Interview With Actress Sophia Reid-Gantzert, “The Sweetest Christmas”

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Being the journalist that I am, I consistently watch for fresh talent, especially in Hallmark movies and shows, and my heart is perpetually attracted to the children. When I was watching The Sweetest Christmas with Lacey Chabert, I noticed that Ava Grace Cooper was tweeting about a new friend she met on set, Sophia Reid-Gantzert. Almost immediately, I contacted Sophia’s dad, and we arranged a time for the interview. While Sophia is still fairly young and new to the profession of acting, I am so glad she and I got to chat a little bit about her experiences so far as an entertainer.

Photo by Karolina Turek

RH: You have been dancing since you were two. Why did you start dancing?

SRG: I started dancing because I would try to do pirouettes before I tried to walk.

I understand you were in a special dance competition in Vienna when you were six. Please tell us what you remember about that competition.

I remember that I had to take two airplanes to get there, and it was really long. I got to practice in the state opera ballet school, and the best part was I got to meet new friends that didn’t even speak my language. After I won for my age category, I got to perform in the Evening Gala in a beautiful, old theater.

Why did you decide to start acting this year?

The reason why I wanted to start acting this year is from watching a YouTube video of the Matilda play.

Your first role was in the Christmas movie The Sweetest Christmas. What do you remember about auditioning for this movie?

The Hallmark audition was the first audition where they didn’t want me to be sad or mad.

with Ava Grace Cooper

What was it like working with Lacey Chabert? Did you know who she was before you got to set?

No, I didn’t know who my Aunt Kylie {Lacey Chabert} was, but my mom watched some of her movies so she told me about her. I remember that she was really nice and she was really, really, really fun to work with.

from the set of The Sweetest Christmas

How do you feel about continuing acting? Is it still something you want to keep doing? Why?

I definitely want to continue acting ’cause I love being on set.

from Once Upon A Time

from Once Upon A Time

Any other acting projects you can tell us about?

Since doing The Sweetest Christmas, I also filmed Once Upon A Time.

And I’m doing another Hallmark movie right now.

When you’re not acting or dancing or going to school, what do you like to do in your free time?

I like bugging my big brother, and when I’m not bugging my brother, I do arts and crafts and make snowflakes in the winter.

What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

I like it when my family comes over for Christmas because most of my brothers and sisters have moved out because I have five brothers and sisters,  and I only have one brother at home. I am the youngest of six, and it’s nice to have them all come back for Christmas.


Sophia and her agent

What I could not illustrate within these brief words is the fact that Sophia is an absolute doll and very well-spoken for her young age. There is no doubt that she is incredibly photogenic, and I believe that her genuine and winsome smile is something that garners a considerable amount of positivity and joy amongst all who witness it. Even at her age, she has a sincere passion and love for what she is doing, and when it comes to her artistic endeavors, she is thoroughly and seriously committed to being the absolute best that she can be.

So if you have not had the opportunity to watch The Sweetest Christmas, I would invite you to check it out before the month of December bids adieu to the amazing Hallmark holiday entertainment. Even though Sophia’s role is small, it is memorable and delightful. Additionally, I would invite you to check out her links below and keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming works. (Another Hallmark movie??? You know I’m there!) While no one can predict what this accomplished young lady will be doing years from now, there is no doubt that she is a vivacious, creative spirit who longs to spread joy through dance, acting and any other artistic medium she can. Moreover, I look forward to the day when my claim to fame will be to tell all who will listen that I had the honor of conducting her very first interview, and what a treat that was!





Thanks to Sophia’s dad, I have a few more pictures of Sophia to add here!

Ballet Training London England Summer 2017

Pilates and Strength Training for Ballet

with Director Mel Damski

with Colin O’Donoghue at OUAT Christmas Party


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