Interview With Actress Jordana Largy, “Morning Show Mystery: Mortal Mishaps”

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Back in 2016, I noticed an actress on a Hallmark movie who had just booked her first lead with Hallmark, and months before that movie premiered, Death Al Dente: A Gourmet Detective, I had the honor of interviewing Jordana Largy. I do not take credit for her subsequent stardom, but I would like to think that maybe I had a tiny hand in her current success, even if it was just getting the word out about her tremendous giftedness and radiant beauty. Because it has been some time (and since Hallmark has been so good to this lovely young lady), I was completely honored to have the opportunity to chat with her yet again!

Photo by Karolina Turek

RH: Jordana it’s so good to chat with you! It’s been some time, I know. 

JL: Great to chat with you too, Ruth. Yes, Hallmark has been good to me, especially over the last year. I’ve been working a fair amount for them, so it’s been pretty nice.

All For Love

Yes, you have. In fact, I participated in a podcast this past week where we mentioned you because one of the hosts of the podcast ranked the film All For Love as one of her top ten favorite Hallmark films for last year.

Oh, really? That’s so nice. I loved that one.

Matt Hamilton, Jordana Largy Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Marcel Williams

Of course, I remember seeing you in Gourmet Detective, and even though that’s been a little while, your role was quite memorable. And you’ve actually played psychos in other movies as well.

{laughs} Yes, that is true. But in All For Love, I was actually the nice friend. Thankfully I wasn’t a psycho in that one.

Yes, but it seems that Lifetime has you kind of typecast.

Yes, for sure.

I watch those movies and I’m like, “That’s not what she’s really like, but man, she does the part so well!”

{laughs} Yeah, well, I’m glad you think so.

I know it’s been a little while, but Finding Father Christmas is still popular. Remind us of your role in that film.

I played Erin Krakow‘s best friend. It was a small role. I didn’t actually go with her to the small town. But it was such a lovely movie to film.

That’s right. And I think you filmed Woody Woodpecker around the same time if I remember right.

Probably. I think you’re right because we are usually filming Christmas films in the summer.

I think that one is finally getting ready to come out.

Yes, it comes out next month. That movie has been a long time in coming. It is live action, but Woody is animated. When I had scenes with him, I would either stare at a tennis ball or a stuffed parrot. In fact, I actually had to act with that tennis ball or stuffed parrot in the scene.

What character do you play in that film?

I am the park ranger. The story goes that Lance Walters (Timothy Omundson), his girlfriend Brittany (Thaila Ayala) and his son, Tommy (Graham Verchere) have inherited this property. They are city folk, and they come in to build this big, luxurious cabin. My character is like, “Whoa, whoa, you can’t take down the trees. You’ve got to watch out for the animals.” I’m the one who takes care of Woody and the forest.

Okay, that fills in the story a bit. There are a lot of great actors in that. I hadn’t realized Timothy was in that one. Here in the States, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is playing reruns of Psych, and I am amongst those just discovering the series for the first time.

Psych was actually my first-ever role. I had one line in that one. I was in season four episode one “Extradition: British Columbia.”

That’s great! We will have to keep an eye out for you.

It was and is such a great show.

I also got to see you in Supernatural last year. That was your first time on that show, right?

Yeah, it was strange. Here it was season twelve, and I’d never been on it. And I was like, “Yay! Finally!” Man, I tell you, those two guys {Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles} have it made. That set is so much fun. They are so lovely. They come to work, and they play just like kids. That’s how much fun they have working. It’s very cool.

© Ronan Reinart

That is what I always hear from everyone who has ever been on the show. You figure they’re in their thirteenth season, so they must be doing something right. And now they have their spinoff show, Wayward Sisters. I figure you probably want to be on that one, too.

{laughs} Definitely! Maybe it won’t take twelve years to get on that one! But really, that isn’t quite fair. I wasn’t acting when Supernatural began. There are a couple of seasons I couldn’t have been on it.

You were fantastic in Christmas Homecoming

Oh, thank you.

That’s probably one of my mom’s favorite Christmas movies this season. It was lovely to have the movie represent the military so well. 

I was bawling when I first read the script. It was just so amazing. I know that some of the script did change. There was going to be a little bit more heart-wrenching stuff, but I think it was just too much for people in some spots, so they had to revise it a bit. But it was just a beautiful script.

That role was an awesome one for you. 

I’m so glad you and your mom watched it and enjoyed it.

Jordana Grace Largy, Holly Robinson Peete Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

And now we’re about to see you in Morning Show Mystery. This is a movie series I’ve been excited about since they announced it like last summer or last year…I don’t remember exactly when. I had no idea that Al Roker had written a book series. 

Yeah, I didn’t know that either.

Did you get a chance to read any of the books prior to filming?

Unfortunately, because things happened so fast with the filming of the movie, no, I did not have a chance to read them.

Jordana Grace Largy, Holly Robinson Peete Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

I also didn’t realize that the main character was originally a guy, and they changed the character to a female role.

I think the main character was mostly based on Al Roker himself. So I think as Holly Robinson Peete tells it, she is playing Al Roker, at least in a way.

Since this is a mystery, I know you can’t tell us much about it without giving away things you shouldn’t, but what can you tell us about your role and how that relates to the film as a whole?

Well, I can tell you that Kiki, my character, is a producer on the morning show. She’s also kind of like Billie’s personal assistant. I work for our exec producer and Billie Blessings.  My job is to make sure that everything is good and everybody is happy. Kiki is kind of a Type-A, obsessive-compulsive little sister running around and trying to make sure that everything is perfect. And then somebody dies. Our morning show is really like a family, so we are trying to figure out who the murderer is. But we’re also really protective when Billie gets accused. We’re all like, “This can’t be happening! What’s really going on here?”

Okay, that helps us place your character in the overall story. Also, Rick Fox is in the film, and he is a former LA Laker?

Yes, he used to play basketball for the LA Lakers and some other teams, I think, but the Lakers were the biggest one.

Jordana Grace Largy, Holly Robinson Peete Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

I didn’t even know that until I happened to see a tweet about it. I just don’t keep up with basketball.

Neither do I. I didn’t know until I asked who the lead was, and they told me it was Rick Fox, the basketball player. I will tell you he’s very tall. I’m five foot three, and he’s like a foot and a half taller than me.

I realize that this is hopefully going to be a mystery series, and I’m not going to ask whether you come back because that might give away what your involvement in the murder might or might not have been. But what I will ask is this. Since this is the first in the series, sometimes it takes awhile to establish the rhythm of the series and the various characters. I don’t say that as a criticism, but often the first one is where the lead actors find their footing, and the next ones tend to get better from there. What did you sense on set concerning the cast and crew? Did they seem to get into character and get the flow down of the show pretty easily?

Well, I got to work with Terry Ingram again, and I love him. I’m actually working with him again right now. He’s just fantastic. He comes to work so prepared. He knows what he wants. He knows the shots he wants. He knows the direction he wants to take the story and the characters and how that all fits together. And that makes things on set really easy because I have my ideas, and he has ideas. We put our ideas together and it’s like BAM! That’s it, let’s go!

Had you worked with or met any of the cast before working with them on this film?

Well, I did know a few just because I’d seen them around in auditions and other places around. Like Jesse Moss plays a character who is part of the morning show. He plays the cameraman, and I kind of knew him from just being around at auditions. But I don’t think I had worked with any of the cast before.

Jordana Largy, Ben Wilkinson Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Marcel Williams

Oh, no, I take that back. Ben Wilkinson, that’s right. Ben was in Gourmet Detective; I killed him. Well, I didn’t kill him, but my character did. Oh, and David Paetkau. One of my earlier gigs was Flashpoint, and David was on Flashpoint.

How was it working with Holly Robinson Peete?

You know, she’s been doing this forever. She comes in, and she knows her stuff. She is ready to go. I honestly don’t know how she multitasks the way she does. She has a lot on her plate. She’s a mom and is very involved in her kids’ lives. Even when she’s filming in Vancouver, she’s on the phone with them. She was also working on her new reality show, Meet the Peetes, that comes out for Hallmark next month. And she also does a lot of charity work for autism because her son is autistic. Actually, on her weekend off when we were filming, she was doing something for her autism foundation here in Vancouver. So she was doing that. And then she brought her kids up to shoot an episode of Meet the Peetes. She is one of the “power women.” She can do it all.

Jordana Grace Largy, Holly Robinson Peete Credit: Copyright 2017 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

I didn’t know much about her until she came to Hallmark, but I have been very impressed with what I have seen from her. She doesn’t seem to act like a celebrity. In her position, if you think of who she’s married to and all that she has done, I doubt she really would have to do what she does. But she seems to love it.

Yes, definitely. She absolutely loves everything she does, and she is just a totally wonderful person.

What about Al Roker?

Everything that you would think Al Roker would be, he is. He has such a bubbly persona on the Today Show, and that’s really him. He is so full of energy and so kind and so warm. He’s just a lovely man. I was really excited to work with him, even though I was a little bit nervous. But I was really excited to meet him.

I grew up watching him every year on TV since he was a big part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeThat was a part of my childhood, and it was always a tradition to watch him. So it is very special to see him now doing this mystery series. And I think it’s safe to say that he would be considered a celebrity.

Yes, absolutely. He is a celebrity, but he doesn’t act like a celebrity. I have watched him on the Today Show, and the person you see on that show, that is who he is.

Photo by Kristine Cofsky

Now, while I know you cannot say this, I will. I don’t know if you’re the murderer, but I’m hoping that you’re not so that you can become a permanent part of this mystery series. It’s high time I think for Hallmark to have you featured as a recurring character on a series. So I hope it happens.

I would love that. Thank you.

And if you can’t join and become a part of this series permanently, I hope they find another one that you can join. 

That’s so nice of you, Ruth. I hope it does happen at some point, but if I can come back on this series, I really hope I get to.

Another thing I really like about this series is that it is one of the most diverse casts they have ever had. 

Yes, the top three people in the film are either African-Americans or African Canadians, and that is a first for Hallmark. I’m glad that Hallmark decided to do this, and I’m very excited for this trend to continue.

You mentioned you are working with Terry Ingram again. Can you tell us what you are filming?

I can’t say much, but I am working on the next Aurora Teagarden film. I can’t tell you any more than that.

That is awesome! You’re in another mystery series! I would say Hallmark likes to feature you in their mystery series. I’m so glad. Is there anything else upcoming you can mention besides that?

Actually, I’ve been pretty busy, so really there’s nothing else at the moment. Hallmark has kept me very busy. But one thing I can say is that my husband and I have decided to make a film. He’s written a script, and I’m gonna be in it and also produce it. We’re hoping to shoot that this summer.

That is awesome! Can you tell us anything about the story?

I can tell you a little. It’s about adult children of divorce, so it’s a little darker and a little heavy, but I think a lot of people of my generation have to deal with that. It is a story that affects everyone because really in some ways, we are all going through it and experiencing this. It touches a lot of people and those emotions are all normal and it’s what we go through, so this movie looks at how we deal with all that.

That is just great! I had no idea that was in the works. So good luck on that one. I know that’s quite an undertaking. 

Yes, we just know at this point that we’re doing it, and we’ll figure it out as we go along.

So in your free time, what do you like to do?

I think we’ve talked about this before. I’m really my happiest when I’m in the kitchen making something new or even a favorite dish that I love to make.  And I love to eat out.

What’s your favorite kind of food to cook?

Photo by Ronan Reinart

I don’t really have a favorite. I like all kinds of food really. I’m not a vegetarian, but I tend to cook a lot of vegetarian-type things. Like, the other night, I made French Onion Soup. I love Jamie Oliver. I get a lot of my ideas and recipes from him. I like to try his dishes. I love how he breaks everything down nutritionally. I have a couple of his cookbooks. You feel like you’re being healthy, but you can indulge a little bit too. But with his recipes, you don’t go crazy too far for an everyday dinner.

Are you one who likes to try a lot of new recipes? I love variety. I don’t like to make the same thing over and over. 

I enjoy trying new dishes. I will sometimes cook something for a while and be in love with it. But then I’m like, “No, I don’t want that anymore.”

Do you tend to stick to recipes or do you tend to tweak them?

When you’re baking, you can’t tweak them. But when I’m cooking, I do tweak them a lot all the time. I really love flavor so I’ll always add to the flavors. Like I love garlic, so I probably at least double the amount of garlic they call for.

Me too. Always!

I do the same thing with ginger. It often is inspired by the kind of herbs I have on hand.

Do you have a specialty you like to bake?

Croissants. Forever. I learned to make them in Paris, and I am now a croissant snob. There are very few places in Vancouver where I will eat a croissant because I know how good they’re supposed to be.

I have never made croissants.

They take a couple of days to make.

That’s what I was thinking. Bread is my specialty, but I’ve never even tried to make croissants. Does your husband cook?

No, he does the dishes.

Oh, that’s the way to do it! I do the cooking in my household, and my mom does the dishes. I do sometimes have to deal with picky eaters in my household though.

My husband will eat pretty much anything. When I’m on a bit of a vegetarian kick, I’ll throw in a chicken breast or something for him.

Jordana, I’m so glad we got to chat again! I had a great time talking with you, and I can hardly wait to see you in the new mystery Sunday!

Thank you, Ruth, it was great talking with you too. I hope everyone loves the movie too. I will be tweeting during the premiere, so I hope all the fans will tag me and let me know what they think. I love reading all the comments, and the theories of “whodunit” are my favorites!

Photo by Kristine Cofsky

Chatting with Jordana again was an absolute blast, and I think we both delighted in reconnecting after all this time. While we’ve had a few interactions online, it was a genuine treat to hear her perspective and notice the underlying attitude of gratitude and positivity that flows from her innermost being. She is a veteran of a wide variety of roles in this business, but it’s clear that her Hallmark family is extremely important to her. She appreciates the support of the network and its adoring fans, and she is encouraged and thrilled by the faith producers and directors consistently place in her by casting her as the best friend, the murderer, or any other role that may come her way. She recognizes the fact that in this business, you have to pay your dues before the more substantial roles are offered, and she is more than willing to continue to do just that. In many ways, I’m the more impatient one because I am hungering for her to be granted a recurring role on a series and/or her first lead role in one of their romantic comedies. While Jordana is a woman who some might underestimate due to her size and perceived docile personality, I think she has more than proved her merit. Moreover, the fact that she is not impatient nor insistent with demands of larger roles, but is truly grateful is something that continues to encourage me to support her in every step of her career.

So please tune into Hallmark Movies & Mysteries tonight (January 21st) for the premiere of the inaugural Morning Show Mystery film, and let’s show Jordana and the entire cast, crew, and network that we desire more programming just like this. While we await the discovery of Jordana’s fate in this series, I would invite my readers to check out all of her links below and follow her were applicable. While Jordana may appear petite and placid, there is no doubt that this sweet actress is talented, persistent, pragmatic and fierce and feisty when necessary (not to mention absolutely ravishing). I hope everyone will support her in all her endeavors within Hallmark and elsewhere, and let’s hope that tonight’s premiere awards her the coveted recurring role that she has more than earned (at least in my humble opinion).





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