Interviews (A-Z by Last Name)


Aames, Willie (November 2016)

Interview With Actor Willie Aames, “Every Christmas Has a Story”

Adams, Enid-Raye (December 2016)

Interview With Actor Enid-Raye Adams

Adamthwaite, Michael (August 2017)

Interview With Actor Michael Adamthwaite, “War For the Planet of the Apes”

Ainscough, William (July 2017)

Interview With Actor William Ainscough

Alden, Dawn (April 2017)

Interview With Dawn Alden, Founder and CEO of Vicarious Films

Alexander, Reese (May 2017)

Interview With Actor Reese Alexander 

Allen, Cory Scott (February 2017)

Interview With Actor Cory Scott Allen

Alonso, Nicole (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Nicole Alonso, “Crawl or Die”

Anderson, Sheryl J. (August 2016)

Interview With Writer Sheryl J. Anderson, “Ties That Bind”

Aragon, Eric (October 2016)

Interview With Actor Eric Aragon, “Pumpkin Pie Wars”

Armstrong, Andy (April 2017)

Interview With Stunt People Andy Armstrong and Jennifer Caputo

Aro, Maja (July 2016)

Interview With Stunt Woman Maja Aro

Auger, Gerald (October 2016)

Interview With Actor/Filmmaker Gerald Auger

Austin, Kate (August 2016)

Interview With Kate Austin,  “Stay With Me “

Bacon, Daniel (July 2017)

Interview With Actor Daniel Bacon, “Somewhere Between”

Baird, Tammie (April 2017)

Interview With Stuntwoman Tammie Baird

Balint, Crystal (November 2016)

Interview With Actress Crystal Balint

Bancroft, Cameron (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Cameron Bancroft, “The Wedding March”

Baessato, Giacomo (April 2017)

Interview With Actor Giacomo Baessato, “Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate”

Barber, Nigel (July 2016)

Interview With Actor Nigel Barber

Belding, Tom (July 2017)

Interview With Actor Tom Belding, “When Calls the Heart”

Bell, Chase (December 2016)

Interview With Musician Chase Bell

Belle, Laurie (December 2016)

Interview With Laurie Belle, Host/Creator “Get Cooking With the Stars”

Berg, Sandra and Judith (February 2017)

Interview With Screenwriters Sandra and Judith Berg

Bernard, Rukiya (January 2017)

Interview With Actress Rukiya Bernard

Berns, Michael (August 2017)

Interview With Executive Producer/Show Runner Michael Berns, “Chesapeake Shores”

Bethea, Erin (March 2017)

Interview With Actress Erin Bethea, “New Life”

Bierko, Craig (January 2017)

Interview With Actor Craig Bierko, “UnREAL”

Bird, Brian (March 2017)

Interview With Brian Bird, Producer/Co-Creator of “When Calls the Heart”

Birdsall, Tracey (September 2016)

Interview With Actress Tracey Birdsall, “Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter”

Bisson, Yannick (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Yannick Bisson, “Three Bedrooms, One Corpse: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery”

Blain, Bruce (March 2017)

Interview With Actor Bruce Blain

Bond, Rhys Matthew (May 2016)

Interview with Rhys Matthew Bond of “Good Witch”

Bond, Rhys Matthew (May 2017)

Interview With Actor Rhys Matthew Bond, “Good Witch”

Bond, Stephanie (June 2016)

Interview With Author Stephanie Bond, “Stop the Wedding!”

Boston, Rachel (July 2016)

Interview With Actress Rachel Boston 

Bowen, Bradley (July 2016)

Interview With Actor Bradley Bowen

Bradley, Brendan (December 2016)

Interview With Actor Brendan Bradley

Brazeau, Jay (July 2016)

Interview With Actor Jay Brazeau

Brazeau, Jay (August 2017)

Interview With Actor Jay Brazeau, “Garage Sale Mystery”

Brinson, J. Alex (October 2016)

Interview With Actor J. Alex Brinson, “Travelers”

Brooks, Andrea (March 2017)

Interview With Actress Andrea Brooks, “When Calls the Heart”

Brown, Bethany (June 2017)

Interview With Actress Bethany Brown

Brown, Natalie (August 2016)

Interview With Actress Natalie Brown, “For Love and Honor”

Bryant, Rachel Amanda (September 2016)

Interview With Actress Rachel Amanda Bryant 

Bryant, Lucas (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Lucas Bryant, “Summer Love”

Brydges, Madison (December 2016)

Interview With Actress Madison Brydges, “Love You Like Christmas

Buckalew, Becca (May 2017)

Interview With Actress Becca Buckalew, “Medinah”

Burgio, Danielle (December 2016)

Interview With Stuntperson/Actress Danielle Burgio

Burns, Erin Elizabeth (August 2016)

Interview With Actress Erin Elizabeth Burns, “Cell”

Busby, Cindy (October 2016)

Interview With Actress Cindy Busby, “A Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love”

Busby, Cindy (June 2017)

Interview With Actress Cindy Busby, “Date My Dad”

Cadranel, Inga (September 2016)

Interview With Actress Inga Cadranel

Callica, Jaime M. (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Jaime M. Callica

Cameron, Dana (May 2017)

Interview With Author Dana Cameron, “Emma Fielding: Site Unseen”

Campbell, Lauren A. (June 2016)

Interview With Actress Lauren A. Campbell

Caputo, Jennifer (April 2017)

Interview With Stunt People Andy Armstrong and Jennifer Caputo

Cayonne, Antonio (February 2017)

Interview With Actor Antonio Cayonne

Cermak, Jason (January 2017)

Interview With Jason Cermak, “Framed For Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery”

Cermak, Jason (August 2017)

Interview With Actor Jason Cermak, “Eat, Play, Love”

Chandler, Lisa (November 2017)

Interview With Stuntwoman/Actress Lisa Chandler 

Charpentier, Genea (April 2017)

Interview With Actress Genea Charpentier, “When Calls the Heart”

Chanoine, Alain (August 2016)

Interview With Alain Chanoine, “Suicide Squad”

Chapman, Yvonne (May 2017)

Interview With Actress Yvonne Chapman 

Cheramy, Hannah (May 2017)

Interview With Actress Hannah Cheramy

Clayton, James (February 2017)

Interview With Actor James Clayton, “CANDiLAND”

Clayton, James (July 2017)

Interview With Actor James Clayton

Cohen, John (June 2016)

Interview With Producer John Cohen, “The Angry Birds Movie”

Coleman, Michael (October 2016)

Interview With Actor Michael Coleman

Collins, Kate (August 2016)

Interview With Writer Kate Collins, “Flower Shop Mystery”

Convery, Christian (November 2017)

Interview With Christian Convery, “My Christmas Dream”

Cook, Rachael Leigh (August 2016)

Interview With Actress Rachael Leigh Cook, “Summer Love”

Cooper, Alexander (September 2016)

Interview With Actor Alexander Cooper

Cooper, Christian Michael (April 2017)

Interview With Christian Michael Cooper, “When Calls the Heart” and “Prison Break”

Cowperthwaite, Barton (July 2016)

Interview With Dancer/Actor Barton Cowperthwaite, “Center Stage On Pointe”

Craven, Aaron (May 2016)

Interview With Actor Aaron Craven

Craven, Aaron (July 2017)

Interview With Actor Aaron Craven 

Cullen, Keith (December 2016)

Interview With Musician Keith Cullen

DaCunha, Peter (September 2016)

Interview With Actor Peter DaCunha

Daly, Pamela (July 2017)

Interview With Actress Pamela Daly, “An Uncommon Grace”

Damian, Michael (May 2016)

Michael Damian: “High Strung” Interview

Daulby, Dakota (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Dakota Daulby

DeLoach, Nikki (December 2016)

Interview With Actress Nikki DeLoach, “A Dream of Christmas”

Dillingham, Sean (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Sean Dillingham 

DiMofte, Raresh (July 2017)

Interview With Actor Raresh DiMofte

Dopud, Mike (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Mike Dopud, “Dark Matter”

Drever, Spencer (March 2017)

Interview With Actor Spencer Drever, “When Calls the Heart”

Dukic, Nikolas (May 2017)

Interview With Actor Nikolas Dukic, “When Calls the Heart”

Dunbar, Andrew (June 2017)

Interview With Actor Andrew Dunbar, “Destination Wedding”

Dunne, Robin (January 2017)

Interview With Actor Robin Dunne 

Durupt, Lisa (March 2017)

Interview With Actress Lisa Durupt, ” Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts”

Erickson, Kristin (August 2016)

Interview With Kristin Erickson, “Greenleaf”

Elliott, Brennan  (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Brennan Elliott, “Flower Shop Mystery,” “UnREAL,” and More

Elliott, Brennan (July 2017)

Interview With Actor Brennan Elliott

Evancic, Carter Ryan (April 2017)

Interview With Actor Carter Ryan Evancic, “When Calls the Heart”

Evans, Lini (June 2016)

Interview With Actress Lini Evans, “Stop the Wedding!”

Fairlie, Ella (November 2016)

Interview With Author Ella Fairlie, “The Christmas List”

Faraci, Matthew (March 2017)

Interview With Host/Executive Producer Matthew Faraci, “Frankly Faraci”

Ferris, Samantha (October 2016)

Interview With Actress Samantha Ferris, “Gourmet Detective”

Filtness, Camden (April 2017)

Interview With Actor Camden Filtness, “When Calls the Heart”

Fitzgerald, Lilah (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Lilah Fitzgerald

Flanagan, Frances (May 2017)

Interview With Actress Frances Flanagan, “The Art of Us”

Fry, Christine (January 2017)

Interview With Producer/Writer Christine Fry, “Byrd and the Bees”

Gerber, Dayl Wood (June 2017)

Interview With Author Daryl Wood Gerber

Giglio, Tony (October 2016)

Interview With Writer-Director Tony Giglio

Gillis, Tammy (June 1016)

Interview With Actress Tammy Gillis, “Wedding Bells”

Gillis, Tammy (March 2017)

Interview With Actress Tammy Gillis

Goldstein, Gary (August 2016)

Interview With Writer Gary Goldstein, “Summer in the City”

Gossett, Denise (June 2017)

Interview With Actress Denise Gossett 

Greene, Paul (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Paul Greene

Greene, Paul (February 2017)

Interview With Actor Paul Greene, “When Calls the Heart”

Greene, Paul (June 2017)

Interview With Actor Paul Greene, “My Favorite Wedding”

Grigg, Sidney (September 2016)

Interview With Actress Sidney Grigg

Gronsky, Karen (March 2017)

Interview With Dancer/Teacher Karen Gronsky

Gunn, Robin (November 2016)

Interview With Author Robin Gunn, “Finding Father Christmas”

Guppy, Havana (October 2016)

Interview With Havana Guppy, “Aftermath”

Guest, Lucie (September 2016)

Interview With Actress Lucie Guest

Guilbaut, Jeremy (April 2017)

Interview With Actor Jeremy Guilbaut, “When Calls the Heart”

Gustafson, Geoff (July 2016)

Interview With Geoff Gustafson, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Haydn-Jones, David (January 2017)

Interview With Actor David Haydn-Jones

Hamilton, Matt (October 2016)

Interview With Actor Matt Hamilton, “Death Al Dente: A Gourmet Detective Mystery”

Hardware, David (September 2016)

Interview With Actor David Hardware

Hansen, Kirsten (September 2016)

Interview With Writer Kirsten Hansen, “Chesapeake Shores”

Hassler, Marem (August 2016)

Interview With Actress Marem Hassler

Heffern, Meghan (June 2016)

Interview With Actress Meghan Heffern

Hester, Kyle (March 2017)

Interview With Actor/Producer Kyle Hester, “Preacher Six”

Hewlett, Kate (March 2017)

Interview With Actress/Writer/Producer Kate Hewlett

Hill, Ruth (September 2016)–Yes this is me!

My Interview With Heckler Kane

Holland, Marcy (July 2017)

Interview With Writer Marcy Holland, “The Christmas Cure”

Horsdal, Chelah (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Chelah Horsdal, “CANDiLAND”

Hough, Adrian (October 2016)

Interview With Actor Adrian Hough, “Aftermath”

Howard, Debs (July 2017)

Interview With Actress Debs Howard, “The Perfect Bride”

Hughes, Liam (March 2017)

Interview With Actor Liam Hughes, “When Calls the Heart”

Humphrey, Mark (February 2017)

Interview With Actor Mark Humphrey, “When Calls the Heart”

Hunter, Denise (September 2016)

Interview With Author Denise Hunter, “The Convenient Groom” and “A December Bride”

Hutton, Pascale (April 2017)

Interview With Actress Pascale Hutton, “When Calls the Heart”

Isaac, Kate (March 2017)

Interview With Actress Kate Isaac

Jared, Stephen (October 206)

Interview With Actor/Writer Stephen Jared

Johns, Jan (May 2016)

Jan Johns: Actress/Voiceover Artist Interview

Kahn, Aidan (May 2017)

Interview With Actor Aidan Kahn

Kay, Tonya (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Tonya Kay

Kaye, David (January 2017)

Interview With Voice Actor David Kaye

Keating, Trenna (July 2016)

Interview With Actor Trenna Keating, “Dark Matter”

Kennedy, Carolyn Bridget (August 2016)

Interview With Actress Carolyn Bridget Kennedy

Kim, Ticoon (July 2017)

Meet Ticoon Kim, Toronto Rising Star

Kind, Dani (January 2017)

Interview With Actress Dani Kind

Kingwell, Dylan (March 2017)

Interview With Actor Dylan Kingwell, “Campfire Kiss”

Kohler, Dan (September 2016)

Interview With Dan Kohler, “Renegade Kitchen”

Konrad, Avery (October 2016)

Interview With Actress Avery Konrad, “Van Helsing”

Krakow, Erin (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Erin Krakow, “When Calls the Heart”

Kruper, Karen (October 2016)

Interview With Actress Karen Kruper, “Chesapeake Shores” and More

Kyer, Sean (June 2016)

Interview With Leo-Award-Winning Actor Sean Kyer, “Odd Squad”

Langen, Angelika (June 2017)

Interview With Angelika Langen, “Wild Bear Rescue”

Largy, Jordana (June 2016)

Interview With Actress Jordana Largy

Leacock, Viv (October 2016)

Interview With Actor Viv Leacock, “Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love” and More

Leacock, Viv (March 2017)

Interview With Viv Leacock 

Leigh, Catherine (June 2016)

Interview With Musician Catherine Leigh

Levins, Toby (March 2017)

Interview With Actor Toby Levins, “Murder, She Baked”

Lewis, David (March 2017)

Interview With Actor David Lewis 

Lewis, Dustin (October 2016)

Interview With Actor Dustin Lewis, “Killing Reagan”

Li, Peggy (March 2017)

Interview With Jewelry Designer Peggy Li

Liburd, Melanie (July 2016)

Interview With Actress Melanie Liburd, “Dark Matter”

Lilley, Jen (August 2017)

Interview With Actress Jen Lilley, “Eat, Play, Love”

Lim, Travis (February 2017)

Interview With Dancer Travis Lim

Lloyd, Christian (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Christian Lloyd

Loew, Dylan (June 2016)

Interview with Young Musician Dylan Loew

Lohman, Valerie (July 2017)

Interview With Actress Valerie Lohman

MacCaull, Matthew (October 2016)

Interview With Matthew MacCaull, “Legends of Tomorrow”

Mabius, Eric (July 2017)

Interview With Actor Eric Mabius, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Mack, Mel (December 2016)

Interview With Writer/Director Mel Mack, “Touching Mary”

Mae, Gelsea (July 2016)

Interview With Singer/Actress Gelsea Mae

Mager, Katelyn (June 2016)

Interview With Joey Award-Winning Actress Katelyn Mager

Mailey, Lacy J. (August 2016)

Interview With Actress Laci J Mailey, “Chesapeake Shores”

Mailey, Laci J. (August 2017)

Interview With Actress Laci J. Mailey, “Chesapeake Shores”


Majdoub, Lee (October 2016)

Interview With Actor Lee Majdoub

Manley, Stephen (November 2017)

Interview With Actor Stephen Manley

Maraghi, Carolyne (July 2017)

Interview With Actress Carolyne Maraghi, “Good Witch”

Marks, Carlo (April 2017)

Interview With Carlo Marks, “Moonlight in Vermont”

Marshall, Rebecca (March 2017)

Interview With Actress Rebecca Marshall

Marshall, Zenia (August 2016)

Interview With Actress/Musician Zenia Marshall, “Summer of Dreams”

Marshall, Zenia (July 2017)

Interview With Actress Zenia Marshall, “Date My Dad”

Mathison, Cameron (June 2016)

Interview With Cameron Mathison, Actor “Murder, She Baked”

Mathison, Cameron (August 2017)

Interview With Actor Cameron Mathison, “At Home In Mitford”

Maxwell, Lindsay (May 2017)

Interview With Actress Lindsay Maxwell

McAndrew, Erin (February 2017)

Interview With Musician Erin McAndrew

McBride, Gregg (December 2016)

Interview With Writer Gregg McBride, “A Heavenly Christmas”

McDermott, Grainne (June 2017)

Interview With Actress Grainne McDermott 

McGarry, Kevin (April 2017)

Interview With Actor Kevin McGarry, “Love At First Bark”

McKenzie, Mason (May 2017)

Interview With Actor Mason McKenzie, “When Calls the Heart”

McKinnon, Jason (June 2017)

Interview With Actor Jason McKinnon

McLeod, Don (January 2017)

Interview With Actor Don McLeod, “Stake Out”

Meryl, Angela (March 2017)

Interview With Stuntwoman/Actress Angela Meryl

Meuse, Jessica (January 2017)

Interview With Musician Jessica Meuse

Miller, Jesse James (February 2017)

Interview With Director/Writer Jesse James Miller

Milne, Travis (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Travis Milne, “Summer Love”

Morley, Jill (January 2017)

Interview With Writer and Filmmaker Jill Morley

Moss, Tegan (August 2017)

Interview With Actors Marcus Rosner & Tegan Moss, “Summer In the Vineyard”

Muldoon, Michelle (July 2017)

Interview With Writer/Director Michelle Muldoon, “Last Stand to Nowhere”

Munro, Maria (January 2017)

Interview With Independent Filmmaker Maria Munro

Munro, Ross (November 2016)

Interview With Independent Filmmaker, Ross Munro

Murphy, Siobhan (April 2017)

Interview With Actress Siobhan Murphy

Murray, Kimberly-Sue (August 2016)

Interview With Actress Kimberly-Sue Murray

Natt, Jaiven (April 2017)

Interview With Actor Jaiven Natt, “When Calls the Heart”

Niven, Barbara (June 2016)

Interview With Actress Barbara Niven, “Murder, She Baked,” “Chesapeake Shores,” and More

Noel, Dawn (December 2016)

Interview With Actress Dawn Noel

Norris, Mike (June 2016)

Interview With Director Mike Norris, “AmeriGEDDON”

Nunes, Paulino (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Paulino Nunes

Oberst, Bill, Jr. (February 2017)

Interview With Actor Bill Oberst, Jr.

Okoye, Rochelle (July 2016)

Interview With Actress/Stunt Woman Rochelle Okoye, “Wayward Pines”

O’Grady, Kevin (January 2017)

Interview With Actor Kevin O’Grady, “Garage Sale Mystery”

Oliver, Nicole (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Nicole Oliver, “Britney Ever After”

Oliver, Nicole (September 2016)

Interview With Actress Nicole Oliver

O’Reilly, Kiefer (November 2016)

Interview With Actor Kiefer O’Reilly, “Who Killed JonBenét?”

Panton, Giles (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Giles Panton, “Three Bedrooms, One Corpse: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery”

Patti, Maria (December 2016)

Interview With Actress Maria Patti

Paulson, Dan (August 2017)

Interview With Executive Producer, Dan Paulson, “Chesapeake Shores”

Payne, Dan (May 2016)

Interview With Actor Dan Payne

Payne, Dan (March 2017)

Interview With Actor Dan Payne

Payne, Topher (August 2016)

Interview With Writer Topher Payne, “My Summer Prince”

Penavega, Alexa (June 2016)

Interview With Actress Alexa Penavega, “Ms. Matched”

Porte, Peter (August 2017)

Interview With Actor Peter Porte, “Love At the Shore”

Prentice, Hilary (September 2016)

Interview With Producer Hilary Prentice, “FlyGirls”

Proenca, Monica (September 2016)

Interview With Choreographer Monica Proenca, “Center Stage: On Pointe”

Quirke, Natasha (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Natasha Quirke, “When Calls the Heart”

Ravanello, Rick (July 2017)

A Tribute to the Actor Rick Ravanello

Raynolds, David (June 2016)

Interview With Actor/Singer David Raynolds, “Wayward Pines”

Richards, Michael K. (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Michael K. Richards, “Chesapeake Shores”

Richards, Michael Karl (August 2017)

Interview With Actor Michael Karl Richards, “Chesapeake Shores”

Richter, Courtney (August 2016)

Interview With Actress Courtney Richter, “Chesapeake Shores”

Rivarelli, Claudia (July 2016)

Interview With Model/Actress Claudia Rivarelli

Romberg, Luci (March 2017)

Interview With Stuntwoman Luci Romberg

Rose, Gabrielle (June 2017)

Interview With Actress Gabrielle Rose, “Maudie”

Rosenbaum, Ben (February 2017)

Interview With Actor Ben Rosenbaum, “When Call the Heart”

Rosner, Marcus (October 2016)

Interview With Actor Marcus Rosner, “Autumn in the Vineyard”

Rosner, Marcus (August 2017)

Interview With Actors Marcus Rosner & Tegan Moss, “Summer In the Vineyard”

Ross, Dru (October 2016)

Interview With Musician Dru Ross

Rothery, Teryl (October 2016)

Interview With Actress Teryl Rothery, “Good Witch: Secrets of Grey House” and More

ROYAL (June 2017)

Interview With Musician ROYAL

Sales, Hayley (June 2017)

Interview With Actress/Singer Hayley Sales, “The Perfect Bride”

Sanderson, Mark (July 2016)

Interview With Screenwriter Mark Sanderson

Sancious, David (May 2017)

Interview With Musician David Sancious

Santiago, Zak (February 2017)

Interview With Actor Zak Santiago, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Scarrwener, Matreya (August 2016)

Interview With Actress Matreya Scarrwener, “Ties the Bind”

Senior, Marc (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Marc Senior, “The Gourmet Detective”

Serafini, Marisa (April 2017)

Interview With Marisa Serafini, Senior Content Producer “AfterBuzz TV”

Shinyei, Gracyn (April 2017)

Interview With Actress Gracyn Shinyei, ” When Calls the Heart”

Shire, Tristan (July 2016)

Interview With Actor Tristan Shire

Shorten, Lee (February 2017)

Interview With Actor Lee Shorten, “The Man in the High Castle”

Siega, Marcos (March 2017)

Interview With Director/Producer Marcos Siega, “Time After Time”

Skovbye, Ali (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Ali Skovbye, “When Calls the Heart”

Slome, Susan (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Susan Slome

Smale, Carley (August 2016)

Interview With Screenwriter Carley Smale

Smallman, Audrey (June 2017)

Interview With Actress Audrey Smallman, “Date My Dad”

Smith, B. Harrison (April 2017)

Interview With Director/Writer/Producer B. Harrison Smith

Smith, Kavan (December 2016)

Interview With Actor Kavan Smith, “When Calls the Heart”

Smith, Madison (October 2016)

Interview With Madison Smith, “Aftermath”

Spence, Sebastian (August 2017)

Interview With Actor Sebastian Spence, “Garage Sale Mystery: Murder Most Medieval”

Staab, Rebecca (October 2016)

Interview With Actress Rebecca Staab, “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm”

Stanhope, Connor (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Connor Stanhope, “Garage Sale Mystery”

Stanhope, Connor (August 2017)

Interview With Actor Connor Stanhope, “Garage Sale Mystery”

Stevens, Tom (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Tom Stevens, “Wayward Pines”

Sturrock, Joel (September 2016)

Interview With Actor Joel Sturrock

Sullivan, Peter (August 2016)

Interview With Director Peter Sullivan, “My Summer Prince”

Sutherland, Benjamin (April 2017)

Interview With Actor Benjamin Sutherland

Sweeney, Ali (March 2017)

Interview With Actress Ali Sweeney, “Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts”

Syrokomla, Joanna (June 2016)

Interview With Costume Designer Joanna Syrokomla, “Flower Shop Mystery”

Tanner, Drew (June 2017)

Interview With Actor Drew Tanner

Teague, Marshall R. Part 1 (May 2016)

Interview With Actor Marshall R. Teague, Part One

Teague, Marshall R. Part 2 (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Marshall R. Teague, Part Two

Tear, Imogen (December 2016)

Interview With Actress Imogen Tear, “When Calls the Heart”

Teles, Tasya (March 2017)

Interview With Actress Tasya Teles

Temple, Lisa (September 2016)

Interview With Actress Lisa Temple

Tennant, Emily (June 2017)

Interview With Actress Emily Tennant 

Teravainen, Jeff (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Jeff Teravainen

Teravainen, Jeff (June 2017)

Interview With Actor Jeff Teravainen

Thomas, Sean (August 2016)

Interview With Musician/Actor Sean Thomas, “Summer of Dreams”

Thorburn, Jim (March 2017)

Interview With Actor Jim Thorburn

Tinker, John (August 2016)

Interview With Show Runner John Tinker, “Chesapeake Shores”

Tolliver, Justin M. (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Justin M. Tolliver 

Tracy, John Emmet (October 2016)

Interview With Actor John Emmet Tracy

Tremblett, Ken (June 2016)

Interview With Actor Ken Tremblett, “Garage Sale Mystery: The Novel Murders”

Tremblett, Ken (May 2017)

Interview With Actor Ken Tremblett, “The Art of Us”

Tuliao, Arielle (May 2016)

Arielle Tuliao (“Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From the Heart”) Interview

Turner, Jack (August 2016)

Interview With Actor Jack Turner, “My Summer Prince”

Vanderslice, Preston (September 2016)

Interview With Actor Preston Vanderslice 

Vanderslice, Preston (June 2017)

Interview With Actor Preston Vanderslice, “Destination Wedding”

Van Hooft, Anna (September 2016)

Interview With Actress Anna Van Hooft

Vellani, Aliza (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Aliza Vellani

Verchere-Gopaulsingh, Will (April 2017)

Interview With Actor Will Verchere-Gopaulsingh

Viergever, Dru (July 2016)

Interview With Actor Dru Viergever, “Flower Shop Mystery

Visser, Matt (March 2017)

Interview With Actor Matt Visser

Vroom, Fiona (May 2016)

Interview With Actress Fiona Vroom

Wagner, Jack (February 2017)

Interview With Actor Jack Wagner, “When Calls the Heart”

Walker, Andrew (April 2017)

Interview With Actor Andrew Walker, “The Perfect Catch”

Walsh, Gwynyth (April 2017)

Interview With Actress Gwynyth Walsh

Walsh, Loretta (March 2017)

Interview With Actress Loretta Walsh, “When Calls the Heart”

Weaver Clarke, Linda (July 2017)

Interview With Author Linda Weaver Clarke, “The Rebel Series”

Weinman, Nina (December 2016)

Interview With Writer Nina Weinman

White, Lizzie (February 2017)

Interview With Actress Lizzie White

Wilkinson, Milli (June 2016)

Interview With Actress Milli Wilkinson, “Date With Love”

Will, Christie (February 2017)

Interview With Director Christie Will

Willacy, Brittany (September 2016)

Interview With Actress/Musician Brittany Willacy, “Chesapeake Shores”

Williams, Ashley (October 2016)

Interview With Actress Ashley Williams, “Love On a Limb”

Williams, Treat (September 2016)

Interview With Actor Treat Williams, “Chesapeake Shores”

Williams, Zachary S. (July 2016)

Interview With Actor Zachary S. Williams, “Greenleaf”

Wilson, Tara (June 2016)

Interview With Actress Tara Wilson

Wilson, Teri (September 2016)

Interview With Author Teri Wilson, “Unleashing Mr. Darcy”

Wilson, Teri (May 2017)

Interview With Author Teri Wilson, “The Art of Us “

Wise, Melanie (March 2017)

Interview With Melanie Wise, Founder of the “Artemis Film Festival”

Wolfe, Julie Sherman (January 2017)

Interview With Screenwriter Julie Sherman Wolfe, “The Birthday Wish”

Woods, Sherryl (July 2016)

Interview With Writer Sherryl Woods, “Chesapeake Shores”

Yelland, Tara (June 2017)

Interview With Actress Tara Yelland, “Good Witch”

Zimmerman, Justin (December 2016)

Interview With Filmmaker Justin Zimmerman, “SMART”


Destination Wedding Interview With Jeremy Guilbaut and Andrea Brooks (June 2, 2017)

Wedding March 2: Resorting to Love Interview With Aren Buchholz and Tara Wilson June 15, 2017

Date My Dad Interview With Cindy Busby (June 23, 2017)

Summer in the Vineyard Interview With Marcus Rosner & Tegan Moss (August 8, 2017)


Albuquerque, Larissa (April 2016)

Larissa Albuquerque – When Calls The Heart

Bender, Katie (April 2016)

Katie Bender – The Will To Fly

Bird, Brian (February 2016)

Brian Bird – When Calls The Heart

Brooks, Andrea (March 2016)

Andrea Brooks – When Calls The Heart

Burnett, Natasha (March 2016)

Natasha Burnett – The Bridge 2

Busby, Cindy (January 2016)

Cindy Busby – Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Callica, Jaime (March 2016)

Jaime M. Callica – The Bridge Part 2

Campbell, Lydia (April 2016)

Lydia Campbell – Heart Felt

Cermak, Jason (March 3016)

Jason Cermak – When Calls The Heart

Chalk, Garry (April 2016)

Garry Chalk – Murder She Baked

Charpentier, Genea (April 2016)

Genea Charpentier – When Calls The Heart

Cooper, Ava Grace (February 2016)

Ava Grace Cooper – When Calls The Heart

Cooper, Christian Michael (February 2016)

Christian Michael Cooper – When Calls The Heart

Dixon, Angela (May 2016)

Angela Dixon – Never Let Go

Doerksen, Heather (January 2016)

Heather Doerksen – All Things Valentine

Drummond, Kate (May 2016)

Kate Drummond – Flower Shop Mystery

Dubin, Ellen (May 2016)

Ellen Dubin – LEGO Star Wars

Durupt, Lisa (February 2016)

Lisa Durupt – Murder She Baked

Elliott, Brennan (January 2016)

Brennan Elliott – Flower Shop Mystery: Mum’s The Word

Evancic, Carter Ryan (February 2016)

Carter Ryan Evancic – When Calls The Heart

Ford, Howard J. (April 2016)

Howard J. Ford – Never Let Go

Gering, Jeanny (April 2016)

Jeanny Gering – Power

Glatis, Christopher (March 2016)

Christopher Glatis – Swivel Shot

Hester, Kyle (March 2016)

Kyle Hester – The Chair

Hogan, Gabriel (February 2016)

Gabriel Hogan – Murder She Baked

Huth, Kayla & Tyler (April 2016)

Kayla & Tyler Huth

Kummen, Mitchell (May 2016)

Mitchell Kummen – Legends of Tomorrow

Leier, Nicole G. (February 2016)

Nicole G. Leier – The Bridge Part 2

Levins, Toby (February 2016)

Toby Levins – Murder She Baked

Lowe, Crystal (February 2016)

Crystal Lowe – Signed, Sealed, Delivered: From The Heart

MacCaull, Matthew (February 2016)

Matthew MacCaull – Heart Felt

Maes, Michael (April 2016)

Michael Maes – Epiphany

Matsui, Vanessa (February 2016)

Vanessa Matsui – Valentine Ever After

Milner, Ali (March 2016)

Ali Milner – When Calls The Heart

Mitchell, Kellie (May 2016)

Kellie Mitchell – Flying Queens: A Basketball Dynasty

Moffat, Jane (April 2016)

Jane Moffat – Backstage TV

Natt, Jaiven (March 2016)

Jaiven Natt – When Calls The Heart

Robyn & Ryleigh (March 2016)

Robyn and Ryleigh

Rosenbaum, Ben (April 2016)

Ben Rosenbaum – When Calls The Heart

Rosner, Marcus (February 2016)

Marcus Rosner – Appetite For Love

Ruiz, Hilton Ariel (April 2016)

Hilton Ariel Ruiz – Zombie With a Shotgun

Sales, Hayley (January 2016)

Hayley Sales

Scott, Crystal Faith (March 2016)

Crystal Faith Scott – Girl Clown

Shinyei, Gracyn (March 2016)

Gracyn Shinyei – When Calls The Heart

Shuttleworth, Daryl (January 2016)

Daryl Shuttleworth – All Things Valentine

Skovbye, Ali  (March 2016)

Ali Skovbye – When Calls The Heart

Smith, Madison (March 2016)

Madison Smith – When Calls The Heart

Teague, Marshall R. (May 2016)

Marshall R. Teague – AmeriGEDDON

Walker, Andrew (February 2016)

Andrew Walker – Appetite For Love

Walsh, Loretta (March 2016)

Loretta Walsh – When Calls The Heart

Wise, Melanie (March 2016)

Melanie Wise – Artemis Film Festival