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By Ruth on October 9, 2017 in history, promotion, U.S. history

We are teaming with Stan Ellsworth, best known as the host of American Ride to help spread the message of FreedomFactor.Org. Their mission is to unite Americans by helping people to better understand the U.S. Constitution. They have already distributed 16 million pocket-size constitutions but need help to achieve their goal of distributing 100 million constitutions! Their hope is that as people read and study the constitution, they will be reminded that it was designed to protect: peace, prosperity, and freedom!
I am a student of history, and when it comes to the U.S. and its founding documents, I couldn’t be prouder to hold these artifacts of our freedom very dear. I do know how hard our founding fathers fought for our freedom, and while I know that not every one of those men was a stellar citizen by today’s social standards, it doesn’t diminish my admiration, gratitude, and respect for their vision for a nation that is unique in this world of ours.
The constitution grants us so much freedom that it boggles the mind. And while various groups over the years have had to fight individually for their group’s promised freedoms, the Constitution is the standard by which our laws are judged and upheld. And in truth, in spite of any criticisms, it guarantees that universal truth that all men (and women) are created equal. While the framers of the Constitution may have intended “white men” when they named this, their terminology has had far-reaching effects. And while freedom is still being fought for many in this country of ours, we know that in the end, it is a right and a privilege.
It pains me to be aware of the fact that the upcoming generation is essentially illiterate in matters of U.S. history. My heart aches for our nation, and I can only hope and pray that God will continue to bless the most wonderful country on earth–the United States of America.
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