How to Incorporate a Nautical Theme into Your Living Room Décor

By Ruth on July 13, 2017 in household

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When you love the ocean, a nautical theme for your home décor is a no-brainer. However, it takes quite a bit of knowledge and interior design ideas to perfectly capture the essence of the ocean you love so much. The following article details how you can incorporate a nautical theme into your living room décor.

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Get Inspiration from a Few Seashore Strolls

Nautical themes are all the rage, especially if you already live near the beach. However, it can be tough to gather the proper inspiration for a full-on nautical theme for your interior décor. Here’s a thought… take a few seashore strolls to motivate your muse. Your imagination will kick into overdrive with the right stimulus. And, perhaps, a seaside walk is the perfect stimulant to get your creative process a-flowing.

Shop Secondhand to Find Deals on Vintage Nautical Accents

When you need nautical-themed interior designs in a rush, look for deals in secondhand shops. You might be surprised at what you can find. From a faux ship’s wheel that makes your décor look like a captain’s quarters, to lighthouse appliques to accentuate your kitchen, there is no shortage of nautical accents in discount stores. Just remember that the best décor accents are those with longevity, so look for antiques that you know can withstand the tests of time.

DIY Nautical Stuff for Your Home Décor

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If you want to skip the secondhand shops for something more intimate, you could always DIY your nautical home décor. On your seashore strolls, pick up a dozen perfect seashells. Then glue them around your favorite picture frame for a hanging accent that brings out the natural beauty of your favorite photographs. You could even print custom stickers with your favorite sea themes on them to border and accent your walls. For instance, if you love seashells and waves, snag some stickers that you can move around to create your perfect theme as your mood changes.

Go with Varying Shades of Blue and Green

Study up and research on the colors of the ocean, from flowing blues to seafoam greens. Incorporate these amazing tones in your home décor, either in the paints on your walls or the accents around each room. If you want to add extra pizzazz to your ocean inspirations, throw in some silver-grey accents, such as a vase or a box of faux pearls, to represent stormy waters.

From seaside walks that start up your muse, to knowledge of colors and the many changes of the oceans, there is no shortage of things you should look to when it comes to inspiration for your nautical theme. However, if you want a quick spark to your design muse, read this article over and over again.

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