Why it’s Okay to Enlist Help in Determining Your Insurance Coverage Needs

By Ruth on June 17, 2017 in advice

Asking for help is hard for many people. They can figure it out on their own, and if they can’t, they’ll look it up online. The problem is some things are more complicated than simple online research. Some things, such as your insurance coverage, are very personalized, and you need to ensure that your policies meet all of your specific needs. Unless you are an insurance expert yourself, you cannot possibly understand all the ins and outs of auto, health, home, and life insurance, among other policies. This is why it’s okay to enlist professional help when re-evaluating your coverage.

expert photoAgents Are Experts

It’s a simple statement but oh so true: Local insurance agents are experts. These people know more than just insurance coverage; they know your local and state coverage requirements. What’s required in one state might not be required in another, and you may be paying for insurance that you do not need without even realizing it. Do you need earthquake insurance in Seattle? Not so much, but you do need flood insurance.

A local insurance agent is an expert in the area. He or she knows what you must have, what you should have, and what you can skip. It’s the “what you can skip” that will save you money each year, and saving money helps your personal financial outlook. When you speak with an agent about your insurance coverage, he or she will take into account the little things, such as the dangers and length of your commute to and from work and whether your home rests on a flood plain.

You won’t receive this personalized assessment with an online quote. When you meet with an expert, he or she goes over everything with you, so you can rest assured you are covered completely at the lowest price point possible. Many people believe insurance costs more through an agent, but this isn’t the case. You do not pay the agent to help you secure your coverage the insurance company does, so take advantage of his or her crucial local knowledge.


Agents Get You Discounts


Another benefit of working through an agent is he or she knows all the discounts the insurance companies are offering. Sure, you might save a little money if you buy a policy online, but many companies offer better savings through an agent. Companies want your business, and they will offer new customer discounts, combined policy discounts, safe driver discounts, home security system discounts, and more.


The insurance agent has a list of these savings and can guide you to the best one. You might not save much money with a new customer discount, but you may realize significant savings if you pay your annual policy premiums in full. The agent can also look into age-related savings for you, such as senior discounts. Insurance companies are finally recognizing that experienced drivers are safer than inexperienced drivers are, and many are rewarding those who have reached their Golden Years.


Your best bet is to sit down and determine everything in your life that needs insurance; your automobiles, your home, your life, your possessions, any special antiques or collections, and so on. Make a list and take that to an insurance agent. Include your budget so the agent can work within it. When you sit down together and go over everything, the agent can negotiate discounts and other savings with the insurance company to get you the best rate.


These are just some of the reasons why it’s okay to ask for expert help when you are reviewing your insurance coverage. Insurance can take a large chunk out of the family budget, so find exactly want you need and don’t need, and then let a professional snag you optimal coverage at discounted rates.

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