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  • Interview With Writer/Director Peter Sullivan, “Sharing Christmas”

    By Ruth on December 10, 2017
    Summer of 2016, I connected with one of the most prolific screenwriters in the TV world today, Peter Sullivan. In addition to his impeccable writing, he is a consummate director and producer. Just this past week, I had the opportunity to talk with him about his upcoming Christmas premieres as well as a few past favorites, current works, and a […]
  • “The Flight Before Christmas” Lifetime Movie Review

    By Ruth on December 28, 2015
    [embedyt][/embedyt] Excited to take the next step in their relationship and move in with her boyfriend, Stephanie is crushed when he drops the bombshell that he wants to break up. Faced with spending the holidays heartbroken and homeless, she decides to fly home to Connecticut. On a red-eye the day before Christmas, Stephanie finds herself seated next to Michael, […]
  • “Mother of All Lies” Lifetime Movie Review

    By Ruth on October 27, 2015
      Adopted teenager Sara goes in search of her birth mother Abby, only to find the woman in prison for bank robbery and manslaughter. In an upcoming parole hearing, Sara helps Abby win release, and decides to spend the summer with her before leaving for college. But Sara soon finds herself in danger as her mother returns to her former […]
  • “Dangerous Company” Lifetime Movie Review

    By Ruth on October 19, 2015
    Pauline Mitchell is a successful business woman, but when she starts misplacing things, loses track of time and doesn’t recognize her husband, Aaron; Pauline fears that she has inherited Alzheimer’s, the disease that killed her mother. However, she discovers that her husband and her secretary have conspired to make her think she’s losing her mind so that they can take […]
  • “Accidental Obsession” Lifetime Movie Review

    By Ruth on July 15, 2015
    Accidental Obsession (Lifetime Movie 2015) A lawyer is riding high after putting a notorious swindler behind bars, but has to look over her shoulder when a former cop threatens to blackmail her over a skeleton in her closet that could bring her career to an end. Welcome to a movie that I have been eagerly anticipating for quite some time.  Originally, this […]