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If memory serves me correctly, Carter Ryan Evancic was the first of the When Calls the Heart kids that I interviewed last year, and he and his parents are people who hold a very special place in my heart for that and many other reasons. This year, it was exciting to get to chat with him again because he has actually won three awards for his portrayal of Cody in this wholesome and uplifting Hallmark Channel show.

RH: Nice to get to talk to you again this year, Carter.

CRE: Glad to talk to you too, Ruth.

Remind me how old you are again, Carter.

I’m ten years old.

At the Joey Awards

I keep thinking you guys are so much older. You seem so much more mature. {pause} I’m so glad you got a Joey Award for When Calls the Heart. It was great to see you win that.

Yes, that was amazing.

Now didn’t you get another award or two?

At the Young Entertainer Awards

Yes, over Spring Break, I got the Young Entertainer Award and the Young Artist Award. I got them both for my role of Cody on When Calls the Heart.



The Hearties have asked, “What kids do you like to hang out with the most on set?”

Probably Jaiven {Natt} who plays Robert and Christian {Michael Cooper} who plays Timmy.

With Jaiven and Christian

That’s what I thought. Jaiven said he hangs out with you and Christian. So that’s pretty cool. {pause}This is now your second season with the show, and I think some of your biggest scenes were actually in the Christmas movie. 

Yes, when I traded the baseball for the doll.

And you got Dasher. 

Yes, we’ve seen him a few times since then.

What has been the hardest scene for you to film this season? 

A really hard scene I did is from an episode that has not aired yet, so I can’t really say that much about it. Another hard scene to film was the one with Jack leaving.

Everybody loved that you saluted Jack when he left. Is the finale the one you’re talking about?

I think that’s the one.

with Nikolas Dukic

So was there a really fun scene to film this season?

The school scenes are really fun to film. And another fun scene to film was the fight scene.

With that fight scene, how did you prepare for it?

We went over it with a stunt coordinator a few times on a mat. When we really did it, we were on a mat. But at the same time, sometimes we were on the mat and sometimes we weren’t.

That’s great. Now you can add stunts to your list of skills. {pause} Hearties asked a really interesting question. When you are playing the part of Cody, how much of Carter–yourself–do you bring to that role?

Well, Cody is in a way kinda like me, but in a way sorta not. It is back in the 1900’s, so it’s a bit different. If I was to go back then, it would be kinda hard ’cause we’re used to now instead of then. I don’t know if I’d like having to give up some of the stuff I enjoy now. And kids did act a bit differently back then.

How about the way he responds? You’ve never gotten in a fight, right?

No, I haven’t.

So that’s not something you would necessarily do as Carter. But what is something that Cody has done that is like you?

Probably sticking up for someone. Not fighting, but I wouldn’t let someone get bullied without saying something. Especially if it was one of my friends.

We have two more episodes left. Is there anything else you can tell us about your character in these last two episodes?

Well, I’ve heard that Hearties know that Cody gets hurt. And after that, we’ll see what happens

Do we get to see Becky come back?

with Lori Loughlin and Ali Skovbye

I don’t know if I should say. {After this interview, it was revealed that she would come back in the next episode.}

Let’s talk about Dasher for a moment. Has it been easy working with that dog since he’s your character’s dog?

He’s a great dog. He’s very obedient. He can bark on command. He can jump. He can do a lot of things. But also it’s fun working with him.

with Dasher

I can imagine. How many trainers does he have?

Sometimes there are two trainers, but most of the time it’s just one.

If When Calls the Heart comes back for a season five as we all hope, what would you like to see for Cody in this next season?

I would like for Cody to get a girlfriend.

Oh, I didn’t see that one coming! That could be interesting for Cody. {pause} Last year, we mentioned the other things you did, but I thought we might mention them again. You have been in a couple episodes of Man in the High Castle. {Season 1, Episode 7 and Season 2, Episode 2} What can you tell us about your role?

Well, I’m not on the show too much, but my mom is played by Jessie Fraser. There’s another character who comes to see me sometimes. I don’t think he’s my dad. I know Gracyn {Shinyei} has been on the show also.

with Luke Kleintank and Jessie Fraser

Well, at least we know we can see you in the cast if we look for you.

Also, Jessie is sometimes my acting coach. So that was neat to be with her in that show.

You also had a small role in Travelers {Season 1, Episode 9}.

It was a really small part. I play a nine-year-old boy. No name.

We’ll be sure to watch for you. I’m still trying to make my way through the first season of Travelers, and now they’ve been renewed for season two. 

I also played a small part on the show Impastor { Season 2, Episode 2}.

Was this just a guest star role, or do you think they will ask you back?

I’m not too sure if I will come back. The only reason I was there was because it was a flashback scene.

And I have Her Infidelity on my DVR right now. I haven’t watched it yet, but I didn’t know you were in it!

Yes, I played a lead role in that one, and Loretta Walsh is also in that one.

Oh, that’s great! Hearties may want to look that one up on Lifetime. 

I booked that film within the first ten months of becoming an actor, so it was the first thing I did.

Any other upcoming works you can mention?

I don’t have anything I’m working on besides When Calls the Heart, but I recently got a U.S. agent, so I have a few auditions I’m going out for. In fact, I have three auditions in a week already, so I’m really excited about that.

Oh wow! That’s great news, Carter! {pause} I understand you and your family went to go see The Case For Christ

Yes, we just did go see it on the opening weekend.

That was awesome to see you guys going out to support the film, and I know it meant a lot to Brian Bird. Coming from a ten-year-old’s perspective, what did you think of the movie?

I thought it was a great movie and learning experience. When I first heard about it, I thought it was going to be a documentary. When I think of movies, I think of action movies and that kind of thing. When I watched The Case For Christ, it was a real movie. It was great to watch.

I’m so glad you shared that, Carter. Some other people might think the same thing. And it’s neat that you supported something Brian did that wasn’t When Calls the Heart. {pause} One of the things the Hearties appreciate about you is that you try to respond to every tweet. Why is it important to you to try to respond?

My mom sometimes does help me respond on twitter. Sometimes she sees a tweet and she thinks we should respond to it. But I really like to respond because I think it makes people feel really good that I did. I like that my mom and I do it together.

That’s a great response because you are responding to someone who took the time to write to you. And it does make them feel good, and you’re actually gaining fans as a result. {pause} So what activities you enjoy besides acting and school?

I do martial arts, dance and La Crosse.

Which is probably why you did really well in the fighting scene. What else do you like to do in your free time?

I also like to play on my iPad and hang out with my friends. And I also like to design things out of paper.

Really? What kinds of things do you design?

I am usually drawing things like people and other things I might see in a picture. Or I might even draw a La Crosse stick.

You’re an artist too–that’s amazing. You should take pictures of your artwork and post it. I bet the Hearties would think that would be great.

I might do that some time.

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat today, Carter. I had a great time.

I did, too. Thanks, Ruth, and to all Hearties for their support.

Isn’t Carter just an amazingly mature young man? I don’t think any of us Hearties could ask for any better actor in the role of Cody. While Carter is a normal boy who still goes to school and loves playing sports and having fun with his friends as well as his technology, his parents have labored extensively to ensure that Carter takes his profession seriously and always gives the best performance possible in each of his roles. And having three awards at the tender age of ten could certainly go to any little boy’s head, but Carter is as unspoiled and humble as can be. For him, acting is fun, and even when he has to put in the hard work, he is always up for the challenge. 

One of the most noteworthy things about Carter is how supportive he is of his fans and even the works of his friends and co-workers. The fact that he responds regularly to his fans and goes out of his way to recognize his friends in their acting careers and even attending The Case For Christ as a way of supporting the creator of When Calls the Heart is something that impresses me on a myriad of levels. I am grateful that Carter has been set on the correct path, and I can hardly wait to see him in many productions in the months and years to come. I project a very long career ahead for him, and Hearties are going to be right there to support him every step of the way (and his parents will be too, of course!). Please be sure that you tune into the final two episodes of When Calls the Heart (April 16th and 23rd) as we get to see even more phenomenal scenes from one of Hope Valley’s finest kids. And also consider checking out all of his links below and doing whatever you can to encourage this deserving and talented young man in all his various endeavors.






















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