Interested in an Interview?

interview-microphone-10052725If you are an artist (actor, musician, filmmaker, crew member, author, etc.) and you are interested in an interview with me, please do the following:

  1. Email me at or fill out the contact form on my website (there are two options on my main page).
  2. I will get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. Of course, I don’t mind going through your agent and/or publicist.
  3. We can conduct the interview via email, phone, or even Skype (or Twitter DM or Facebook chat, if that’s easier–I do not have Facetime.)
  4. Following the interview, I would like at least three pictures to accompany the interview, but more is better always. If you have certain links that you would like included, please send those as well.
  5. If you need this within a certain time frame, PLEASE tell me. I am happy to accommodate if possible.

Things to consider:

People ask me what kind of interview I prefer to conduct or which is “easier.” Here’s my response.

  1. Email is easy, of course. I email you the questions, and you send back the responses. I copy and   paste, add the pictures, an introduction, and a conclusion. As easy as this is, it is not often         organic. Don’t get me wrong. Half of my interviews are done this way due to time, busy schedules, etc. But if you do choose this avenue, please make your responses thorough and a good representation of you. I would much prefer too much information rather than not enough.
  2.  Phone is great, and I do record the conversation. Most of the time, when I am through, I discard the voice conversation. If I don’t discard it, it will remain unreleased to the general public. It does take me some time to transcribe it, but I do feel like the conversation is organic, and I can connect a bit more organically.
  3. Skype is easily my favorite of all, but sometimes this is not an option. I simply adore getting to see you, your expressions, and truly interact. If you want the most organic interview of all, Skype is best. Again, I will make an audio recording for the purposes of the interview that will remain unreleased to the general public.

How long does it take to post an interview?

Typically two to three weeks, but sometimes as much as two or three months. I never plan to wait that long, but I do prioritize. And sometimes, I do forget. So I always welcome your checking on the status of an interview.

What style of interview is it? What questions will be asked?

My interviews are professional but conversational. I can give you a copy of the questions, but I promise I will not attempt to trap you, and if you tell me something is off the record, it is OFF THE RECORD. And if I make an error, contact me, and I will rectify the interview quickly.


Interview With Alain Chanoine, Suicide Squad (phone interview in conjunction with his publicist, says it is his favorite)

Interview With Show Runner John Tinker, Chesapeake Shores (email interview that was very organic)

Interview With Writer Topher Payne, My Summer Prince (phone interview, extremely organic)

Interview With Actress Erin Elizabeth Burns, Cell (Skype interview, loads of fun)

Interview With Actor Nigel Barber (Skype interview, one of the easiest interviews I’ve ever done)

Interview With Actress/Stunt Woman Rochelle Okoye, Wayward Pines (email interview that remains a top post on my blog since posting it)

Interview With Actor Jay Brazeau (phone interview, said it was the best he’d ever read in his career)

Interview With Stunt Woman Maja Aro (Skype interview, my first stunt person interview)

Interview With Actor Brennan Elliott, Flower Shop Mystery, UnREAL, and More (an impromptu phone interview, my “first second” interview)

Interview With Cameron Mathison, Actor Murder, She Baked (phone interview I worked about five-six months to procure)

Interview With Actress Barbara Niven, Murder, She Baked, Chesapeake Shores, and More (Audio Skype interview, it fully touched Barbara when it was posted, one of my favorites)

Interview With Actor Paul Greene (phone interview, very well-received)

Interview With Actor Yannick Bisson, Three Bedrooms, One Corpse: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (Email interview I worked for several months to procure; often a top post on my blog)

Interview With Actor Marshall R. Teague, Part One (probably still my favorite interview–be sure to check out part two as well)