Interview With Actress Cindy Busby, “Date My Dad”

By Ruth on June 29, 2017 in Interview, movie, television

Watch my interview with Cindy Busby that was streamed live Friday, June 23, 2017
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CB: I made it! I’m here!
RH: Ah! Hey, hey!
Oh gosh, I can’t believe it! I like, I’m the worst of technology I was about to throw this computer out the window! {laughs}
That is honestly okay, I mean, it’s no big deal. Oh, it will be fine. I figured we’d get it working because um I’ve had the other people who I’ve done this with–they’ve had issues with technology too and we always work it out so don’t worry.
Yeah, it worked out, so it’s all good. {laugs} How are you?
Well, I’m doing well.  You look great! Um, we actually haven’t done a video chat. You and I haven’t.  
No, I feel like it definitely was time for that to happen for sure. {laughs}
Yeah, we’ve talked so much on online, but never in person so it’s kind of nice.
Right okay well I’m–
I’m going to get onto the YouTube page one second here
Okay yeah. I know that right now–’cause I’ve been trying to watch–I know that there’s um a few viewers and I know I’ve sent out the link
So even if we don’t get a whole lot of people….I’ve  done these now, I think this is the third one I’ve done and people do tend to–
–watch later.
Yeah, they do tend to watch later so even if we don’t get a whole lot of people right at the moment–
Yeah, that’s fine.
There’ll be people that will watch it later and they’ll kind of see the edited version, which is nice. I can cut out because what I do if I start the broadcast a little bit earlier—
–so that I can make sure that I get all the kinks worked out {laughs}
I hear ya. So then you want to get that part out of the way. {laughs}
Right, right but it is so good, I am so excited about Date My Dad. That has been great!
Me too! Yeah, it’s been really amazing.  Honestly, from the get-go just being a part of the show and just getting the part and then actually shooting it, which was like a dream come true. And then just actually knowing that people are watching it and being receptive to it is just…. I don’t know, it’s always so weird, you know.  You make this show–anything you work on, you work on it but then when people actually see it it’s like it’s real.  When you’re doing it, I don’t know, it’s a very strange feeling when people actually get to see your work.  It’s very humbling and really exciting.
Right, I know how that is. I don’t know it from an actor’s standpoint, but I know that when I spend all this time getting a blog post together, an interview together and put it up, and then people start interacting with it, and they read it they respond to it, it’s really a neat experience.
Yeah, I can see that for sure.
Yeah. So for anyone who is joining us–of course people will join us later, but I know we have a few people that are joining us now–so for those who are joining us, I have with me today Cindy Busby.
Hi! {laughs}
And some of you probably know her from Hallmark Channel um, and also of course, uh the Up channel with her show that’s airing right now Date My Dad. In fact, it will be airing tonight.
Yes Friday night, 9:00 Eastern.
Yes, and that is so awesome.  That has made…actually, Date My Dad has become the thing to watch on Friday night.
I know! I’ve seen that! You know, it’s sometimes…you think maybe Friday night won’t be a popular night to watch TV.  But I feel like after a long week of work, people get home and they just want to watch something that’s going to be entertaining with their family. And I really think that that’s what Date My Dad has kind of done for Friday nights for a lot of people. And I feel that that’s so special ’cause I know when I was young, I used to watch TGIF all the time on Friday nights which I loved, and I looked forward to it every single week, and it was like two hours of just like “me time” with my family and my brother. And so I’m happy that Date My Dad can do that for a lot of people.
Right! ‘Cause when I started watching this after I saw the pilot–’cause actually, it was the pilot and then the next show. They had two shows back-to-back the first night.
And when I watched it, I told my mom there is really nothing like this on TV right now.  It’s like back—like I guess back to TGIF.  Yeah, I grew up watching TGIF too.  It’s the same kind of thing.
And there were those family sitcoms that the whole family could sit down and watch together.  You didn’t have to worry about there being violence or lots of bad languages, or these, you know, these bedroom scenes that were like–you didn’t want the little kids to see or something.
Yeah, nobody needs to be watching that with your parents, you know what I mean? {laughs}
Right, right, and so that was just really neat to see something I thought…you guys are really–with this show–are recreating something that we don’t really have anymore.
I could not agree more, and I don’t personally have kids at the moment, but I have friends that do and it’s funny because one of my best friends, um, she watches it with her little daughter that just turned one. And you know, her daughter doesn’t watch a lot of TV, but they have their once a week where they sit down and watch Date My Dad. And she always sends me a little video. She calls me “Aunt Buzz” and she’s like, “Look, it’s Aunt Buzz on the TV!” And her daughter’s like one and she just got
the biggest eyes and she’s so excited!  And for me, that is like the greatest gift. If my one of my best friends can watch it with a one-year-old like that is incredible!
Right! Oh yeah! Definitely! Um, so the question that I have–so how did you get the opportunity?  How did this come about for you to become part of the show?
Um, well, I I personally have always wanted to work on some sort of comedy; that’s always been my passion. I love it so much in case you can’t already tell from just like you know my social media stuff. And um, I it I think it was November of last year–beginning of November–I got this audition and I
remember reading the material and thinking like,  “Wow, I really connect with this and and she had a voice.”  Like, as soon as I read the lines, she had a voice in my head–the role of Stephanie–and I could hear it so clearly and that doesn’t happen all the time when you get auditions for things. And I really connected with her and I was like, “You know what, whatever happens like I feel really close to this character.”  So I went in um and I remember auditioning for it and it going really well and leaving
there and seeing a lot of my peers that I know really well in town that are also actresses and and just you know wishing them the best, but knowing that I had done a good job and done everything that
I could.
And then I think it was about a month later–maybe a little bit less–and my agent called me and I was gonna go to the States to go meet my boyfriend for Christmas and she said, “Hey, um they’re having a callback/chemistry reads for Date My Dad. Are you still going to be in town because they’d like to see you?” And it was on the Friday and I was leaving on the Sunday so I was like,”Oh my gosh, yes absolutely! I will be there!” So she’s like, “Awesome!”  So then I was all–I was getting really excited and I worked really hard and I went in, and actually, Barry {Watson} flew into Vancouver just for the day to read–chemistry read with the part of Stephanie and the part of the daughters which, by the way, really doesn’t happen very often. There aren’t a lot of actors out there that will really go out of their way to come in and read with actors or actresses um to see if their chemistry–is this gonna work? Because that’s such a vital part to making any show um successful. It’s the chemistry and the energy between them and can you bring that? And obviously an audition situation, you know there’s nerves and there’s all kinds of things involved, but I went in. I got to meet Barry, and from the get-go, he was so lovely and so welcoming. And it’s also nice because he knows what it’s like to audition, so you can see that he was wanting to make it as pleasant as possible for every person coming in the room. And I went in and I felt a really great connection with him and I thought that everything went really well. And uh you know, the producers and the director was there and I left the audition being
like, “You know what, whatever happens, happens,” ’cause you never know. There’s so many people–cooks in the kitchen–when it comes to getting roles that you can never just take anything too seriously.
And I think it was probably a week and a half later that I was with my boyfriend. It’s funny, we were at a–a gas station and my agent called me and she’s like, “Hold on, I’ve got Mike on the line,” which is my manager and usually when they call me together, it’s with good news. And I was like, “Oh my goodness, what is this?”  But I had auditioned a lot, so I didn’t know what it was. And then they told me the great news that I’d gotten the part, and I just like started–I just started crying and I started
laughing, and my boyfriend’s like pumping the gas and he looks through the car window and he like smiles at me. I mean, he just sees tears like streaming down my face and he doesn’t know what’s going on. And I was like, and he’s like, “What?” And he’s like pumping gas wondering. And then finally gets in the car and I’m on the phone and he’s like, “Is everything okay?” And I’m like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ And then I hang up and I was like, “Oh my gosh! I booked Date My Dad!” And he was like, “What?” And he just gave me a big hug and it was just like–it was such a beautiful Christmas gift! It was such a blessing, and I’m so thankful. And that’s really how it came to be, you know. It’s just the stars align and I I’ve been just so so grateful ever since.
Wow! Well, that was a great Christmas gift then! That’s really cool!
Yeah, it was a great gift.
That’s about the best gift that you could have to not only book a role but to book a role on a comedy series and you’ve been wanting to do comedy. I mean that’s just that’s so cool.
I know it’s yeah I still like can’t even believe it happened. And yeah I’m so happy.
Yeah, ’cause when you booked that–when I finally found out that you were part of it… because people started telling me–I’d interviewed some people here and there and they’d say, “Oh well, I’m gonna be in this show Date My Dad,” and it seemed like every time I turned around, I was hearing this person’s gonna be in it and this person’s in it and this person’s in it {laughs} and the list kept going on. And then it was like Cindy Busby’s gonna be in it! Oh my! I was so excited for you!
Yeah, I kinda think I was waiting a little while just to be…you know, you know I don’t personally like to talk about things until like things are like set in stone um because you never know what can
happen.  And so basically I waited till the day I was on like I think the next day after my first day on set and then I was like, “Okay, I’m gonna like post something about it just to let everyone know what
the heck I’ve been up to.” So yeah.
So now with the character of Stephanie–
How are you like her and how are you different than her? um that’s a good
Um ooh, that’s a good question. I think-I think that I’m like her in the sense of her work ethic. I think that she’s a very um strong worker. She takes her job really seriously.  She’s going to school at the
same time, so she’s juggling a lot of things, which I tend to do as well. I’m juggling a lot of things at once, but you know that’s part of the game and um and so I would I would take that you know her seriousness about being the best she can be all the time and not always getting it right, but always at least trying to get it right. Um and then also just her sense of humor I think like her kind of her dry humor and her sense of sarcasm and and not taking again anything too seriously. Uh I probably say
the fact that she’s a trainer is different than me because I if I-I literally have to drag my butt out of
bed to like work out so we probably have that that’s not in common. And then I probably say…I mean I’ve had my fair share of bad dates, I would say, but I definitely I haven’t had her struggles in the past um so there’s that that I’ve definitely been more I she’s like a pretty big dater who kind of like meets a bunch of a bunch of guys but can’t really settle down with one of them whereas I feel like I’ve been quite monogamous in my life and haven’t been someone who just dates around and doesn’t settle down. So I probably say those are the biggest differences.
Okay, ’cause I mean from the beginning, it seemed like you really connected with the character. You know how sometimes when a show is starting, like when we watch the pilot, sometimes it takes a little while for the character–for the actors to get into their roles, you know.  Not that they’re not good, but it’s just trying to find themselves–
Sure, yeah.
But with you, it was just like I said ’cause I remember telling my mom it’s like you from the beginnings seemed to have this really strong connection with Stephanie.
Yeah, I know. You know what I think that it’s also about how I’ve just grown a lot in the last year and a half personally and therefore professionally. And I think that I just have learned to connect better with myself. And because I’ve connected better with myself on a deeper level, I feel that I’m able to connect the dots with the characters that come to me ’cause I really do think that it’s all about timing.  And I think that it’s all about what’s best for you in that moment. And you know, I feel like there’s stages that actors go through on the types of things that they book according to what’s going
on in their life.  And you know they say–um what’s the saying? Oh man, I can’t believe it! I can’t remember, but anyway, the idea of our art imitating life and life imitating art.  Yes, that whole thing.
So yeah, I think that has something to do with it as well.  And I just think I think her groundedness, her-her sense of humor is probably and her work ethic is probably what I just connected with. And then also just the people I get to work with. I think we just connected like immediately and that
makes all the difference if you can feel grounded from the get-go.
‘Cause I know you’ve shared uh on social media about how much fun you guys have behind the scenes.
Yes. {laughs} I’m sure you saw the blooper reel that mini-blooper reel recently. I loved it. {laughs}
So are there any um behind-the-scenes um stories? I know you shared some, I realize that, but is there anything that comes to mind that’s like a really special memory or a really funny memory or that stands out?
Uh so, I mean it gets to the point where there’s so many things that you’re just like you can’t even think of one thing. Um, I’d probably say something that was really special was on one of our lunch hours um–probably at the end of March I think it was–and the producers put together the pilot. It was a rough cut so it hadn’t been color corrected or the sound hadn’t been done but…and the credits weren’t done, but they sat us all down and they put a projector up and we got to watch it all with the cast and crew together.  And everyone like had their lunches and we’re eating lunch, watching the show and uh–and it was like everyone was laughing and you know, I was like tearing up and so were you know and so is a lot of people and they’ve been working on it you know and they saw it live and in real time. And now we’re watching it and that was really special to share that with the cast and crew
because you know, so many times you’re making something and you don’t know what it’s gonna be like, and then you have the opportunity of seeing the final product with the people you’ve made it with and that, to me, was such a special moment to share that with everyone. And then I feel like the rest of the day, everyone knew what they-what they had made together and it kind of connected us on a deeper level, which I really enjoyed and I got it I got it I gotta give props to the crew on the show because you know what? They work day in and day out; they’re there from the beginning to the end and you know, along with Barry–Barry was probably the one who was in everything… uh, the only cast member that was in everything.  And they were always in such great moods and anytime maybe they were like maybe they were having an off day, we’d shooting in the gym and I know that a lot of like the camera guys would just be like, “Oh, we just love days in the gym,” like it’s always fun and light-hearted. ‘Cause like the scenes in the gym are just crazy like they’re so silly and out there and uh and Matty Finocchio who plays Alan. I mean I’ve talked about it before, but like that guy just kills me he is so funny. Me and Barry will be doing scenes. We’ll just be looking at each other like trying not to pee our pants, laughing. Like, it’s just so fun.
Okay, I can imagine. I mean it’s those-those scenes in the gym–I mean, I love all the scenes, but those scenes in the gym are always like…you know they’re going to the gym, there’s gonna be all this funny stuff. I mean, you just know that that’s gonna happen.
It’s that’s lightheartedness in the show. You know there are some really deep um–there is some deep
content on the show, so it’s, I think it’s important to always sugarcoat with a little bit of humor as humans do when anything–when times are tough that’s comedy is usually what we turn to, you know, and I think that’s why it’s so important to me.
Right, I would agree completely.  The thing that also I’ve really noticed on the show there’s a lot of–a lot of women, I guess I would say involved with this show. And that’s–and that’s something cool. I love seeing that because sometimes you don’t always see in shows–I mean not that I have anything against there being strong guys in casts and stuff.  I mean, that’s great, it’s neat seeing  women–strong women–being featured.
Uh, but were there ever–how did the guys in the cast deal with…because I’m thinking, yeah there’s you, who I would consider a very strong woman.
Thank you.
You’re welcome. You have the three girls–who I’ve actually interviewed all three girls–and and I mean they’re, you know, they’re very, I mean, they’re pretty strong. You know then–you have, I mean then you have Raquel Welch. I mean you have all these really strong women. And then you have the guys. How did how did they deal with having all these…sometimes men are intimidated by strong women.
I’m sure that the men who were involved with the cast were not like that, but how did they deal with all these strong women involved?
Um, I think it was really well embraced, you know. I really believe that the lead of any show sets the tone for any series or any movie, and that’s something I’ve done anytime I’ve been the lead of something.  I take great pride in creating such a really great environment and creating a lot of positivity, and in times that aren’t always easy and aren’t always positive, sometimes you gotta take deep breaths and just and just be in the moment and know that you know it’s it’s not brain surgery here. We’re creating where we get to play characters for a living, you know what I mean?
But Barry really did that on the show. He set a tone and I think that from the get-go, Barry has a really strong relationship with his wife, who is like a force to be reckoned with. She’s such a lovely woman and has a daughter himself, so I think that’s also–he has two sons and a daughter–and I think having a daughter has really taught him even more–I think he’s talked about this in interviews as well–as how much having a daughter has taught him even more about women. Even though she’s quite young, you see it from a young age that women–that little girl, like little girls and little boys are so different in that way and I think he has such a love and respect for women that that set of tone.
And the creator of the show is a woman, Nina Coleman, so that in itself sets–and Nina is like, if I may, is such a badass woman. Like she is so awesome like when she shows up on set, she’s fun.  She’s like, you don’t want to mess with her. Like she is just cool and she knows what she’s talking about and she’s gone through all of it. She’s done, you know, she’s had great successes and great losses, but all of that makes you a better person. And I–I don’t know, I just really think that those two um…and then you know Barbara Fisher, who takes care of us on UP TV, she is also incredible and would come to set a lot–would fly in from LA. And um yeah, so I just I think that the people that set the tone for the show were really dominant females or great feminists, such as Barry, and I think that that just made everybody like if they weren’t huge advocates of women, they had to pretend to be because it would not fly.
And then there’s obviously Raquel Welch, you know. You don’t know when a woman like that shows up on set, I think a lot of people were kind of like, “What is it gonna be like?”  Like how is she gonna be? What is her attitude gonna be? And like she’s so sweet. She’s so quiet, she’s, you know, she really keeps to herself. She’s very, very polite, always says “hello” to everyone like you know what I mean. So
that really like just also set a tone because when–you know–a Hollywood legend shows up and it’s Raquel Welsh this like “babe-a-licious” woman, I don’t care how old she is like, “Hello, thank you,” ha ha ha ha, you know? So I don’t know I think that I feel really proud to be on a very like woman headstrong kind of show.  That’s said; that’s a blessing.
Right well, and I think–I think I kind of knew–I mean I-I knew that these guys had to be okay with all these women, but just hearing it from your perspective that just helps me understand….well, that’s why the show works so well.  And that’s great. You mention Raquel Welch, I mean I look at that woman and think she is so amazing. She looks so amazing.
I mean I’m thinking ah–
It doesn’t go without saying… you know, if anything, she’s a prime example of like someone who like of what you can look like if you take care of yourself, you know?  Uh, so there’s that. And of course, the living in a bit of luxury and things of that nature, but she’s definitely had an incredible life, so that’s for sure.
Oh yeah, it was–so when I found out she was a part of it, I was like,  “Oh my goodness!”  You know, like that was just a really big deal.
I remember when I did the first read-through with the cast I was doing it via Skype because I was in LA at the time, and I remember everyone saying “hi” to me because I didn’t know everyone who was part of the cast, like I hadn’t met them. And I remember right in front of the camera I couldn’t see all
of the cast. Like they said “hi” to me, but that they’d sit in their seats I remember Raquel sitting right in front of the camera and she was the first person I saw, and I was just like, “Raquel Welch is in this,” in my head.  And I remember my boyfriend was away and he had just come in and I remember writing on a piece of paper, and I was like, “Raquel Welch is playing Abuela,” and like handing it to him so
like I wouldn’t–you know–be too obvious. And he was like, “Really? My gosh, that’s awesome!”  So that was pretty exciting.
Right. There is actually a fan question.This is cool, so from James Clark.
Oh, hi, James.
He’s asking, “What does Cindy do in her ‘off time’ to relax?”
I feel like he’s asked me this on on Twitter before. Um, you know, to start off, I love what I do so much
that to me, as hard work as it can be and how time-consuming it can be, it’s so much fun that like I enjoy every minute of it. So, therefore, I find that relaxing. You know what I mean? Like when you love something so much, it’s easy to do. But I would say the things I do to actually relax are work out um because I really think creating like letting go of that energy gets rid of anxiety, creates endorphins, that’s really important to me. Working out, doing some sort some form of physical activity. I really enjoy meditating–that’s something that is a big part of my life. It’s not for two minutes; it’s for fifteen minutes or a half an hour, but I really try to fit that into my daily routine. Um and then just like socializing. I love socializing with people. I love, you know, eating out having a good
time. I love eating and eating. {laughs} I basically work out to eat. Um, I also really love reading. I love writing uh, but of course when I am working, I don’t have a lot of time for those things, but it’s, um, it’s finding the time to meditating and like grounding myself. Those things are really important to me. Then sometimes it’s just as easy as going to get a massage or pedicure… little things like that just to like feel girly again and kind of reset myself.
Okay, that all sounds really good.
Simple things. It’s all in the simplicity, you know? I really would like to travel more. My boyfriend and I are trying to plan a European vacation right now so we’re kind of trying to make that happen so that’s gonna be {hard} ’cause he works a lot as well, so we’re trying to take that time for ourselves.
Yeah well yeah, that would be exciting to do. I understand. Traveling takes some planning and probably not always that easy being an actor and trying to plan time to actually–’cause you get to travel for your job. It sounds great, you know, you get to go different places, but you don’t always get to go and vacation.
Exactly, yeah. You’ll have like one day off and you’ll visit, but you’re like brain dead basically. {laughs} Or working on your work that’s coming up so there’s never–there’s not a lot of downtime for sure. Your brain is like in work mode. It’s like go-go-go all the time.
Right, right. So now going back to your character Stephanie–
It seems like she-she has that thing of course of trying to find the perfect date for her {self}, but she also is always counseling her boss about what he should be looking for. So as Stephanie, what kind of person do you think he would be perfect for him if you had to pick someone out as your character? What kind of person does he need do you think?
Um, I think she would have to be someone who obviously loves kids. Uh, someone who is also career-driven, but also takes um time for herself. I think he needs a strong woman, a woman who can kind of
hold her own in a discussion. I think someone who’s physically active because he is as well; that’s a big part of his life. Um, maybe she has kids or maybe she doesn’t, I don’t know. Uh, that way it would kind of, you know, be easier for them to work together. Um yeah, I think someone with a sense of humor. some yeah, yeah I would say someone who’s a strong woman, a woman who loves kids, who’s outgoing and maybe has kids or maybe that being an option of some sorts.
Right, okay, yeah I bet that all sounds good. We’ll hope that he finds someone like that.
I know and probably someone who’s, you know, got it figured out.  Someone who can multitask ’cause he has trouble multi-tasking.  {laughs}
Right, right. {laughs}
I mean, no offense men out there, but you know women are known for being great multitaskers, so there’s that.
That is true, and I think most men that I know would agree with that, would admit that they do not multitask well.
Yeah, agreed, yeah.
If they don’t admit it, then they’re probably in denial. I mean nothing against them, {laughs} but that’s what I’ve seen. tThere are some more questions coming in here, so Audrey Weaver–she’s asking, “Do you watch yourself on screen?”And that’s actually good question because I know some actors do not like to watch themselves and they even avoid it and some really like to do it.
Um, I don’t have a problem with it. Um, I get more squeamish when I’m watching myself with other people. If I’m watching myself on my own, I really–I can, you know, watch it for what it is. I can kind of, you know, break it down like, “Oh okay, that was pretty.. that was pretty good.”  Like I can watch myself and like get myself props for the good work I’ve done or be like, “You know what? That could have been better, but oh, that seemed was good so..” You know, “Oh yeah that’s what–” or I’ll watch and be like, “Oh yeah, I remember that was going on when I was shooting this or like it’ll remind me of certain things so..” I don’t know, I think–I think personally I think it’s important to watch yourself or to see your work because I don’t know, our work is such a big part of our life that to me, it’s kind of like a big chapter of my life. So to negate or to ignore that is kind of–I feel like I’d be ignoring a big part of my life in a way. I mean I’m not at home watching myself on loop or anything like that, but  I watch everything I’ve done at least once just at least know what the heck everyone is talking about–you know, when they’re talking about my work.
Okay well, that’s good.  I think that now, of course, I realize not an actor, but I think that watching–I would think at least being willing to watch yourself is a good way of seeing, you know, how did it really come across? How could it be better? So I think that’s good, but I understand. When I watch these interviews back, and I watch them with my parents, it is a little bit like… “Okay, it’s..” But it doesn’t bother me too much, but it is that feeling of being self-conscious. 
You know what it is?  It’s accepting yourself for what is and you know people are, and we always critique ourselves way worse than anyone else does. Oh, and I also think that you know you just gotta accept for what it is You’re alive. You’re breathing.  You live in a great place, and that in itself is a gift.
And I also, you know, when watching myself, I also enjoy seeing what went on in the editing room because what we’ve done–which is one of the reasons why I like to watch it–what we did in the room can be so different than how they edited it. And then with the music added on and people’s reactions like, it gives you a whole–and editing can truly be magic. Like you can take something that is horrible and make it an award-winning just through editing honestly, so that is pretty awesome.
Yeah, I think I’ve actually heard that because I’ve heard that you want–that the editor can kind of make or break you. I have heard that from other actors because sometimes the editing can–there are times where I know the editing can really can make it not as good, so you want to hope that you have a really good editor. and if it’s an editor–
In theater school, they told me, they’re like,  “If there’s one friend you need to make on-set, it’s the editor.”  And I was like, “fair enough.”  I mean, unfortunately, we don’t really get to see them very often because they’re always in some dark cave somewhere editing our face, but then you meet them at like the wrap party and they’re like, “Cindy,” and you’re like, “Oh my gosh, who are you?” And they’re like, “I’ve been watching your face for the last like six months.”  And you’re like, I’m so sorry.” Haha! You know?
Right, right. Um, so now going back to Date My Dad, um now I know you can’t tell us how the season ends. I’m not asking for a spoiler as far as that goes, but are we going to have some kind of resolution? Is there going to at least be a resolution? Are we going to be left hanging at the end of this season or are we going to have a resolution? Or is it going to kind of be a mixed bag? What are we looking at?
There’s a little bit of a resolution, but it also will be very interesting when we find out that there
may be a season two. We haven’t found that out yet but, I had spoken to Nina before the season was over ’cause she already had to start thinking about a season two if there would be just to submit some ideas and things like that.  And she already knew how the second season would start.  So um knowing that and knowing how we ended the first season, that’s pretty cool. But yeah, there’ll be a couple resolutions, but you know you can never be too sure anytime anything happens. But uh yeah, I think–I think what will be nice is you’ll see a little bit more of my relationship with as a friendship with Barry–Ricky’s character–and how you know she tries to help uh she tries to help him along the way and you’ll and there’s a new character coming into the show. His name is uh Bjorn but we call him Thor on the on the show. His name–it’s played by–his name is Victor Zinck who plays uh Thor AKA
Bjorn, and his character works at the gym. He’s amazing so he brings a really cool dynamic into the show as well. So that’s something to look forward to. And um so yeah, I think–I think what’s going to
happen is as the end of the season comes along there’s gonna be a lot more dynamic and a lot more stuff going on. You know, the beginning of any first season is just kind of like introducing what’s going on, showing the conflict, but as the season unravels, it’s really gonna start getting a little bit more intense, and you’re gonna–yeah–you’ll start to feel some things happening. But again, I hate not being able to tell. It sucks. {laughs}
That’s okay. I was just gonna say we actually have a really special person that just joined the audience. I was I looked down and was like, “Oh my goodness!”
I just saw that Andrea {Brooks} said hi!
Right, yes and I’m like “wow!”  So that’s cool ’cause she was part of the group–she got to be in my very first broadcast and she was so nice.  And so that’s nice.  She’s amazing.
Yeah, I love Andrea. She’s amazing.
Yes, she is. So, Andrea, so glad that you stopped by. That’s great. Thank you so much for that.  So how do–you’re mentioning season two. Well, how do we as the viewers help secure a season two?
The best way–I mean–what you have always been so great at doing–which is supporting us, promoting, um you know, hashtagging Date My Dad um anytime you have anything to say about the show specifically on Friday nights 9:00 Eastern UPTV or in Canada on the W Network Tuesday nights
at 9:00. Um, and so that that would be the best way–promoting it, talking about it to your friends, watching it, PVRing/DVRing it, whatever you call it. Um, and that’s really just the best way. Nowadays, social media is so important. It’s so important to everything and anything. Like, you know people get hired because of social media. You know that shows are picked up for other seasons
because of fans. And honestly, shows wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for you guys watching. So that is a huge component and support and the love that I’ve gotten and the show’s gotten is so overwhelming and it’s so incredible. And every time I read every message–like you know you get one odd random person that’s negative, and like I don’t even like–I don’t even pay attention to that because it’s so not worth it, and I’m like, “You know what?  If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it at all. Or go do something else or go talk to someone who cares ’cause it’s not here!” Hahaha! You know but yeah I think the best way is honestly just watching the show, sharing it with your friends because we all know people that would love a show like this. Like you mentioned there’s just not a lot of this kind of content on. So that’s the best–that would be the best thing to do for sure. And write to UP TV and tell them we want another season!
Oh yeah ’cause I I know that um–I know that they’re even though there are not a lot of people tuned into this broadcast,  I mean I know that you know that there’s a lot of viewers of the show and they want a season two. I mean yes like we wanted a season two.  I think that you guys and UP TV did such a good job of promoting the show before it even aired.
I agree, I agree. Actually, my friend was on a Virgin Airlines flight, uh like I think it was a couple days
before the show aired, and she saw a commercial like on the Virgin flight for Date My Dad, and she’s like, “I was sitting there on my seat and all of a sudden, there’s Cindy!” She’s like, “Wow, wow, wow…you know that famous line that I said. And she was like, “That was you!”  and I was like “Yes! Amazing!” You know, so it’s it stuff like that that’s so so enjoyable. And again, UP TV really did a great job. I mean, this is their first scripted series, um so that’s pretty–I mean that’s of its kind anyway–and so I think it’s nice as well because they also air Heartland, which is another show that I was on. So that’s really nice. A lot of people can see my, you know, my familiar face on Heartland as well as on Date My Dad. And A Puppy for Christmas aired on UP TV as well.  So I’ve been, you know, just like Hallmark…Hallmark and Up TV has been so good to me and they really create incredible family content. And listen, I wouldn’t have half–like most of my career’s been family content I’m so so happy and grateful about that.
So  James wrote something. He’s like, “Uh, I always hashtag UP TV.” Yay!
I always try to remember to hashtag or tag the show whenever I tweet anything out. {I also have another question.} Is this the first time that you’ve gotten to work with kids? I wasn’t exactly–I mean to work that closely. I know that you had your a small role on When Calls the Heart. I don’t really know if you got to work with kids so much on that.
I just got to meet them in–I got to meet them and–but yeah, I didn’t really have any direct um scenes. I had the scene when I came out of the carriage, uh but yeah, that was about it. I didn’t have any
direct scenes. Have I ever worked with kids? Yeah, I guess on on Heartland a little bit. Um, Jessica
Amlee was who played Mallory. She was only, I think, 12 or 13 when she started the show, and so that was that was awesome. You know, there’s something about kid actors that’s so special. Uh, first of all, they’re way their way beyond their years. Like they’re just like old souls in like these small
bodies Haha! So but I am but you know I I really enjoy them. I’m a kid at heart personally, so I always connect really well and I love to have fun and I love to be silly and they do as well. And Zenia {Marshall} and Lila {Fitzgerald} and Audrey {Smallman} are so–there’s no competition. There’s no
weirdness between them. They’re honestly–they act like sisters. And I know that they’ve hung out like outside of work as well. And they–and you know–they invited me too, but then it got canceled one time, and I was like, “I was gonna go!” Like I really wanted to go ’cause they’re so lovely and there’s so much fun. And that Audrey–such a little spitfire. And Zenia is such a talented singer. And Lila knits all the time in between scenes. She is an avid knitter–really, really talented. And all their moms and Zenia’s sister comes to set with her because they’re under 18, but their moms and the sister are so lovely. And they’re part of the cast; they’re part of the crew as well because they’re there every single day that they are. So they’re part of the family too, which is kind of special. But you get to see, you know, why they’re such lovely human beings as you get to meet their parents. And they’re not like show moms or they’re not, you know, anything like that.  They just sit there and they’re like, “Whatever.  Just another day.” And uh and I find that really special and I really respect that a lot. And then that also shows you why they’re such strong women is you get to meet their strong female influences–their moms. And you know, my mom is a very strong influence in my life and I have such a–I have a soft spot for moms because you know, you guys just work your butts off–dads too by the way, dads too. And that’s actually one of the things I love about Date My Dad is that Ricky Cooper is such a great role model for single dads or dads who show up. Because I got to tell you they don’t get enough props in a world that…you know, there are some dads out there that aren’t present, but there are so many great dads that are and I I think that’s amazing and like keep up that good work because you deserve it and all kids deserve to have great dads because they’re just as important as great moms.
Right, right. Well, of course, he’s got it–he’s got it tough because he’s got three girls. He has no sons!
I know! He’s gone through all the puberty stuff with them {laughs}
I’d say so. So yeah, definitely. I mean, uh that Ricky–Ricky Cooper–he is awesome. I mean that that character is awesome. Barry Watson plays him so well. I mean, it is fantastic. So I know some questions have been asked.  Um now, James I’ve not been ignoring you. I’ve been getting to it ’cause–but I want you to know I’m not ignoring you. Of course, we want to know what other works you have coming up that you mention.
Um yeah, I I have a movie called Betting on the Bride that I did. I think it’s gonna be  Hallmark. And that one was so much fun. It’s with Carissa Lee Staples, and she plays my sister–well I play her sister. Um and it’s another kind of bridal movie, but really, really funny, really heartwarming and also a very strong female cast. And yeah, so I’ve got that coming out. I’m not sure the dates–I’m really not sure,
but of course, on my social media, I will advertise the crap out of it one time when the time comes.
So I have Betting on the Bride. Then I have a Runaway Christmas Bride that I just did with Ion and that I’m assuming will be out sometime Christmas time, probably December.
And then the last thing I just did is called The Ranch and that is a Marvista movie, which is the same company that did A Puppy For Christmas. And again, I’m not sure a which it could be Hallmark or UP TV or I’m not sure yet uh and that is called The Ranch and potentially changing the title, though so uh not a hundred percent sure. But Kevin McGarry plays in that with me, and he is on Heartland now as well. We never got to be on the show at the same time, but he is a cast member. This is his third year now. And he was so lovely, uh and we have the same birthday, which is so funny, I know. What are the chances? Yeah, yeah, March 18th. So we have the same birthday and that was really cool. And so again, that one is gonna be out in the fall because it’s supposed to be done by end of September, so I’m assuming it’ll be out sometime in the fall. But again, I’ll be advertising those um as they come. Um so yeah, it’s been a really, really incredible busy year for me and I’m just yeah, I’m just so happy and
excited about everything. I feel so grateful. And you know the best part of it is? Not only do I get to play really fun characters, but the people I get to work with it’s–I was telling that you know, circumstances on sets aren’t always perfect, but if the people you work with are amazing, that makes all the difference. It’s like–it’s like anything, right? Like you know, you can be having a bad day, but if you’re in good company, what does it matter if you got a flat tire in the road because you’re with it– you’re with someone you love so. That’s all that matters.
Right, right. I  agree with you on that definitely. Um, so I guess the question’s coming up, “What movie is it that has the skiing?
That’s um, um, Runaway Christmas Bride, yes.
All right, ’cause I wasn’t sure. I was thinking, “Okay, I want to ask because I wasn’t sure which one was either.” 
And we actually shot that on a real ski slope. As you know, a lot of these Christmas movies um
aren’t shot with real snow, which is, you know, which is fine. But we actually shot with real snow on a mountain called Mount Washington. It’s just on Vancouver Island and uh it was such a
beautiful place, but there’s so much snow. But it was–we were shooting there on a week where it was about like in 80 degrees or so like hot probably like 85 and we were wearing like ski jackets and gloves and the whole thing and I remember looking at Travis Milne, who was my co-star in that, he–I remember at one point he was off camera. So he unzipped jacket and I remember looking at his t-shirt and was just like drenched in sweat and I just remember thinking like, “Oh my goodness, this is-this is–” I mean good problems, but still very and very uncomfortable. But it’s better than freezing and I suppose so there’s that.
Yeah ’cause I know that people who filmed some spring movies in Vancouver um when
we had–when there was all the snow back in January and February. Oh I know and they had to-and they were filming and it was supposed to be springtime and there’s snow!
And Vancouver never gets snow! This year’s been so out of whack, but what can you do? It’s Mother Nature; she makes her own rules.
That’s so true. Now are you–I know it’s listed in your IMDB that you are in um–what’s the name of the show? Is it Somewhere Be-Somewhere
Yeah, it’s Somewhere Between. It’s an ABC series.
Right, and that I think is scheduled–at least I had heard that it’s scheduled to be out next month. I don’t know if that’s true, but I had heard it one time.
I actually have no idea. What–like probably. I know that they just about finished shooting. I think they finished like last week or they were finishing this week. But yeah, and I’m assuming it’ll be
pretty soon because they started in February–end of February, I think it was. So yeah probably soonish. But oh my gosh, that is a show to watch! No kidding! This story–I mean, it’s going to be very
different than like the Hallmark stuff, but it’s gonna be one of those shows that’s gonna keep you on the edge of your seat. You’re not gonna know what’s gonna happen next. It is really cool. It’s a really cool show.
And there are so many talented people–
Oh, I know! The cast list–it’s like you look at the cast list and I mean I couldn’t get over the talent that is connected to that.
Yeah yeah, it’s definitely gonna be a great show to watch.
So I think you’re like on a couple episodes. I think that’s what it said…
Yeah, I think I’m in three episodes. it’s just a nice–it’s a nice like little cameo for me. Um, I was so
grateful to have been a part of it and yeah, it’s super super exciting – I can’t wait! I honestly– and it was really–I mean I can’t even talk about any of it other than it’s a show and I’m in it. {laughs}
Right, I know!
I only know scripts I was in. Like I don’t–there’s so many holes in thes tory that I don’t know, so I’m really looking forward to watching it myself.
So you can see, “How does my character fit in?” I can imagine, yeah.
Well okay, I think, at least, I had heard–because I interviewed–I haven’t actually posted the interview yet, but I interviewed Aaron Craven who’s in it, and ’cause he was one who said, “Well, if you’re asking about that show, I can’t tell you anything.”  I don’t want spoilers. I just want to promote it for you. I just want to say you’re in it.
I’m in it, and that’s all I can say. {laughs}
Yeah, he said, “I can’t say anything,” but it’s okay. It’s all right.
Yeah, thank you for asking. That’s awesome.
Yeah, at least he’d mentioned it’s supposed to be next month. I mean, we’ll see, you know. I know things change sometimes, but at least it’s a big network show and–
So and I know it’s a go, so it’s not like they’re just gonna all of a sudden say, “No, we’re not, you know we changed our minds.”  
This one is for sure.
That is good. So that’s that’s something that we have to look forward to coming up somewhat soon.
Yeah, absolutely.
Oh, that’ll be good. We’ll be looking forward to that. Um now, of course, the Hearties–um, it was so great and I know we mentioned it was so great to see you on When Calls the Heart. That was awesome to have you join that cast and even though it was a couple episodes and your character wasn’t that nice to begin with. Your character–eventually your character was good.
Yeah, but you know what? You gotta have–you gotta have the characters that bring in some action because TV wouldn’t be exciting. Nobody would watch if everything was like cookie cutter, you know what I mean? And I really I hate to say it, but I really love playing characters like that. Like I love being the antagonist and bringing some drama to stories. And I know and ’cause I know I’m not like that in real life so it doesn’t bother me. And I think I play them pretty well ’cause people get pretty fired up about it. So that’s usually a good sign. Um but yeah, I  had auditioned for When Calls the Heart a couple times… not that much. Um, and I was really happy to get to play that character. Um, I was sad that Andrea and I didn’t get to work together, but uh yeah it was really nice. And I mean, I don’t know if my character would ever come back. You know, anything is possible. I would obviously totally be into that and gladly go to to the show again. And getting to play on a period piece was so fun! I’d only ever done that I think like once or twice before, but this was like the oldest I’ve gone so that was really, really cool to get to um try on those costumes. And they actually had most of my costumes tailored to my body, which is what they mostly do. Um yeah, so the the costume designers are incredible on that show. And yeah, Erin {Krakow} is lovely. Lori {Loughlin} is amazing.
Um yeah I know again–I think one of the number one things I love working–and you know my best friend Sarah Smyth and I were actually just having a walk yesterday, and we were talking about this– we’re talking about Hallmark and we’re like, “You know what the best thing about Hallmark is? It’s that every time I work on one of their projects,” (and she was saying the same) “it is one of the funnest, most enjoyable experiences.” Like everyone on set is awesome. The crews just know what they’re doing. It’s like a well-oiled machine. The producers are great. They just come in. They make these movies or these TV shows. They leave. It’s like it just works. And I really respect how well they execute things and how they make them happen and how easy it is because that’s not the case for a lot of things. And I think that they’ve really figured out a formula that works well and that’s such a great thing that they have and that is a wonderful experience for someone like me.
Right, I could not agree more. I mean I–mean I know I’ve not been on a set–a Hallmark set or anything, but I have heard what you’re saying is exactly from every actor every cast member crew member. I hear it’s an amazing thing that Hallmark has going.
Yeah absolutely. And actually they just keep growing and growing and there’s such a big market for what they do. People love it and again, it comes back down to the same thing Up TV’s doing. It’s like creating content for families because they’ve gotten forgotten along the way, you know? So that’s why it’s working so well.
Right. Then, of course, we’ve gotten to see you on Hailey Dean also, Hailey Dean Mystery. I was so excited ’cause I knew you were on the first one, and then to turn around it’s like, “Oh! They put her on the second one too!”
I know! That was actually unexpected for me as well because I when I originally did the first one–which was the first one they ever did–I didn’t know that they would ask me to come back. It was kind of like an open-ended sort of thing. Um and so when I got the call, I was working on Date My Dad and for the second one, and my agent called me and told me that they wanted me to come back and I was like, “Of course, I would love to come back.” And you know, the producers of Date My Dad were awesome and Hailey Dean and we were able to make it work in my schedule, which was lovely. And you know, it was nice to just like to just get back with the same director and same–pretty much
the same cast other than a few new people–obviously a new villain and all that kind of thing. But uh yeah, it was so great seeing Kellie {Martin}. Uh, Kellie and I went for dinner one night like she’s just I don’t know.  All I feel all I can say is lovely things about everyone I work with apparently, but I I truly feel so lucky. Like I get to work with amazing people and Kellie is probably one of the most down-to-earth people I’ve ever worked with. Like hands down, just a good human being who’s a great, talented
actress who just shows up has fun, grateful for what she does and is a great family woman. She’s got her priorities straight, and I really, really dig that about her. And she’s hilarious. It’s funny. She plays a lot of dramatic stuff, but she is so funny. I love it. I love–I think I get along the best with people that have such a great sense of humor ’cause at least ’cause they don’t take themselves so seriously, and I think that that’s one of the great things I love about Barry and Date My Dad and then one of the things I loved about Kellie too – is that she’s just like always ready to just like, you know, kind
of like riff raff with me.
Right, Right. So have you heard whether they’re gonna do any more Hailey Dean Mysteries?
Um, I think they’re supposed to. Um, it’s definitely–I think it’s supposed to be an ongoing series,
but I don’t know when they’re gonna be shooting them. Or I–it’s I guess it just depends on a lot of availabilities and things like that and scripts. But again, if there’s another one, I don’t know if I would be in it, but of course, I would–I would definitely be a part of it if they asked me to.
And I’m assuming that you haven’t heard any more about whether there’ll be a sequel to Unleashing Mr. Darcy.
Um yeah, that’s a tough one. I–again, I can’t really say too much, but I definitely heard some positive things in that regards, but I haven’t been contacted in reference to scheduling or hiring or anything like that. So I definitely think there is there is an Unleashing Mr. Darcy 2 floating around in the universe somewhere which has been talked about–uh definitely seriously talked about–but uh we haven’t shot anything and I haven’t been personally contacted yet. So it’s not in the wheelhouse right now, but I wouldn’t close the chapter on it is what I’m saying.
That sounds good.
Well, I don’t want to be–I don’t want to be 50 doing Unleashing Mr. Darcy 2. {laughs}
Oh, but I bet you’ll look amazing at fifty. I mean, my goodness, you– 
I’ll get some of Raquel Welch’s secrets. oh yeah so see that we
Oh yeah, there ya go.  So see, we have to have a season two so you can go back and get all those secrets from her and say–
There ya go.
Yeah, we gotta get a season two so that Cindy can get all those beauty secrets and she can keep looking and feeling young, and yeah she’ll be just as amazing and she can keep going. At eighty, she can still make all those movies. {laughs}  
You know what? At 80, why not? Probably need to get some new dogs though, that’s for sure. I don’t know that they’ll last that long.
That’s true. I hadn’t thought about that. Well, I know that it can happen as far as there being a sequel because it was not that long ago that–I don’t know if you’ve heard about All of My Heart–if you know about that that Hallmark movie?
All of My Heart was a movie that because of the fans and because of people connected with it–’cause that was a Brennan Elliot and Lacey Chabert. {It came out} a couple of years ago and it was a big, big deal. I mean we pushed–we fans kept pushing–“We want a sequel! We want a sequel!”  And now a sequel is actually going to happen and so they’re actually going to shoot–their plans are to shoot a sequel um later–late summer/early fall.
Really? That’s so awesome!
That took a couple of years.
So this is the power you guys have. I mean you guys just have to keep requesting things and
that’s all it takes, you know, some positive reinforcement.
That’s right. You never know.
I know Unleashing Mr. Darcy {was loved} a lot. So that’s for sure.
Right so we would have to just keep working for another year or so, get everything lined up and I mean, I know the author’s {Teri Wilson} on board.
Oh, she’s totally on board! She is so lovely and I hope she can make another cameo in the second when and if we shoot it.  So that would be pretty cool.
Right, right. Um, let’s see–oh yeah, I was gonna ask you–so now you’re finally a part of the comedy series, which is something that you have really wanted to do for so long–
Is this something–are you going to ever get to a point where maybe you write your own comedy series, direct it, star in it, kind of do it all, or is that something you’re thinking about?
Um, yeah. I definitely would like to dabble in other things other than acting. I think um writing is–I have a couple friends of mine–Elise and Devin–we started writing sketches together uh and we put that a little bit on hold because we got busy, but I know that we’re gonna we get back into it. And I think maybe directing–I think producing is something I would really like to get into actually. Um, that’s what my boyfriend does. He’s in producing and I would really like to dabble in that. And I think that I have a lot of great ideas, but I also am a very organized person. I feel like I’m a very big mover and a shaker sort of thing, and I think that that–I think producing is incredible because you really start from the beginning and you’re there till the end. And the reason things come about is because of producers in production and so that’s absolutely something I’m really interested in right now. It’s cool because the the producers of The Ranch that I just worked it with Good Soldier Films–they are a director/producer combo, together a married couple–Brigitte {Kingsley} and Andrew {Cymek}. And I was really, really passionate and fascinated by what they did, and it was actually really nice to work with them and see them. Brigitte was the producer and she was just so awesome and worked really hard. And just they delivered and they made a great product. And you know what? She–they actually really planted a seed in me to explore the behind-the-scenes a lot more and I’m really excited to do that. So it’s very, very much in the early stages, but it’s something that I’m starting to kind of really think about and just start to pursue.
Okay well, that’s good.  Yeah, I think I could see you as a producer. I actually could see you eventually– you know maybe you’re not at that point yet, but I could see you eventually directing too. I don’t know, I just I think–
I would love-I mean I would love to direct absolutely. I–that’s definitely on my list.  You know, there’s so many wonderful things, and I think as a woman too um there’s different–there’s not enough female directors, but I think it’s becoming more and more. And I think Wonder Woman is a great example of how great that can be. So yeah, I’m definitely open to the opportunity. I think that anything is possible and I think the possibilities are endless, so I’m totally open and excited about it.
Right well, that is good ’cause I just keep thinking that it’s really cool for me because–I realize I didn’t watch you in Heartland, but I’ve been watching you then since Cedar Cove. And it’s just been neat to see the progression of your career and to see all these opportunities come your way.
Aw, thanks.
And I’m just always–I get so excited um when there are these people like you that I just follow so closely and I watch everything that you’re in. And um, it’s so neat to see all these opportunities come your way because it’s like I know how hard you’ve worked to get there.
Yeah, you know I appreciate you saying that because it’s so easy for people to just watch the final product and not–and just see all of the greatness of it and it is all great, but it’s definitely so much work. And you know there’s a lot of ups and downs in every actor’s career and of course, most of social media just highlights all of the great parts, and because, you know, with reason. It’s incredible when it’s going really well, but there are moments where it’s not going so so great, but you know nobody really talks about that part. But I–you know–it’s people like you and any fan that like anytime people are busy and great things are happening, it’s just nice to know that the support is there and that is probably my favorite part of the Hallmark community is the support. I mean, you guys are just like above and beyond anything else. I probably compare it to the sci-fi community actually because
the sci-fi community is huge and they will support you till the end. And I think that that has been the greatest gift, as far as um as Hallmark, you know, Hallmark–any kind of family show has taught
Yeah, well that I can say I know that the Hallmark community has been wonderful for me because they and the Hearties–I mean now that you–with the Hearties, you probably get all the support from the Hearties as well because–
Yeah, totally!
Because the Hearties are like this big, I mean, they’re a big part of that Hallmark community and they are a force to be reckoned with.
Oh yeah, they are they are very present and they’re very protective and I get it, you know, I get it.
And that’s why when I showed up, they like loved to hate my character, but like there was a lot of
love there, so it’s all good. Um but yeah, I mean, the Hearties have welcomed me with open arms like from the minute I started advertising it, and they were so excited because a lot of them recognized me from other things. And so I think that when you have someone who enjoys your work and then you show up on their favorite show, it’s like it’s heaven really.
Right, right. Actually, yeah. Shoutout to uh I think it’s Kate Whitley says–
Hallmark fans are the best! Wohoo! Thanks, Kate, they are.
And  I can assure you that Hallmark fans will come and watch this interview once it gets reposted and everything.
For sure. No, absolutely. You know what? It’s Friday. It’s five o’clock, people, and I don’t know what
it’s like where everybody else is living, but in Vancouver right now it is like there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Like it is, I’ll give you a little sneak peek. Pretty nice out there right now. Pretty beautiful. So that’s that’s the view I’m looking at right now.
Wow, it’s nice of a break from the rain. definitely uh definitely.
It’s definitely been rainy, that is for sure.
Right, right. Well, I think–I was making sure that we’ve gotten to all the questions people posted and I mean, it’s been–it’s been great. I so appreciate, Cindy, that you know, you take the time to do this ’cause I know we covered a lot of ground. We’ve actually picked up viewers. It’s been something to watch the viewers. At one point, we had three, and now we have eight. We’re ending like we’ve more than doubled. That’s really cool um because like you said, it’s Friday afternoon, Friday evening. And so um so anyway, I just I thank you for taking the time to do this, and um yeah, it’s been great chatting with you. I’ve learned a lot. 
No, honestly, it’s been my pleasure. I’m so happy to um talk about Date My Dad because again, it’s such a passion project for me, and I’m in and I’m really happy to touch base with all of the other Hallmark stuff. And again thanks to you for always being such a big supporter of mine and a big Hallmark supporter. And I know that you’re kind of–it’s funny, I talked to Chris, who’s my boyfriend, and I told him like, “I have my interview with Ruth Hill today,” and he’s like, “Oh yeah, Ruth!” because I always–it’s funny, I refer to you as like the “godmother of Hallmark.”{laughs}
{laughs} Okay, I haven’t heard that one. Okay!
Because I just I feel like you kind of–I feel like the community is there, but you kind of like bring–you like rally the troops together like, “All right, all right, everybody, we’re doing this!”  I’m like, it’s just like, it’s really cool to have someone like you and I think, um, I think there’s a couple of you, but you’re the one who stands out for me. And anyway, but thank you for making this happen and uh sharing it with everyone. That’s awesome.
Well, thank you. It’s just–now I have a new title. I haven’t heard that one.
Godmother of Hallmark, there you go, uh as said by Cindy Busby.
Oh yeah, I’ll remember that. This is really cool. And for those of you who might have missed most {of the interview} ’cause I noticed–like Kate’s worried that she’s missed most of this. This will be put all together so people be able to sit down and watch it. I’ll, you know edit out the beginning and will make it look really good, so don’t worry if, you know, if you missed it. You’ll still get to rewatch it.
And I will retweet as well and share on my Facebook page.
So yeah, it will be there. It won’t be going away. Um it’ll be back up probably by sometime early tomorrow. And we’ll get it.
All right.
Thank you so much. Enjoy Date My Dad tonight–every Friday on UP TV at 9:00 Eastern and then in Canada the W Network on Tuesdays. Thank you.
Well, all right.  Well, I know that I’ll be watching and I’m sure that a lot of other people be watching, so thank you so much, Cindy. It was lovely getting to talk to you.
Lovely talking to you. Thank you for everything. Bye, everybody who tuned in. Muah!
Okay, all right, bye.


Streamed live on Jun 23, 2017


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  1. Sandra Watts June 29, 2017 Reply

    I am not familiar with her or the show. Thanks for the interview however.

    • Author
      Ruth June 29, 2017 Reply

      Sandra, thanks for checking it out. I didn’t always know who she was either. But I hope you think about checking out Date My Dad.

  2. Tammy June 29, 2017 Reply

    Good Interview Ruth 😊

    • Author
      Ruth June 30, 2017 Reply

      Thank you Tammy

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