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As an avid supporter of strong, vivacious women who appear in Hallmark films, win awards for indie films, and live in Vancouver 🙂 –well, Tammy Gillis is all those things and more. The fact that I am interviewing her for the third time now is absolutely incredible, and I am quite honored to share her insightful responses to some recent questions I asked her about her current and upcoming works.

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RH: I know you were in The Arrangement season one. Any chance your character will return for season two or can you say? Why do you think The Arrangement resonated with so many and became so popular?

TG: Yes, I was in season one.  I haven’t heard word from them, so am assuming I am not, but in the TV world, you never know!  I think it resonated with so many people because they have a really talented cast, the scripts are fabulous, the clothes are amazing and people love seeing “behind-the-scenes” of the entertainment world.

You were also in Tiny House of Terror. What was fun about doing that film? Any behind-the-scenes moments you can share?

We shot on location in Kelowna, BC and I have never been there so it was great exploring the city. Shooting on location is always fun; it feels like a mini-vacation even though you are working. Working with the incredible Francia Raisa and Nazneen Contractor  – such talented actresses and amazing human beings and finally get to work on a project with Jesse Hutch, who I have known for many years.

You are currently in Ghost Wars. How did you get involved with this show? What can you tell us about your character and experience with this show?

Working on Ghost Wars was incredible!  I auditioned for the show a number of times and finally hit it with the character of Jane.  Jane is a female LAMDA mercenary who searches with Maria (Miranda Edwards) and Daphne (Carmel Amit) for a missing patient. Ghost Wars stars Avan Jogia, Vincent D’Onofrio, Meat Loaf, Kim Coates and Kandyse McClure. Evil ghostly spirits caught between our world and the next make their presence known in the little town of Port Moore, Alaska. Unable to travel to the beyond, they are determined to build their ghostly force of evil. Roman Mercer, a town outcast with unique powers, decides to fight back.

I can’t say much else about my character; you will have to tune in!!  It is currently airing on Syfy network in the USA and will be on Netflix in Canada in 2018.  But I will say that it was one of the most fun shows I have ever worked on. As an actor, I did a ton of things that were super fun and totally outside my comfort zone.  I really looked forward to going to set every day and having the opportunity to work with such incredible talents as Vincent D’Onofrio, Meat Loaf and Kim Coates, as well as actors that I have known and respected for years.  I have known Simon Barry – creator, showrunner, executive producer – for a number of years and have previously worked on his show Continuum.  I also had the opportunity to work with Dennis Heaton – executive producer and writer – on a couple of shows in Vancouver, Motive and jPod.  They are incredible people and I would literally work with them on anything!

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How is Ghost Wars different than other paranormal shows out there?

I think they have a really different take on it, especially with the scientific aspect of it all.

You are also in the upcoming Freeform show Siren. (Curtis Lum first told me about this show.) What attracted you to this show? What can you tell us about your character?

Curtis is a really incredible guy and a talented actor.  He is really wonderful in Siren.  Siren has been amazing.  It is such a cool concept.  Mermaids.  I play Deputy Marissa Staub.  That is literally all I can say about it.  It has a two-episode premiere on March 29 on Freeform.  I think it’s going to be a really incredible show, the trailer itself is so compelling and does a great job of showing the mystery of the show and the mermaids are amazing!!

Any other upcoming works you can tell us about?

Behind-the-scenes with Rachael Leigh Cook

I am currently working on the Hallmark movie Frozen in Love starring Rachael Leigh Cook and Niall Matter. I just finished shooting the third installment of the Fixer Upper Mystery movie franchise starring Jewel and Colin Ferguson that will be airing on the Hallmark Movies & Mystery channel March 11th, 2018 (according to Jewel’s Instagram). We shot on location in Victoria, BC.  It was a really fun shoot with a great cast and crew.  Colin is absolutely hilarious and Jewel would sometimes sing between setups.

Behind the scenes with Jewel

I know Hallmark fans miss seeing you. What would be your “dream” guest star role on a Hallmark network project?

Thank you!!  I appreciate all my fans out there.  I really love working for Hallmark; definitely my favourite movies are the romantic comedies, but I haven’t done a Christmas movie in a really long time so that one is next on my list!

You are a very positive, kind and generous person. With all the negativity in the world that only seems to keep getting worse daily, how do you keep your positive frame of mind?

Thank you, that means a lot to me.  I really try my hardest to work at it, in my own life and what I put out in social media.  You have to take a break everything once in a while and recharge to find your own happiness – so important.   It’s so easy to go to the darkness, it takes work to stay in the light.  Life is short.  We all have an expiration date (something most people forget), so enjoy it while you can and try to spread a little happiness and love along the way.  Do things to make the world a better place – you don’t have to do massive things, small things count too.

What is your favorite quote (or at least one of them)?

I love quotes!!  I have a bunch…

Do or do not.  There is no try.  (Yoda)

Get busy living or get busy dying.  (quote from the movie The Shawshank Redemption)

Thoughts become things.  Think the good ones.  (I really believe in this one.  The first thing I try to think in the morning when I wake up is “Something really amazing is going to happen today.”  Then before you go to sleep, think about your day and find something amazing that happened.  More often than not, something usually does.  Give it a try 🙂

Photo by Torquille de Jonge Photo

The best part about “repeat interviews” is that I get to know the person on a much more profound level than I did when we first started chatting, and that is absolutely true with Tammy. I have been following her incredible career since noticing her character on two of the Signed, Sealed, Delivered films, and since Wedding Bells, I have been a true advocate for her as an actress and person. Her depth as an individual continues to impress me on so many levels, and it would appear that there is nothing Tammy cannot do on the screen (or off). She appears to live her life in a fearless way, challenging herself every day to become a better professional and human being. She is never satisfied with the status quo–and to be honest, I knew that before she even shared her favorite quotes, which completely verify what I have believed about her from the beginning. In her quiet but steadfast way, she is making a difference, and I doubt any of us know the impact she has had on countless people all over the globe. Not only does she stand before a screen and deliver performances that delight, entertain, and motivate, but Tammy is one who lives each day of her life to the utmost and attempts to share that in every way possible with those in her sphere of influence (which is probably much more extensive than she dreams). When I look into Tammy’s eyes, I do believe that old saying that says “the eyes are the window to the soul.” And if her soul is even half as beautiful and as enchanting as what I can see in those sparkling eyes of hers, she is someone I am proud to consider a special friend (even though I have never met her in person). 

Therefore, I would invite everyone to not only check out her links below (if you have not previously), but please consider tuning into some of her shows airing now and in the near future. Since her works span the entire gamut of genres from sci-fi to horror to thriller to Hallmark to drama…I venture to say Tammy has been involved with (or will be soon) something that strikes your fancy, and there is no greater compliment on this earth to an artist of her caliber than to actively support and promote her works. To see Tammy’s career blossom surely excites me to my very core, and I greatly anticipate what is yet to come for this rare gem whose spirit continues to emit generosity, benevolence, and tolerance while stimulating and encouraging souls from every walk of life all around the world.






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