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After the record-breaking year that Hallmark Network enjoyed last year due to their popular Christmas movie schedule, it is safe to say that I may be interviewing various stars throughout 2018 that had their first big break with Hallmark during the 2017 Holiday season.  In the case of Teagan Vincze, she caught my eye in the Taylor Cole Christmas film, Christmas Festival of Ice. I had the opportunity to watch the film when it first premiered, and it prompted me to contact Teagan for an interview. She agreed very quickly, but we all know how crazy the holidays can be. Therefore, today I am sharing with you a little more about this young actress who played Taylor’s friend in that cheery Hallmark film.

RH: Why did you decide to become an actress? What kind of training have you had?

TV: My earliest memory of wanting to become an actress was when I was very little; it was after I had seen Stand By Me for the first time and I just watched it over and over. I was so inspired by the characters and the story; I just knew that acting and storytelling was something I had to do.

Once I realized this passion, I took various classes all through high school and applied for scholarships to workshops and Universities that offered any sort of program that might help my process. I have trained mainly in Vancouver at Railtown Actors Studio, which is more workshop style and intensive. It’s a great workout for the actor.

What was your first professional job in the business? What are your memories of that job?

My first professional job was a movie of the week called Trust directed by Allan Harmon. All I remember is being so insanely excited and nervous all at once, as it was my first time on a big set but I felt right at home.

You’ve been a guest star on a wide variety of shows over the years. Are there one or two that really stand out? Why do they stand out?

Murdoch Mysteries

Tough question! I’ve been very lucky to have some amazing experiences on various shows. I did an episode of Murdoch Mysteries and it was an absolute blast. Everyone was so lovely to work with and we definitely had a few laughs in between scenes. I absolutely LOVED the costumes we got to wear. I had a few different changes in my particular episode and some of the pieces I wore were vintage dresses from the early 1900’s. Also, in case anyone was wondering, corsets are just as uncomfortable as they look…

I believe your guest spot on Good Witch was your first role with the Hallmark network. Any special memories from that time?

Good Witch

Yes! Good Witch was my first role with Hallmark. I played Sophie, the hardworking, new assistant at Abigail’s floral shop. I really enjoyed watching people’s reactions to Sophie on the show and how they stuck up for her when Abigail overworked her. It was actually really funny to read tweets about the episode. Hallmark fans are the absolute best and the most supportive!

Hallmark viewers most recently saw you in Christmas Festival of Ice. How did that role come about, and what are your memories of filming that one? What did you enjoy most about your role?

Christmas Festival of Ice

When I found out I had booked this film, I was on the beginning of a road trip across Canada. I started in Toronto (luckily only six hours out) and I got the call! I turned the car around and the next day I flew to Ottawa (where we shot) and put my trip on hold. I have lots of great memories working on this film (and many cold ones!). One night shoot, the temperature was close to -13 Fahrenheit (-25 Celsius). To say it was cold is an understatement. Of course, the cold is great for the ice sculptures though. They were truly quite spectacular to see.

Christmas Festival of Ice

I think the aspect of my character I enjoyed the most was simply playing the best friend. Taylor Cole (who plays Emma) is hard not to love, so a lot of our scenes together felt genuine and organic when we filmed. In real life, we became great friends. We still keep in touch from time to time and whenever our schedules place us in the same city, we always try to catch up. Everyone in the cast was really quite lovely actually!

What do you enjoy about working for the Hallmark network in general?

Christmas Festival of Ice

As I mentioned above, the people I’ve encountered on Hallmark films are some of the loveliest, kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Any other upcoming works you can mention?

I will be making an appearance on the new show Life Sentence which premieres March 7th on the CW. Hopefully, another Hallmark film will fall into place between that time too…

 Do you have aspirations to do some writing, directing, and/or producing?

Absolutely! Producing and writing have been on my mind for a while now. I am currently working with a group of friends on a few ideas for feature films we’d like to make in the near future. We are in the very beginning stages, but hoping to get the ball rolling soon.

What are your favorite activities to do during the winter?

In the winter, I like to take classes (usually that involve acting), but this year I’d like to get back into dancing. I also love to do yoga, read and cook during the cold winter days when going outside isn’t an option! As of recent, I’ve been doing some macramé to pass the time.

Thank you for the continued support. I hope to chat with you again soon!

Christmas Festival of Ice

It is possible that you have been aware of Teagan’s career for a while without even realizing it, for actors like her often fly under the radar, at least for a time. However, as a result of her dedication to honing her craft and continuing to make the most of every opportunity that has come her way, Teagan has begun to establish an impressive body of work that demonstrates that she is more than just another pretty face in the vast entertainment universe. Teagan is one who not only acts with incredible talent and extraordinary zeal, but she also knows the value of being a team player and treating her fans and co-workers with respect and kindness. Additionally, she is not content to sit around and wait for opportunities to come her way. Indeed, she and her friends are working to make their dreams come true in one of the most unstable businesses this world has to offer–show business. She never takes anything for granted, and it is a testament to her as a performer and as a person that Taylor Cole and others think so highly of her. She understands and recognizes the value of authentic connections within this business, and I can hardly wait to see what is next on the horizon for this budding starlet.

While you may be hard-pressed to secure a copy of Christmas Festival of Ice, I do know that you should have no problem finding her episodes of Good Witch and Murdoch Mysteries on Netflix and elsewhere. Moreover, she is a part of the new show that is coming soon to the CW that is (for once) not a superhero nor comic-book inspired show. It is called Life Sentence, and even before I knew she was going to be a part of the show, I was already making plans to watch. In the meantime, as we await her next adventure on the screen, I would invite everyone to check out all of Teagan’s links below and perhaps even follow her on social media if you are so inclined. There is no doubt in my mind that more prospects are going to come her way in the near future, and I hope all of you will join me in supporting this sincere and lovely human being every step of the way!







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    I watched Hallmark Christmas movies for the first time this season and I was quickly hooked! I’m checking in there often now.

    • Author
      Ruth January 16, 2018 Reply

      So glad you found Hallmark Christmas movies. I love that they have year ’round movies!

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