“When Calls the Heart” Awakenings and Revelations Episode Mini-Review

By Ruth on May 21, 2015 in movie, review

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Welcome to my mini-review of the upcoming episode of When Calls the Heart, my dear #Hearties.  Unfortunately, it looks like very little has been revealed so look for this to be quite cryptic. But as always, if you wish to be completely surprised, notice that you are entering  potential spoiler alert area. Sharable pictures are also scarce, but here goes.


Bill returns to town on an undercover mission. Jack gets himself involved without knowing what the mission is. Rosemary doesn’t feel her role in the town is big enough and seeks to have a theatre built. A childhood friend of Elizabeth comes to town on business and hopes it will allow him more time with her. Abigail seeks advice from the new preacher about a close family member of hers.

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Okay, let’s get this out of the way first. Julie and Tom are the couple I have been worried about from the moment Tom showed up and Julie set her sights for him.  Regrettably, I’m even more worried about this couple now. I refuse to give anything away, but let’s just say Julie needs to get her head out of the clouds, and Tom needs to take the lead. Very poor decisions are made, and I kind of dread what will happen in the next episode between these two.

Rosemary and Leland–an incredible amount happens between those two. I am charmed with the way in which Pascale Hutton plays this character, and I sincerely delight in this character. She gets to display her full range of talent (well almost) in this week’s episode. Leland has completely grown on me as a character, and all of my misgivings have disappeared.

Don’t worry–Bill is back. At one point, I still desired to horse whip him.  There were times he acted like what I would call a complete “jerk.” However, I can say without a doubt that by the end of the episode, he had restored my faith in him. Why? Well, honestly, do you think I’m going to tell you that? Anyway, Jack Wagner is off the hook for now with me.  Now he just needs to deal with his personal issues so he and Abigail can be together. But like my mom surmised, there may be a rival for Abigail’s affections.

My favorite storyline of the week involves Clara and Abigail.  It is so exhilarating to see Clara settling into life in Hope Valley, and Eva Bourne is absolutely stunning in every way. I hope the powers that be keep her in the series.  Some #Hearties are growing discouraged, but this storyline alone is worth watching on Saturday.  You will be enchanted by the interactions, and I think it will make up for what you probably know is in store for Jack and Elizabeth (based on the previews, that is).  The writers made a very intelligent decision. Trust me on this one.

wcth 2004Sorry but Charlie is back (oh he might not be happy I called him Charlie but I don’t really care for this character anyway). Yes, just like the previews show, he comes to Hope Valley. And you can imagine what and whom is affected. Without giving anything away, I can almost guarantee  you will love the exchange between Jack and Charles! Oh it was absolutely poetic!

wcth 2004c


And you thought there was banter and amazing scenes between Jack and Elizabeth. The conversation between these two gentlemen demonstrates exactly who they are.  I was filled with great hope. After all, I’m not #TeamCharles. I am #TeamJack all the way!

Well, I would love to offer more inspiring words for Hope Valley this week, but this episode ends on a cliffhanger. I was yelling at the television set. However, I am reminded of the way the writers construct these episodes. If you recall season one, the episodes are intended to come in twos. The premiere and last week were two hours long. Therefore, the story was much more complete. This week, we only have an hour. The story is definitely not finished, and Hallmark has us #Hearties exactly where they want us. Befuddled, upset, and possibly even a bit frightened and/or discouraged. They know just how to play on our emotions. Kudos are in store for the writers!

So my dear #Heartie friends, here’s my take on the episode. It is overflowing with hope, warmth, and promise but not necessarily for Elizabeth and Jack. I don’t mean there’s no hope, but I have no doubt things will not go the way you wanted for our beloved couple. I think actions speak louder than words, and I would venture to say both Jack and Elizabeth need to remember that and implement this sage advice into this relationship developing between them.

I will conclude with this–remember this is not a soap opera nor an evening drama on one of the mainstream networks. This series is on Hallmark. Stop and consider this–do you really think they are going to let Jack and Elizabeth break up? Additionally, ponder this. Many want their fledgling relationship to sprout wings and immediately fly. You know the one way to kill a series with rapidity? Have the couple get married on the show! (Look it up if you don’t believe me.) So #Hearties, let’s no lose the faith. We’re halfway through season two.

jack and elizabeth by fire
Don’t forget to watch on Saturday May 23 at 8/7 central on the Hallmark Channel, the Heart of TV.

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  1. RANDY FULGHAM May 22, 2015 Reply

    I got to remember to watch this –it sounds and looks good…

  2. Jean Blevins May 22, 2015 Reply

    Ruth, your blogs are so thorough. I love to read them. I agree. Writers should never have lead characters marry in the middle of a show. It is a kiss of death. But , by your observations you have made me look forward to tomorrow’s episode.

    Thank you for your informative blog.If I have it right , your role is just to give us enough information to whet our appetites so we will be watching the new episode of WCTH. It is certainly working for me. As a long time observer of shows like this, it is never good to have the lead characters marry in the middle of the season.It seems to be the kiss of death.

    I will be eagerly anticipating your next blog.

    • Author
      Ruth May 22, 2015 Reply

      Thank you Jean. I so appreciate your comments. Yes that’s my “unofficial’ role, and this was hard one. Glad you’re looking forward to it!

  3. Sarah L May 28, 2015 Reply

    Looks interesting. Too bad I don’t have a TV (and don’t watch TV)

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