. They make films that are uplifting and hopeful, and I think we need more of that in our world.

As you have made films with several of Hallmark’s leading men, which of Hallmark’s other leading men would you like to work with? Also, which Hallmark actresses would you like to work with that you haven’t? 

I was just at a dinner with Sam Page, and it would be so fun to work with him again!  And Daniel Lissing seems delightful.  Lacey Chabert and I made a movie together called Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, and we would love to work together again. Bailee Madison and I have talked about playing sisters.  And I adore Lori Loughlin. She is such a joyful, inspiring woman. Would be great to work with her.

Which role has been one of your favorites so far and why? Which has been your most challenging?

Oh, that’s a tough one. I really enjoyed working on In Plain Sight because we filmed in New Mexico, and I was playing a detective, so I spent a lot of my downtime going on ride-alongs with the Albuquerque police department. That was a really amazing chapter, and I loved the lessons about life and resilience that would wrap up each episode. Witches of East End was definitely one of my favorites, but also very challenging because we went through so much on the series. My character had an incredible arc over two seasons, and I was constantly on my toes because I never knew what was going to happen. I just loved it.



Jesse Hutch, Co-Star American Dream

“I haven’t seen Rachel since the 60’s, but I am certain that she is still a genuine cheerleader. She always had a way of making people feel like everyone was on the same team.”


rachelbostonangelshoot.jpgJesse Hutch said to tell you “hi.” Do you still keep in contact with the cast of American Dreams?

Awww!  Hi, Jesse Hutch!  I do still see the American Dreams cast.   I ran into Tom Verica the other day at a breakfast meeting with my manager. I adore him and am so happy to see him embrace the directing/producing world of television. He is one of the kindest and hardest working people in this town.  It always makes me so happy to see people from American Dreams.  We had a reunion a few years ago in Austin, Texas for the ATX TV festival, and that was incredible.

You always seem to project positivity and happiness. How do you remain so upbeat and friendly in a world where negativity seems to be the norm? 

My grandmother is ninety-eight years old and one of the happiest people I know, so I learn a lot from her. She has been through so much and is incredibly resilient.  We all experience heartbreaks and go through times that we may not quite understand, but I think faith has always pulled me through. Keeping the faith that whatever challenges we are going through are going to grow us so we can be ready for the next chapter in our life.


20160417_154037_resized_1.jpgKWIK KWOTE

Lini Evans, Co-star Stop the Wedding

“A close friend of hers is actor Lacey Chabert, and when Rachel found out she’d played my daughter in The Tree That Saved Christmas, she got busy in our cast car on our way to set. We shot a cell phone video being silly and talking all about Lacey’s pregnancy. It was lots of fun and I’d love for us to shoot Lacey, The Sequel during another Hallmark movie together!”



Your two most recent Hallmark films are Ice Sculpture Christmas and Stop the Wedding. Can you share an on-set memory about each?

Learning the basics of how to ice sculpt was definitely a highlight on Ice Sculpture Christmas.  When we got it right on the first day, the entire crew started cheering.  On Stop the Wedding, we were filming a summer movie, but we were shooting in winter, and it was freezing.  The house we were filming in had a sauna, so during one of our breaks, I snuck into the sauna to warm up, and when I came out, my entire face was bright red.  I looked like a lobster.   So there is a scene in the movie where l kinda look like a lobster, but a very warm lobster 🙂


icesculptures.jpgKWIK KWOTE

Milli Wilkinson, Co-Star Ice Sculpture Christmas

“I loved meeting Rachel on set of Ice Sculpture. She came and chatted with me after I had finished shooting my scene. She was so nice and happy to take some photos with me. I remember her smiling all the time and being so amazing to everyone.”



Do you have any other upcoming works you can mention? 

I am currently developing a faith-inspired project with Melissa de la Cruz.   She is the author of the Witches of East End novels and one of my favorite people in all the land.  Such an incredible woman.  And I’m reading scripts! Looking for a good comedy.

Do you have any plans to write and/or direct?

I’ve started producing and will be shadowing a director friend soon, so we will see.  I have a lot to learn before I dive into that world.


Starry Mag JournalistKWIK KWOTE

Lisa Steinberg, Starry Constellation Magazine

“Rachel Boston is one of the most charismatic actresses ever with a heart as big as her talent. Even before playing a witch on Witches of East End, she cast a spell on audiences with the bright light and beauty that she radiates. Her sweet soul, kindness, and generosity make her the most special star amongst the sky.”


What is your favorite genre to act? To watch?

Romantic comedies and films about faith.  The news has enough heartbreak and drama for me. I want to watch movies and series that are inspiring, and I enjoy making movies that leave people feeling hopeful and inspired.


Rarely in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood do we see a beautiful young woman like Rachel who definitely has it all–talent, charm, grace, poise, and a captivatingly and infectiously positive spirit. Furthermore, her success and virtual stardom have not affected who she genuinely is as she remains humble, down-to-earth, and relatable. In spite of her frenetic schedule, she still finds the time to interact with her fans. I am thoroughly impressed by those who have worked with her who remember her bona fide charm even several years later and greatly anticipate sharing a screen again with her soon. In this day and age, finding examples for impressionable women and girls to emulate can be a time-consuming and disappointing task, but thankfully, there are women just like Rachel, and I can only hope that my daughter grows up to be just as sweet, unspoiled, accomplished and content with her lot in life as Rachel is with hers. Moreover, how can you remain in the doldrums of life when you witness Rachel’s winsome smile? It’s so artless that you know it comes from her heart, and it can decidedly brighten any gloomy corner if given half a chance to illuminate its magical aura. Be sure that you investigate the many works Rachel has done in the past (there is a whole slew of them to be sure), and I implore you to follow her at her various links below so that you know exactly when her future endeavors are available for fan support. When it comes to positivity, you can’t get any better than Rachel Boston!








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