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By Ruth on January 20, 2014 in book, Christian book, review

Living the TestimonyWe testify in accordance with what we know and have experienced.

It’s time to learn and experience more!

The first book in this thought-provoking series explained how testimony relates to the Bible; this book will help you understand how testimony relates to living. LivingThe Testimony will not only encourage Christians to reflect on who they believe Jesus to be (and why they choose to believe this), but it will also correct current misconstrued ideas as to what the Christian testimony is all about.

a testimony is not about church;

a testimony is not about God;

a testimony is not about faith in general terms;

this book contains numerous testimonies that will strengthen your faith in Jesus.

A strong Christian testimony is one that continually grows in the knowledge of Jesus, continually shares that knowledge boldly, while at the same time performs good works based on Jesus’ teaching of love—all while abstaining from works of darkness.

Because a biblical testimony deals not only with our belief system, but also with the way we conduct our whole lives, our Christian testimony becomes our most valuable asset. It is life itself.

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Living The TestimonyLiving The Testimony by Deidre D. Havrelock

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a very difficult book for me to rate, and once you read my review, you may understand why I say that. I wish to make it clear that this is not necessarily a negative review. For all practical purposes, this book is biblically based and filled with much sound theology. There were several things about personal testimonies that I had never considered, and I am glad to have found someone else who believes that one does not need a testimony fraught with horrendous tragedies and the like. My favorite portions of the book were when she recounted her own testimony. I would have preferred reading more about the author and her background, but that was not the focus of this book. She kept to the points she wished to make, and for the most part, I believe she was on target.

What I did not like was the dogmatic way in which some of the material appeared to be presented. Some of that probably stems from her occult background. What I mean by that is those who tend to come out of very difficult pasts do often have to live what may be perceived as a legalistic Christian life. In the confines of this book, the author tends to come across as pushing that belief system on all Christians. She appears to believe that there is only one right way to give a testimony. While many of the foibles she pointed out do indeed occur within the faith community, I don’t find all of them as bad as she might claim. While it is clear that I may have misread her at times, it is just the way she tends to come across. I did appreciate her use of Scripture, especially when giving testimony examples.

My other complaint is minor, but concerning. I can’t conceive of the fact that is not currently attending church. I don’t wish to push the same legalistic attitude on the author, but I do believe that going to church (or at least worshipping with other believers) is an obvious intent within Scripture. I wish she had gone into more detail regarding this remark so that I would have understood her perspective on this better. Again, it is a small detail, but it was quite glaring for me.

In conclusion, she has great ideas for those who have never given a Christian testimony before, and I believe this book can even help those of who have refine it. There is no doubt in my mind that God is at work within her life, and if taken with a grain of salt, I believe every Christian can glean something from this book.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

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