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There is nothing better than discovering young talent and finding a young man who is so accomplished at the age of sixteen is always a genuine treat. Let me introduce you to Ticoon Kim, a16-year-old actor who hails from Toronto, Canada. He is a full-time high school student who also is pursuing a professional acting career, but his talents do not stop there.  Ticoon is an incredible athlete who has played basketball, hockey, soccer and lacrosse competitively. He is a lover of languages and currently can speak English and French fluently, while constantly improving his conversational speaking level in Spanish and Vietnamese. As a young person in this competitive business, he has already found success in both national commercials and award-winning series. Ticoon’s most recent projects include lead roles in two different web series, one of which can be viewed exclusively in the US and the UK through Amazon Prime. When he does find free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends as well as volunteering with the local church.

Now, you may wonder about his two web series, and I am so glad you are curious! Let me tell you a little bit about these intriguing shows.

 One of the series is entitled 2nd Generation, and I invite you to read the following description from IMDB:

Identity crisis is nothing new to anyone except when you’re dealing with multiple identities. A coming of age story, set in today’s harsh melting pot society, trying to draw the lines between racism, morals, love, friendship, secrets, and having to deal with them all at once.

Starring: Ticoon Kim, Cristine Prosperi, David Knoll

Rent/Stream: B07176V5NH

The other series is entitled Walking on Sunshine, and I would again invite you to read the following description of the series:

A look into the harsh reality of foster kids who try to parent themselves into adulthood. Corrupted by poverty, crime and the need to survive, these foster kids are one inch closer to a criminal organization without a leader. Follow their lives as they try to survive another day. 

Of course, the question might cross your mind–how did a youngster like Ticoon get started in the entertainment business? I’m so glad you’re wondering that! Ticoon started acting professionally when he was ten years old, but he has been entertaining people for most of his life. When the opportunity for him to “turn pro” came along, Ticoon jumped at the opportunity!

The young actor’s career was launched on two well-respected TV shows, Rookie Blue and Odd Squad. From there, he went on to perform in two shorts, Paper Hearts and Mom’s Extra Help before landing the lead role on these two web series described above.

Even at his young age, Ticoon already has his own perspective on his roles and the way he approaches them. He describes his roles as gritty, and he finds that very interesting because that’s a long way from who is in everyday life.

“I really love it when a script comes in and the role is nothing like me. I love to study parts that are very different from my life too. It allows me to explore characters that I would not normally have any idea about, and yet now I not only know them, I understand them.” (quote by Ticoon)

Ready for a bit of trivia? 2nd Generation takes a realistic look at how high school is for teens in the modern day of our multicultural society.  The series revolves around Ticoon’s character. The producers liked his name so much that they kept it for his character’s name! 

Ticcon also has a good grasp on his ethnicity and how it figures into his place in the entertainment universe. He believes that while being an actor of Korean and Vietnamese decent filters the number of auditions that he receives, he’s also in an exceptional position to work hard to win them when those opportunities come along. 

“In my opinion,” says Ticoon, “there just are not enough Asian creators telling their stories.” 

While he admits that the work that he has done recently is gritty, Ticoon sees himself more naturally as a comedic actor. Ticoon loves film and television and would be happy if he could make his lifelong career either in front of the camera or behind it. There is nothing like a young actor who brings such a refreshing outlook and humble persona to the business, and he is consistently appreciative for all the opportunities he has had as an actor already. He never takes anything for granted and uses every experience as a way to grow personally and hone his craft professionally. 

Picutre Credit: ‘2nd Generation’


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