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By Ruth on January 6, 2018 in Interview, movie, television

In my efforts to acknowledge as many members of the cast of upcoming Hallmark films as possible, I regularly uncover gems like Marion Eisman. Although our chat was relatively brief, I was fascinated and discovered that yet again, I have seen Marion in more things than I realized. I am overjoyed to share this with my readers before the premiere of Love On the Slopes later on today on the Hallmark Channel.

RH: What inspired you to become an actress? What kind of training have you had?

ME: I fell in love with acting as a young girl. I was cast as a tree in Mrs. Klein’s class and I never looked back!  I attended the University of Cape Town as a drama major and spent many happy hours at their drama school.

What was your earliest professional work, and what are your memories of that job?

My first professional job after Drama school was in the acclaimed British farce Not Now Darling and then the ingenue in Noel Coward’s Present Laughter.  Later, I joined CAPAB which was one of South Africa’s  regional theatres. The politics of the time were restrictive and led me to immigrate to Canada with my husband and baby. In my early years in Vancouver, I did mostly theater, and among my favourites were Stepping Out and Whose Rapport.

Andromeda seems to be your first notable work. How did you get involved with that show, and what did you appreciate about your character and being a part of the show?

Andromeda was my introduction to the world of Sci-Fi.  I loved playing such a strong female character, and the costumes were out of this world……literally!

It is possible that Hallmark fans have seen you in Holiday in Handcuffs (I have). What did you particularly enjoy about that film?

Holiday in Handcuffs…….shot on a beautiful ranch in chilly Edmonton.

I believe your first Hallmark work was Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery. Remind us of your character in this mystery series. What was it like working with the cast and crew on those films? 

In the Murder, She Baked series, I played one of the town gossips.  I loved the camaraderie of it and the humour.  The cast and crew very warm and friendly, and that made the hours of waiting around much more fun.

You have the distinction of playing two different characters on Riverdale. I’m a huge fan of the show, and I think you may be the only one who has officially done that so far. How did that come about? What was it like working on that show? Any special memories?

Actually, my character was the same, but they changed the name.  Mystery as to why.  I love the energy of the hip youth on the show and getting some autographs made me a hero to a bunch of cute teenage girls that I know.  I hope I keep on coming back.

Hallmark viewers also got to see you in Mistletoe Inn this Christmas. What was it like joining that cast and being a part of the Countdown to Christmas programming this year for that network?

Mistletoe Inn was a fun gig; the two young female stars were a pleasure to work with.  I admit it was the very first Christmas tree I decorated……being a Chanukah girl myself.


You also have made an appearance in Supernatural. Please tell us about that experience.

Supernatural was a nice departure in that the material was of a darker nature, which appeals to me.

You were in a major theatrical release this year–Everything, Everything. Please tell us what that experience was like and what you enjoyed most about your time with that project.

I got to be a nurse again on Everything, Everything, but this time a real meanie. It’s always juicy to play meanies.

Hallmark viewers are about to see you in Love on the Slopes. What can you tell us about your role without spoiling the story? Anything special to watch for in that movie or any special behind-the-scenes moments to share?

In Love on the Slopes, I play a matriarch at a fancy party. According to my daughter, the role is not so different from my regular life and therefore comes somewhat naturally.  I disagree.  I love getting a new husband and child for an evening or two.  In this case, they were both very charming and fun to work with.

Any other upcoming works you can mention?

Still to air is the English matriarch I play in UNREAL in this upcoming season.  That was lots of fun and great to watch some funny actors strut their stuff so effortlessly and hysterically.  Also, I have a small part as an auctioneer in A Series of Unfortunate Events. The unfortunate event that happened to me was my lines were given to others due to camera placement, and so I had four lovely days on set but not a word did I speak.

What are your favorite things to do in the winter when you have some free time?

I love hibernating in the winter in my art room at home.  I also love playing with paint and drawing even though I’m no Picasso. And I also love brisk walks outside, but warm gloves are a must!!

While I believe I’ve only “scratched the surface” so to speak, on the person and artistry of Marion, I find the tidbits she shared intriguing and insightful. No doubt she has experienced her share of struggles throughout her life and career, and yet she has refused to forsake her passions in spite of any external forces that may attempt to persuade her otherwise. I find her inspirational, benevolent, and enthusiastic about life and her art, and I anticipate viewing her entire range of talent as I watch specifically for her, especially in her upcoming works this year. I would invite everyone to tune in tonight (January 6th) to the Hallmark Channel to watch Love On the Slopes, the first of the Winterfest premieres this month. I would further encourage any of my readers who are so inclined to check out her other works at the link below. While some may contend that she is a virtual unknown, her work is solid and strong while encompassing an extensive range of styles and genres. Indeed Marion Eisman is one of my favorite supporting cast discoveries in quite some time, and I wish her nothing but success in all her future endeavors! 





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  1. Kathy Ruzich January 6, 2018 Reply

    So interesting to get all the background on previous roles and insight on her thoughts related to those roles. Thank you

    • Author
      Ruth January 6, 2018 Reply

      Glad you enjoyed it Kathy. I’m planning on keeping an eye out for her tonight

  2. denise January 6, 2018 Reply

    always nice to learn about the actresses in the films

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