Interview With Actress Barbara Niven, “Chesapeake Shores”

By Ruth on August 27, 2017 in Interview, movie, television

Last summer, I had the magnificent privilege of chatting with Barbara Niven prior to the premiere of the Hallmark original series, Chesapeake Shores.  Our friendship began a few years ago during the airing of Cedar Cove, and with each passing year, I find myself more in awe and appreciative of this benevolent soul. There is something uniquely vibrant and genuine about Barbara that makes her an instant fan favorite and one of the truly inspiring women in the world today. I have been blessed yet again to speak with this remarkable gentlewoman this year!

RH: I’m so glad we finally get to catch up, Barbara. 

BN:  Oh, Ruth, thank you for reaching out again this year.

I know you’ve been busy, and it’s been a busy summer for us too. My mom has actually been taking some classes at church and really challenging herself. She wanted to make sure to tell you “hi,” and let you know she’s doing that. I’m very proud of her. 

That is just great. I think as we get older we wake up and discover more of our purpose in life. I believe our souls whisper to us. Obviously, hers is, and she has a message that people need to hear. So tell her congrats for me and that I’m really proud and happy that people are going to hear her message.

I will definitely pass that along to her. Thank you, Barbara. {pause} We are so glad that Chesapeake Shores is back on. All the fans said to be sure to tell you “hi” and that they love the fact that you interact with them so much. I honestly don’t know how you interact as much as you do. 

With fellow Heartie Bobbi Schutte

{laughs} It’s almost a full-time job.  But you know what? We’re all in this thing together. We would not have a show if we didn’t have the fans, and so one of the things that I’ve made my priority this year is to just make sure that we give feedback and that they know that we’re grateful.  Also, behind the scenes, I’ve been helping to organize the first fan convention for the Chessies. We’re planning to do it next year. When they had the screening for Lori’s Garage Sale Mystery film earlier this month, I was able to meet a lot of fellow Hearties. I know you’re a Heartie and as you know, I am a Heartie too. So a few stayed and came to our Home & Family taping. There were a few others that came to that show too. We actually had our first meeting and started putting it together at the Home & Family taping. I’m really excited. I was also able to introduce some of them to our executive producer Dan Paulson and also to Bill Abbott, who is the president and CEO of Crown Media. So we have their full blessing and I just think it’s wonderful. You know, it’s not just our show. We’re a network that has the heart of TV. Hallmark is really a network that embodies that. It’s not just our show and doesn’t just belong to the people who work behind the scenes–the cast and crew. It belongs to you guys too. You’re the ones who are creative, and you share it with others. You watch it with us and you interact with us. You tell us what you like and what you don’t like so we can fine-tune it. It’s a joint effort, and to me, that the most fun part about what I do. I love acting, but being able to share it and have it come full circle with the viewers and then get to know everybody is one of my favorite parts of what I do. It’s become a perfect dream of what I always hoped it would be.

So you mentioned the Chesapeake Shores Convention. I noticed the buzz about it, but I hadn’t heard a whole lot about it. I know it’s still in the planning stages at this point. If it does work out, however, when are you planning to do it?

My ideal would be to have it on Vancouver Island while we’re shooting next season–if we get another season. I feel like we will get another season, but you never know because it’s show business.  I’ve never been to a more magical place than what Vancouver Island is, and the locations where we shoot are absolutely breathtaking. I’ve heard that it’s built on a bed of crystal and the energy just feels different there. They’ve  got an extraordinary number of metaphysical people and energy workers and healers and spiritual people, and they’re all drawn to that. In fact, I think that’s one of the factors that makes our show so special. Every time before I do a scene, I really pray that it will reach the people that need to hear the message. I pray that they will see and hear it, but that they will also feel in their heart a message of love and healing.

Well, I think your character this season does that quite well. My mom and I absolutely love the storyline between you and Jess on the show.

Oh, thank you.

I know there are people who have come to me and complained about not liking Jess because she is so bitter towards her mom and won’t forgive her. But for me and a lot of the viewers, while we may not have unforgiveness against a parent, I think we all have that person in our lives that is hard to forgive. So I have enjoyed that particular storyline.

with Jess (Laci J. Mailey)

Thank you again, and yes I agree. Especially nowadays with what’s going on in the political world and in the world itself with terrorism and all of that, I mean we’re all so pulled apart anymore.  So as you said, I think that each of us have a hard time forgiving at some point in our lives. Each of us probably have somebody that we need to say, “I forgive you,” and to to acknowledge whatever blame we ourselves might have in it. As viewers watch the O’Brien family healing its relationships and mending, hopefully what people will take away from the show  is that no matter what, it’s never too late to go back home and try to put those pieces back together. Because at the end of your life, that’s what’s important.  It’s family and friends. It’s relationships. It’s your neighbors.  It’s not so much about what you have and the path that you have, but it’s about people. And I’m hoping that’s what people take away.  And I think they do. I’m  really surprised because no matter where I go or in my email or in the letters I get from fans…so many more people than what I ever thought relate to Megan and Jess.  I go to places and people say, “You are filming our story.”  “I was a mother who had to leave through divorce and I couldn’t afford to bring the kids with me and I’m trying to put those pieces back together now.”  Or divorced parents will come up and say, “This is what we’re going through now.  How can we do this? How can we help our children get through this?”  So I think by watching shows like this on Hallmark, hopefully people will be able to learn new ways of looking in the mirror themselves and saying, “What can I do to help heal whatever situation I need to help heal?”

with Jess (Laci J. Mailey)

Barbara, I think you are exactly right. And it makes me think that the people who have spoken negatively of Jess and Megan and their situation may be struggling with the same issues these characters are and they aren’t ready to face it. I know that happens with me sometimes. I’ll see a character and initially, I don’t like the character because I’m reminded of my own struggles I’m going through and I’m not ready to face those struggles.

Of course. Or it reminds us of the struggles of somebody we know. That’s what art does. As one of my acting coaches used to say, “Art is the only thing that communicates across all cultures and languages and all barriers because it’s just pure emotion and we need that mirror to be able to see ourselves and see our lives and just see maybe a way out of a problem that we didn’t know how to handle.” I really like that Chesapeake Shores is not a perfect little family either that is all tied up into a perfect little bow. Most of the time with Hallmark, you know what you’re going to get. You’re going to get a Christmas movie or a sweet romance. and your life is better when you’re watching it. But I think we have a chance with Chesapeake Shores to expand on that. Not enough that it’s going to be off-putting to people who have to worry about having their grandkids walk in or that it’s not going to be good family entertainment, but I think it’s a little more reality-based. That’s partly why I’m really proud to be in this.

I’ve also been putting into Megan this year a lot more of my own journey–Barbara’s journey. You’ll notice she’s stronger this year. She moves back to Chesapeake Shores. I think all of these seventeen years that she was gone, there’s been such a hole in her heart and she’s been on a journey to find a way to get grounded again because…how do you live with yourself if you don’t have your kids in your life? I seriously could not live with myself if I didn’t. But we all make choices and some are out of our control. What you’ll see in Megan’s house–and you might have seen it in the scene in the kitchen where I’m unpacking with Kevin right before he has this PTSD episode–I bring things that I use in my own life.  You’ll see my Bible.  You’ll see my Tibetan singing bowl. You’ll see my crystals.  You’ll see my salt rock lamp. All of the things that have helped me on my own spiritual journey. And I believe that Megan would have been doing the same thing. ‘Cause she knows she’s going back into a place that she’s gonna be vilified and she has huge guilt, especially about Jess and how to put this right. But she’s gonna stay there no matter how long it takes. She has the strength of God. She has the strength of meditation. She has the strength of all these things to help remind her that it will be okay and just to stay on a path of love.

Actually, something you tweeted out Sunday really struck me. You said how it’s hard to watch your kids make mistakes, but you have to let your kids make mistakes. It was something along those lines. And that is so true because as my daughter grows up, that is something I would love to shield her from–mistakes. But I can’t protect my daughter from everything that’s going to happen. I wish I could keep her from all the negative things that will be coming her way.

I know what you mean. You know, no matter how old she gets, you’re always going to feel that way. And no matter what happens to her, we all have parental guilt.  Like if she gets a cold at the age of thirty-eight, somehow I feel like, “Oh my gosh, what did I do?”  We always take responsibility for our kids and I think that’s a good thing. What you’re gonna see is as your daughter gets older, all of a sudden it will flip.  I remember the day it happened with my daughter where all of a sudden, we’re with her friends and I said something and she told her friends, “Isn’t my mom cute?” {laughs} She starts becoming the parent when you’re a single mother.

Yeah, that already happens. I find myself apologizing to her for things that happen sometimes. I want to keep the bad things from happening to her, and she’s always like, “Mom, it’s okay.” In fact, one time she was the only one who calmed me down when I was really upset about something, and it was just so sweet of her. 

That was a big growing moment for her. You showed her how to let her in as well. Good life lesson.

With Kevin (Brendan Penny)

I don’t know if you can say anything, but you mentioned the character Kevin and his PTSD. My mother and I have been glad to see how the show has been dealing with that character as well. Are we going to see more of that this season?

I can’t really say. I don’t want to get in trouble for saying too much. But I will say that Kevin has a great journey here this season, and he’s got wonderful things ahead of him. Michael Berns has done an extraordinary job. He came to the helm as the showrunner this year, and he’s expanded the writing and the storylines for each one of the characters.  I think that you’re gonna see more comedy, more romance, more family relationships this season.  This next episode coming up, I think you’re going to really love. I can’t say much, but watch out for Bree this next episode. I just love her character. I love what she’s done this season. That whole episode where she rewrote her play with Martin back in Chicago and she gave a grand bow at the end. I just think that was brilliant writing, and then she delivered it brilliantly as well. And actually Emilie {Ullerup} and Kyle {Cassie} who play Bree and Martin respectively are married in real life.

Yes, I didn’t realize that until you tweeted about it a couple weeks ago. 

with Diane Ladd

It was really fun, and when he was shooting in Vancouver, I would see him all the time in the elevator and they have their dog there with them as well.  We’re a big family when we’re on the island. For sure,I think I’ve gotten the closest with Diane Ladd. She like a family member that I have been reconnecting with. I don’t even know how to explain it. I’m so close with her. What we would do all the time while we were on the island is walk on the beach and then she would lead us in a prayer and meditation. I don’t recall the event, but something big happened, and she led the entire crew and cast in a prayer. We were outside around the fire pit, and we all just bowed our heads and everybody held hands and we prayed for peace.

I cannot tell you how glad we are that she is back. We missed her when she left towards the end of last season. 

Oh my gosh, me too! And how about now that she’s a blondie?

Oh, yeah, right! It’s been so neat to see the changes this season. I actually talked with Dan and Michael, so I knew somewhat what to expect. But Dan did stress the fact that there are a lot more lighter moments this season than last. 

With Kirsten Hansen

Yes, I think I would say that it’s balanced.  I think also each one of us has really grown into our characters, so you start thinking like the character and moving as the character and having that sensibility. Then Michael Berns is so wonderful. He worked harder and put in more hours than anybody I’ve ever seen for an extended period of time. He was away from his family during the whole time we were shooting, yet no matter what, even if he had been up all night and it was six A.M., if we had a question about a scene we were going to shoot that day, he picked up the phone every single time. So I think his humanity comes through in the scripts as well   Kirsten Hansen also was writing with him every day there. This season, she became another family person.  We–Diane and Kirsten and I–call each other soul sisters. We’re all really into angels. We do angel cards all the time.

We’re not quite halfway through this season of Chesapeake Shores yet, are we?

There are ten episodes, and the one coming up this Sunday is episode four.

Thanks for clarifying. It’s been a busy month with Chesapeake ShoresGarage Sale Mystery, and “Summer Nights” on Hallmark.

Ruth, I don’t know how you do it. You’ve really taken off with your writing. That’s because you’re a really good interviewer, and you’re a really good writer too.

Thank you, Barbara.

You deserve it. I’m proud of you. Your interviews are such fun reads. I always learn something new from reading your interviews even though I know the people.

That’s what I always enjoy. I’m always ready to learn about the people I interview. And that’s what I like to include in my interviews. So I’m glad you enjoy them, Barbara. I really appreciate your support. {pause} So with Chesapeake Shores, if we want a season three, what do you recommend the fans do to help that happen?

I really don’t know. Whatever the Hearties have done to raise the Hearties profile. You guys are brilliant, and of course, the show is so amazing too.  So while I’m not sure, I know that Hallmark obviously looks at the viewers that we have and how many DVR it and watch. It’s probably good to watch and also DVR it. And then also to tweet with us as you do. It’s so much fun to watch and share it live with you. I always have to watch it again because, by the time I’m tweeting, I’ve missed the details.

O’Brien Family

Okay, that sounds good. I think if we do what the Hearties have done, that makes sense. They have a good formula, and we should follow their lead. So if people make sure to watch, DVR, and always use the hashtag “#Chessies.”

Right and also tag @hallmarkchannel. And also if there’s anything else you guys have learned that will help us, let us know too. Our show is only here because you guys are watching and supporting us. It’s kind of our baby all together.

Well, I know that most of the Hearties are supportive of all things Hallmark, so I’m sure they might have some ideas to share. I know that often the Hearties will start asking for another season before the current is even over. 

Yes, and I just love the Hearties! I’ve also gotten to know so many of the Hallmark stars and they really are good people. I just think that it’s just a perfect fit for me because what Hallmark stands for is pretty much what I stand for as well. And it comes from the top people down.  Bill Abbott, one of my favorite people in the world, is such a role model. He walks the talk with animal rescue and staying on brand. He even takes care of a feral cat colony by himself in New York, or at least he used to. His partnership with American Humane and all the stuff he’s doing…I’m actually a national ambassador for American Humane now.  It’s a matter of going to their events and promoting what they do and speaking out for animal rights and all the things that they do. And they’re really big now, not just on Hallmark who sponsors the Hero Dog Awards with them.

A couple of the other initiatives that Hallmark is teaming up with American Humane this year is for veterans. One is called Shelter to Service ,which means they’re taking dogs that would be put to sleep in shelters and training them to pair with veterans who have PTSD. And then they have another called Soldier Reunification. So many of the soldiers that come back have worked with military dogs when they’re overseas, but the military dogs are classified until now and they’re working to change that. This program is sponsored by American Humane. They’re classified as equipment, so when the dog gets too old to be worthwhile and what they deem useful, they don’t even know what happens to them. So what they’re doing now is trying to cut the red tape and go and create a way to bring the dogs home. It costs money, but they’re doing it. And what could be better to honor heroes on both ends of the leash?

Barbara, I’m so glad you explained all that. I don’t even know if I was aware of Hallmark’s involvement with those programs, so now I know the full story. While I have never met Bill Abbott, I have nothing but the highest respect for him. He has been incredibly supportive of me–which is seriously amazing since he doesn’t really have to do that. 

He is such a good guy. And you know, right under him is Michelle Vicary, the VP of all programs. And she is extraordinary as well. She is a single mom, and I don’t know how she does it. But she has it in perspective because….the greatest compliment that I can give Michelle is that she’s got it in good perspective and good priority because no matter who she’s talking to, whether it’s a huge star or whoever is on the other end of the line, if one of her two kids beeps in, she says, “Oops, I gotta call you back ’cause it’s one of my kids.” So that’s what Michelle does. And I think that’s a great example for all of us because we all have parent guilt. And if you’re a working parent, you feel guilty about not giving your kids all your time.

with Michelle Vicary

Again, I haven’t met Michelle, but she’s one I also respect highly. In fact, I respect all the executives at Hallmark with whom I have had any dealings. They are all just extraordinary. Even when I have to contact them about something concerning Crown Media Press–whether it’s an issue that’s come up with a screener or anything like that–they always treat me with respect and respond very quickly. They are not required to recognize me, but they choose to. Michelle and Bill are so busy as is everyone at Hallmark, and I just don’t know how they do it all.

You know, Michelle and I just recently had a girl’s night out, and it has been three years in the planning. So I am with you. I am amazed at what they do. I think they are up to ninety movies this year, and it’s not like the network has hired on a lot of additional people. And yet they seem to be able to keep up with everything. And you know, I’m going to be doing a big Christmas movie for them this year. I can’t officially announce the name of it yet, but I love doing Christmas movies with Hallmark.

That is such great news! I was just about to ask you if you were going to be doing a Christmas movie with them. Our family loves the Hallmark Christmas movies. Once they start airing them 24/7, we basically watch nothing but Christmas movies around the clock. 

Me too. I have to turn off the news and start getting some good energy in my life. Nowadays, while I’m obsessed with the news, I make myself turn it off, and I go straight to Hallmark. I’m an insomniac, and I watch Hallmark around the clock. I watch Frasier. I watch Cheers. I watch I Love Lucy in the middle of the night.


Now I realize you may not have the answer to what I’m asking, but a lot of us fans are wondering if there will be more Murder, She Baked films. Do you have any idea?

I would love to do some more. I think everybody is just busy right now, but I am hoping for more. I don’t want to say goodbye to my character, Delores. And I sure don’t want to say goodbye to Alison {Sweeney} or to Lisa {Durupt} or any of them.  We just have a ball making them, but I just think everybody is really busy. So hopefully we’ll have more. That’s where my heart is.

I know when I interviewed Cameron {Mathison}, he said basically the same thing. He certainly isn’t planning on the series being over. So being too busy right now makes sense. I honestly don’t know how you guys do what you do. 

Actually, filming Chesapeake Shores this year was probably the hardest shoot that I’ve done in some time just because I didn’t come home at all until the shoot was over.  I left around April 6th, and I didn’t come home for three months and six days, I think it was. It’s a trek to get there. You have to take two different planes and you have to have a whole day of travel. And then if you only have a few days off, you’re just too tired to go through all that travel. So right off, I decided that I was just going to use this as a way to grow my own spirituality and use it as a time for getting closer to God while I was  there on the island. So that’s what I did. I’ve never just kind of shut the world out as much as I did while I was up there.  I meditated, walked on the beach, talked to God and all of that.  I feel like I really grew a lot and I feel like Megan, my character, really grew a lot in the process.

So we’ve got Chesapeake Shores on Sundays, the Christmas movie coming up, and that should take us to the end of the year.

Yes, and my business partner, Sue Melke, is helping me finally finish my new website. I still have my business. I still have my Unleash Your Star Power studio, but I’ve only been there twice in two years. I want to get that going again. Right now as we were talking about that stuff with your mom taking classes, I feel like we need people to be able to get their messages out. I think people are waking up to that whole question and wondering, “Why am I here?” “How can I make a difference in this world?” And that’s what I do. That’s what I love most about doing my media training. I love helping people get clear on their message and then I love helping them to be able to say it through public speaking or through videos, etc. I would really love people to take away the thought that if you’re hearing that little wake-up call, if that little spirit nudge in your ear is being whispered, please listen to it because the world needs good people right now with a positive message. The sooner we can out-create hate and get louder than hate, the sooner we can start healing this world. But it starts with us–with each one of us.

That’s great. Someone had asked about whether you were going to be doing more with your studio, so that’s really exciting to hear. 

Yes, I am, and I’m starting a new online academy too. All of the courses will be available online . It’s so much easier than what people make it out to be. What I’ve done is just taken what I’ve learned through my acting career, and this is my thirty-year anniversary this year.  It’s been thirty years since I got my SAG card, and I got my SAG card on a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie thirty years ago called Promise with James Garner and James Wood. And now thirty years later, I’m back on Hallmark. and I’d be happy to spend the rest of my career here.

Wow, I had no idea, Barbara! That is so exciting! Now, honestly, this is coming from me, and I am very sincere in saying this. My mother and I both think you always look so amazing. I look at you and think that if I can look that good when I’m your age and have that much energy, I will be very, very happy. 

{laughs} Oh, Ruth, it’s so hard to age in HD. I just want to have it okay for us women to say, “Hey, I’m sixty-four years old. I am a grandmother. This is my life, and I’m doing what I love.”  We all need to uphold that with each other and not make us chase perfection. What good is that? That doesn’t do anything for your soul.

I agree, Barbara. And that’s why when I say that I want to be like you when I grow up, that is exactly what I mean. And I don’t think I’m alone in that. I think there are a lot of fans who say similar things. You give us hope that you don’t have to stop living when you get to be a certain age. Sometimes there is that thought that as women are aging, their value decreases. It’s not popular to see a woman aging. You’re supposed to keep looking young. And then we look at you, and you look great. No, you don’t look twenty or thirty, but you have that mature look. And you also have this energy still about you, and you are so inspiring. I think that the fact that you really do love what you do comes through in your physical features. 

Oh, you’re so sweet. But you know what, Ruth, as you get older, how you feel on the inside ends up showing on the outside. If you’re an optimist and you believe in miracles like I do, and you can find something that makes you giggle every day and that you love and you spend your day helping people–that is the best anti-aging system. It really is. I’m just really grateful that the older I get, I can be more of a…not even a spokesperson or role model really. Maybe the better term would be an influencer. All I want to do is be able to shine my light and help somebody else to turn their light up too. Because together we can shine so brightly.

I agree. That’s my purpose too.

Yes, I can tell.  You and I are totally kindred spirits. We’re doing the same thing.

And what you’re talking about–shining your light–when I watch you on screen, even that comes across. Even though I know you’re playing a character, that comes across in your portrayal of that character. That inner light comes out of you, and that’s what I think when I watch you on screen. 

Oh my gosh, you just made me cry. Thank you. I hope so. “This little light of mine.”

That’s right. Well, I think we’ve covered everything, and I’m so excited to share this interview with the fans. People were so excited that I was going to be interviewing you. I know people love you, and so many continue to say how they love my interviews, so it was the perfect pairing, I guess.

Yes, the perfect storm. I’m glad that you are finding your dream too. And that’s the other part of the message that we can’t give up five minutes before the miracle happens.

I agree completely. It has been a journey and continues to be a journey, and no, I’m not giving up even in those moments where you feel like you want to give up. We all have those moments when we want to give up, and we just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

Oh, honey, I know. And that’s when the other window opens up, isn’t it? And also, if we didn’t go through any of that, we wouldn’t have any lessons to teach anybody else.

You are so right, Barbara. Well, thank you again for this wonderful chat. It was such a pleasure getting to catch up with you.

Absolutely, Ruth.

I have no doubt people will really love everything you’ve said, and it will be well-received.

The two of us together will make this successful, Ruth.

While the majority of the people I interview sincerely thank me and continue to demonstrate their gratitude in a variety of ways, Barbara is a “once-in-a-lifetime” kind of person. As a positive spark in this negative world, she is a beacon of hope that continues to inspire and encourage so many around the globe. Furthermore, as a woman, she is committed to motivating women to accomplish their dreams in spite of any obstacles in the way. Nothing should stop us–not age, socioeconomic status, race, religion, creed–nothing should stand in our way. While she is a champion for human rights, she never sacrifices her authenticity nor her beliefs to bring about change and raise awareness. She persists in being who she uniquely is, and while she is an advocate, she is not the type that speaks harshly nor endorses violence of any kind. Peace is her mantra, but peace combined with action achieved in love and kindness can definitely move mountains. And Barbara is living proof that such things are possible.

As an actress, a humanitarian, a mother, a business professional, an animal rights advocate–the list is endless with Barbara–she practices what she preaches. She is committed to personal interactions and involvements in worthy charitable causes as well as the lives of common, ordinary people who reach out to her. Her energy is limitless, genuine, effortless, and infectious. There is not any artificiality in this woman at all, and the persona she projects on screen is the same woman you will meet off the screen. While I have not met her in person (I cannot guarantee I ever will in this world), I have never talked with anyone who has anything but fervent and virtuous thoughts and feelings about her. Most actors can hardly wait until they work with her again because she has that knack of making you feel like a prince or a princess by merely the sweet and benevolent words she utters and the kind and thoughtful actions she performs.

As we watch her in Chesapeake Shores this summer and fall every Sunday on the Hallmark Channel, we viewers are the beneficiaries of incredible energy and immeasurable love that radiate from her innermost being. Her beauty is transcendent, and she becomes altogether more endearing and stunning in spite of any physical imperfections the camera may augment. She is uniquely and thoroughly authentic in a way few people are in this business, let alone the world as a whole, and you can rest assured that she not only notices her fans, but she appreciates each one from the depth of her innermost soul. I would invite you to check out all of her links below as she cannot help but stimulate and embolden you on every social media platform to which she has chosen to share her perspective, and I can hardly wait to see what it next on the horizon for someone who has influenced me in more ways than she can possibly imagine. Oh, and if I neglected to mention this, I know I often state that many actors are humble, but this woman gives a new meaning to the word humility by the selflessness she demonstrates every single day. Yes, when I grow up, I want to be like Barbara Niven!








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      Thank you, Lisa. Honestly Barbara is one of the easiest people on earth to interview. Such a wonderful person.

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