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By Ruth on April 11, 2017 in Interview, movie, television

Because of the diligence of fellow blogger and interviewer Francesca, I was made aware of another budding actor who joined the When Calls the Heart cast this season–Camden Filtness. She interviewed and featured him first, and then I decided to jump in and ask for an interview as well. Thankfully, Camden was able to make some time to respond to a few questions, and he was quite forthcoming about his origins within the business, his early works, his Hallmark work, and even a look at what may be down the road for him.

RH: Why did you decide to become an actor? What kind of training have you had?.

CF: I decided to become an actor after stepping on stage for the first time in grade eleven. I was playing “Juliet” from Romeo and Juliet in a comedic retelling of the story. Basically, after the shows were all finished at my high school, I realized I wanted to act for the rest of my life! Besides high school, I studied acting for three years at Capilano University in North Vancouver, BC. The program gave me all the tools I’d need to be successful in the real world, but I’m still training with various coaches and teachers around the city of Vancouver. 

What was your first professional job in the industry and what are your memories of it?

My first professional job was a supporting role on TLC’s Untold Stories of the ER. I played a nurse named Mike, and it was an amazing experience! I was incredibly nervous driving to set and was terrified the first time “action!” was called. However, the day went really smoothly, and I had a blast. That made me realize I’d made the right choice and took my acting to the next level. 

from Reapers

Please tell us about your work with the mini-series Reapers. How did you get the role and what was your favorite part of working on that?

Reapers was an absolute pleasure to work on! Four years ago, I helped a makeup artist out by modelling for her “Red Skull” makeup (villain from Captain America). After that, I modelled for her again at IMATS {International Make-up Artist Trade Show} Vancouver.

IMATS makeup modeling

Then she did makeup on a show I was creating called Goons. After working with her and her studio so many times, they offered me the role following my performance in Nikolai. Though it was an incredibly long day – fourteen hours on a Motorola commercial set, then eight at Reapers – it was an amazing time! 

How did you get your role on When Calls the Heart? What was it like working with the cast? 

I’ve auditioned for When Calls the Heart for quite a few roles! Each time I was getting closer and closer to getting the role. Gordon Harvey was a role that I really enjoyed auditioning for, and when I heard I booked it, I was so excited! I knew I’d get to work with Daniel Lissing on set, and that was really exciting. Everybody who works on the show is amazing! A real dream come true to work with all the actors, and everyone on set. 

As Gordon Harvey When Calls the Heart

Even though Gordon Harvey was only there for a short time, how did you go about getting into character?  Did you create a backstory of any kind? 

I was very fortunate to work with Michael Landon Jr., who directed me. He was so knowledgeable of all the characters, the story, and where he wanted the performances to be. Mixing that with my work I did for the character, we created a believable character for all the Hearties!

with Daniel Lissing

Any chance your character may come back if the show runs another season? What would you like to see if your character came back? What do you like about working for Hallmark? 

I sure hope my character comes back! I suppose it all depends on how the fight up North goes! I’d like to travel to Hope Valley with him (mainly to work with as many great cast members as I can!).


The best part about working with Hallmark was the passion everyone brings to their work. Everybody had high spirits (even though it was really cold and raining when we filmed) and made me want to come back again and again!

from Legends of Tomorrow

What can you tell us about your appearance in Legends Of Tomorrow

A week after booking When Calls the Heart, I was on set for Legends of Tomorrow. I played George Washington’s “right hand man” in 1777 New Jersey. A really fun, and really cold, day on set! Interesting that I’m always playing characters from the past!

I notice a project called Ancient Lights listed in your IMDB. Anything you can tell us about it? Any other upcoming works you can mention? 

I’ve got a lot of projects on the run right now! Some cartoons, two short films, and two feature-length independent films. Unfortunately, I can’t say much now, but my Twitter  will keep everyone up to date!

I understand motion capture is something you are involved with as well. What do you like about motion capture? What are its specific challenges?

I LOVE motion capture! It’s an incredible way to bring virtually any character to life. I’ve played soldiers, athletes, robots, monsters, and supernatural creatures. The biggest challenge as an actor when doing motion capture is using your imagination. When I was on When Calls the Heart, I had an amazing costume, was in an amazing set, and had dozens of people working together to bring the show to life. However, when I did motion capture for Beauty and the Beast and Power Rangers, it was only me in an empty stage. You have to imagine the sets, props, and other actors. It’s quite a challenging process, but very worth it. 

Any plans to do any writing/directing/producing? 

I have always loved writing and am currently working on a few projects. One that I’m really excited to start writing is with Madison Smith, a fellow When Calls the Heart actor, and real life best friend! Can’t give away anything yet, but we’re really excited! I’ve also written and directed a few projects with some good friends of mine when we’re between roles. I’m currently working on a short film I hope to shoot this Fall!

If you could “shadow” anyone for one day, whom would you choose and why?

I think my number one choice would be Dwayne Johnson. He’s so hard-working, so generous, and so humble; he’s a real inspiration. You may notice my Twitter often uses #CantStopWontStop, something I picked up from him a few years ago. 

Thanks so much for interviewing me! Hope you and all the Hearties have enjoyed this season as much as I have!

It’s always nice to see young men in the business who are willing to invest the work necessary to achieve the desired outcome. All too often, young people who enter the business either expect overnight success and/or they become quite cocky due to their industry knowledge and experience they believe they already possess upon entrance into their field. Camden is yet another forward-looking actor who understands the concept of working your way up within this business and thoroughly relishing every opportunity along the way. The fact that he has a penchant and skill for motion capture has made him that much more marketable in this ever-changing entertainment landscape. Also to his credit are the mentors and friends with whom he has chosen to associate and from whom he gleans wisdom. Should there be a season five of When Calls the Heart, Camden’s character, Gordon Harvey, would be a perfect fit for Hope Valley as there are still far too many unattached females who would be honored to be courted by a young Mountie sporting that magnificent Red Serge. Furthermore, Camden would be an asset to any cast due to his work ethic, humility, and general enthusiasm for each segment of his role, no matter how miniscule or detailed. While Camden’s stint with When Calls the Heart may be over this season, be sure that you tune in to the remaining two episodes on April 16th and April 23rd on the Hallmark Channel so that we can ensure a season five and perchance the return of this handsome, young man along with the rest of our celebrated cast. In the meantime, I invite you to follow Camden at all his links below and check out his other works if you are so inclined. While his appearance was brief this season, as Hearties, we always believe in supporting our own. And Camden’s disposition, nature, and abilities make this task a true joy for all of us!







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