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By Ruth on May 8, 2017 in Interview, movie, television

Sometimes when I am watching Hallmark or even another network, a young actor’s performance just bursts forth from the screen, and I find myself captivated and impressed. When I watched the premiere of October Kiss, I found the girl and boy in the film quite enchanting. Some time ago, I got to interview Kiefer O’Reilly (who played Zach), but I am so privileged today to be able to share the fantastic chat I had with Hannah Cheramy, who gave life to Zoe in that beloved film. That being said, October Kiss only scratches the surface of the depth of talent and maturity possessed by this Leo-Award-Nominated actress. 

RH: Hannah, I am so glad it worked out to talk to you today.

HC: Me, too, Ruth.

I was refreshing my memory about your works, and I realized I have seen you in almost everything you’ve ever done.

That’s awesome!

How old are you now?

I’m thirteen.

Wow–how old were you when you started?

I think I was about eleven.

You’ve done quite a bit in two years. 

{laughs} Thank you.

So, Hannah, how did you decide to become an actress?

I used to watch a lot of Hannah Montana and other TV shows like that, and I always wanted to be on one of those shows. I went to my mom like, “Mom, I want to be an actress!” And she was like, “Oh, okay, I’ll look into getting you an agent.” But there are so many girls who want to be actresses, so she knew the chances were very slim that my dream would come true. Two years later, I went, “Mom, mom! Can I please get an agent? I want to be an actress!” My mom and dad went to this dinner for her work, and she ran into this lady that she knew who asked, “Is your daughter interested in acting?” My mom was like, “Yes, definitely!” This woman was like, “Well, send me her picture. My best friend owns a talent agency. I can get you a meeting with her so your daughter can get an agent.” And the rest is history.

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a story quite like that. That’s really neat the way all that happened. 

I was extremely lucky!

The first thing you did was October Kiss, right?

from The Hollow

That was the second movie I did. The first movie I did was an indie film. It was an independent horror film. It went to the Victoria Film Festival as well as others. It’s called The Hollow Child. And I have some exciting news about that. I was nominated for a Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance by a Female for that film!

Congratulations, Hannah! Fingers crossed for you that you win!

Thank you. I’m excited.


Back to October Kiss, which is the first time viewers would have seen you, how did you get that role?

I did the first two auditions, and those were very close together. We thought we would hear back right away. But we didn’t hear back for a few days or weeks–I don’t remember for sure. I went away with my cousin to Vancouver Island, and we got a call that I had to come back the next day because I had my third callback with the director and the producer. So I got on a ferry and went back for the callback and got the role. And that was super cool.

Photo (Left to Right): Ashley Williams, Hannah Cheramy, Sam Jaeger, Kiefer O’Reilly Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

October Kiss is still one of those films that is very popular. Even last year when Hallmark replayed it, everyone was still talking about that one. It is one of those films that you see it, and you remember it. You had a fantastic cast to work with.

Oh, it was just amazing!

You’re young co-star–

Kiefer {O’Reilly}?

with Kiefer at the Joey Awards

Yes, I got to interview him, and he remembers October Kiss very fondly. And I got to interview Ashley Williams, who is amazing. Kiefer said you guys were like a family on set, and you two were just like brother and sister. 

It was so nice. Everyone was so supportive. If you forgot the lines, they were like, “That’s great. It’s okay. We can just do it again.” There was no criticism at all. They were all like my family.

I love hearing that, and I’m so glad you got that experience. I always hear good things about Hallmark, but you put it in a way I hadn’t heard before. There are some sets that are really strict, which I understand why it has to be like that. But I’m glad you had such a wonderful experience. {pause} Was My Sweet Audrina next? 

Yes, I think so.

I also got to see that one. In fact, I interviewed Imogen {Tear}, who was also in that. That movie was a very heavy, dramatic movie dealing with very mature things. What was your experience like when you were filming?

I knew that it was going to be a film that wasn’t exactly appropriate for my age, so my parents were very hesitant to let me watch it when it first came out. But the cast and crew were really supportive of both me and Imogen. Since we were so young, they made it seem like it wasn’t a horror movie. They made it fun for us on set, but when it came time for shooting, it was very serious on set.

That’s good. Imogen and her mom told me similar things about how Imogen was protected from the more mature content, and it sounds like they did the same thing for you. It sounds like they made it so it wasn’t scary. It is a very intense film. Has your mom let you see it?

Yeah, we watched it. I didn’t read the full script at first, so when I first watched it, I was like, “Oh my gosh, I wasn’t expecting that at all!”

Although the movie is very intense, I thought it was well done, and I’m glad you had a good experience. {pause} So from there, you came back to Hallmark for Summer Love.

Yes, that’s right.

Hannah Cheramy (Addison), Rachael Leigh Cook (Maya) Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ryan Plummer

Summer Love was wonderful; we loved it in my family. But what’s cool is I got to interview all three of the main stars. And you got to play Rachael Leigh Cook‘s daughter.

Yes, I played Alison.

How did the auditioning for this Hallmark film compare with your audition for October Kiss?

It was the same director as October Kiss, so it was very familiar.

How did the on-screen filming atmosphere compare?

It was wonderful. Rachael Leigh was amazing to work with; she’s so nice.

Listed next on IMDB is the movie Collossal. What can you tell us about that one?

I know it was in a film festival in Toronto. And it’s already out in some areas of the world. It’s on a somewhat limited release still and in some film festivals. Anne Hathaway is the star of the film, and I play the young version of her character.  Jason Sudeikis is also in the film.

Since this is a film with some big names, how did you get involved with this project?

I went to the auditions, and I talked a lot with the director. He was so nice. We got along very well. And then I booked it.

Since you were playing the younger version of Anne Hathaway, did you get to meet her?

I saw her from a distance, but I didn’t actually get to meet her ’cause she was in the middle of filming a scene. My role in the film is a pretty small part. In fact, it’s a non-speaking part. I’m in about two or three scenes.

with Kelly Overton from Van helsing

I didn’t realize that you were also in Van Helsing. I have only seen the first episode at this point.

I was in the second and thirteenth episode of the first season. And I just finished filming season two of Van Helsing, so that will be coming out this fall.

IMDB has you listed in the first episode, and so I was afraid I had missed you.

I think I’m a picture in that first episode.

That makes sense. I actually interviewed Alison Wandzura right before the show started last year, and she got me interested in the show. So with Van Helsing, I’m thinking that is another intense show for you to be a part of at your age.

Oh, yes, it’s intense.

Did your parents have any concerns with you being a part of it?

No, not really. I’m at a public school, and there’s lots of swearing around me. And so I was used to that kind of thing on set. I’ve done other heavy, hard-hitting roles, so it wasn’t a big deal. My parents were hesitant to let me watch a few of the episodes ’cause they’re quite gory. But it was no problem filming.

What can you tell us about your character in the show?

She is twelve years old, and at the beginning, she’s a really sweet girl. Her mom has to do a lot of fighting, and she’s used to her mom doing all that, so my character has built herself up to be like her own mom, I guess I’d say. But her mom is really sweet to her, and then my character goes missing. Throughout the season, the main character, Vanessa {Kelly Overton}, keeps saying, “I have to find my daughter. I have to find my daughter, Dylan.” Everyone keeps telling her that I’m dead and that she won’t find me.

So you play the main character’s daughter. I remember how in the first episode, she mentions that you’re missing. Now it all makes sense. 

Yes, Vanessa was in a coma for three years. She wakes up and tells everyone that she has to find her daughter. And that’s how season one starts.

That is really a cool part. Even though you aren’t in many episodes, your character is a focal point for that main character. I am really excited to see the rest of season one, but I have to pick my times wisely. Van Helsing is one of those shows I can’t watch right before I go to bed.

Yes, I know what you mean. If I watch something like that right before I go to bed, then I watch a Disney show so I have good thoughts in my mind when I go to bed.

Well, the show is definitely on my to-watch list, and hopefully I’ll catch up before season two comes out this fall since I know you’re in that season too. I’m so glad you got to play such a neat part, and I can hardly wait to see it!

You will be able to see me beginning in the second half of the second episode which is a much calmer episode than the first.

Any memories from filming it?

I honestly had a great time filming it. I do remember in one of the episodes, one of the characters and her boyfriend are yelling at each other. They were swearing and screaming. After we finished that scene, the director came over to me and said, “I’m sorry you had to listen to all that stuff.” And I said, “Oh, don’t worry about it. It’s okay.” Then the director apologized to my dad, and he was like, “Oh, no, it’s okay. It’s all good.”

How do you manage school when you’re filming?

I go to public school. When I’m filming, there’s a tutor on set. I’ve had no problem keeping up as of yet. My parents have told me that if my marks start going down at school, they’ll pull me out of acting.

Honestly, I think that’s good. Basically, every young actor I talk to who is still in school, that’s exactly what their parents say. That’s probably a key to your success in many ways. 

My parents are really supportive. They’re the best. Actually, my first term this school year was the best one I had ever gotten. I got six A’s and two B’s. And in between there, I had to do filming and auditions, so I was surprised, happy, and proud that I got those marks.

Any other upcoming works you can tell us about?

Yes, I got to be in Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, and it should be coming out some time soon. There are a lot of kids involved in the cast, and it’s for Nickelodeon. The actor, Ty Consiglio, he is one of my friends from the agency. It was nice to see a familiar face on set.

Without giving away the storyline, what can you tell us about this film?

Basically, all the kids are chosen ’cause they wrote an essay to be able to go into Mr. Lemoncello’s library. This library is not an ordinary library; it’s very magical. The books fly. The set decor was so amazing. It felt like you were in Harry Potter or something like that. Everything was just so cool. My character, Rose, is a very shy girl. She keeps to herself. So when all the other characters are like, “Oh, let’s do this,” she doesn’t do it. She’s very shy. My role is about average size in this film, and I’m pretty happy with it. In the end, only five kids make it to the end ’cause some kids get kicked out or leave. I won’t say what happens to me. That would spoil it.

In your free time, what do you like to do?

I like to dance and sing. I dance at a dance studio. I’ve been taking dance for about two or three years. In fact, my stage performance dance group just won Best Variety Routine at the Synergy dance competition and has been invited to perform at the Provincial finals next month. If you’d like to see this dance performance, check it out here.

My friends dance too, so we’re in classes together. I also take a musical theater class where we get to sing and dance. I also like to hang out with my friends.

There is no doubt that Hannah’s maturity, talent, and vivacious spirit have been instrumental in this acting career she has chosen, but I think it’s safe to say her parents are a massive part of that success as well. Hannah is grounded, positive, and filled with the insatiable desire to tell a story through the arts in which she has been gifted. Not only is she a crackerjack actress, but she can sing and dance to boot. In many ways, this makes her a triple threat, but no one needs to fear this gifted beauty. She is personable, benevolent, and encouraging. She does all within her power to connect with the cast and crew of every set on which she has been privileged to work. Furthermore, she always makes her co-workers feel at ease with her in spite of her youth. Her parents always remind her about the essentials in life, and because she continues to master those and keep things in perspective, she has been able to soar higher with every role and accolade she earns. So if you have not seen her body of works on Hallmark and elsewhere, I advise you to check them out if possible. (Van Helsing season one is currently streaming on Netflix.) If you feel so inclined, I would also invite you to follow her at the links below as we await her upcoming projects, including the Leo Awards for which we hope she earns that coveted award. However, even if she is not recognized publicly this year in that way, we can rest in the fact that she is still at the inception of her career, and as long as she continues to walk the straight and narrow path toward her dream, we will be able to enjoy and relish her career for many years to come!














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    What a wonderful, fantastic interview with Hannah!!! She is truly something special in both Hallmark movies we’ve seen her in and I would absolutely love to see her do more!!! She’s truly a natural on screen, captivating to watch!!!

    I look forward to seeing her in her new NICK movie in October! Sounds fun!!! 🙂

    Blessings, Net
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