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  • “Devil’s Whisper” Movie Review

    By Ruth on October 3, 2017
    Synopsis: 15-year-old Alejandro Duran, who comes from a religious Latino American family, aspires to one day be a Catholic priest. But when Alex discovers a mysterious box, passed down from his grandparents, he unwittingly unleashes a demonic spirit bent on possessing him. Alex must find a way to defeat this ancient demon, which has been tormenting children since the dawn of […]
  • Interview With Actor David Haydn-Jones

    By Ruth on January 18, 2017
    For those who religiously follow my interviews, you will not doubt realize my propitious treatment of Hallmark actors. Of course, that is never a requirement in order to appear on my site, but more often than not, if someone in the entertainment industry has at least spent some time on a Hallmark soundstage, I already sense a deep connection due to […]