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By Ruth on April 12, 2017 in advice, money, review

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How many times have you been shopping online, and right before you check out, you think to yourself, “I wonder if there’s a coupon or an online discount code for this item that would help me save money”? And then you begin that massive hunt for the elusive discount. Then after searching for a half an hour and finding at least fifty expired or dead coupon links, you go back to your cart, and you just buy the product as is because you’re so exhausted after hunting for those coupon codes. And wouldn’t you know it? Within hours (or minutes) some deal comes to your email or pops up, and you find out you could have saved the money after all! (In case you wonder, I am speaking from experience.)

What would you say if I told you there was a site that would put an end to this maddening coupon/discount search? And if I told you that it was like “google” for coupons, and it was more accurate than any random internet search, do you think you might be interested? And if I told you it was absolutely free, what would you say then?

Let me introduce you to the best coupon/deal site out on the web today. It is called Dealspotr, and I promise this is the last coupon site you will ever need! Why am I so certain? Well, let’s look at the statistics and see if that is enough to convince you.

Since its launch in 2015, they have saved savvy shoppers over fifteen million dollars! That’s right. Shoppers just like you and me who have spent hours scouring the internet for the best deals–moms, grandmas, sisters, aunts, dads, and anyone you can think of. This is the site to check out the next time you want deals.

If you’ve been an internet shopper for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of some of these top coupon sites, and I have been known to use them. I used to go to Groupon, but all too often, I couldn’t find what I needed. is fine, but they had so many expired deals. And Retailmenot has often been too overwhelming to find what I was looking for. And there are plenty more I’ve gone to, but it’s always the same story. I can’t find the good deals I want, or I all the deals I find are expired.

Well, the statistics do not lie. Look at how many valid deals are found at Dealspotr, and they are a much younger site than the other ones that are well-known and often visited. It kind of makes you wonder why Dealspotr is doing right and what sets it apart as the only coupon search engine you ever need.

One of the biggest things that sets this site apart from the rest is this–the deals are posted by real people like you. Not only that, but almost every deal listed on the site is backed up by a screenshot that demonstrates that the deal is valid. People actually have used it, and they have shown you that it actually works. Furthermore, people who have used the code validate their experience with it. People share their experience every step of the way, and this is posted by a real person (not a bot or a spammer) who used the code, and it worked! And if for some reason there is a problem with the coupon code, a community member can edit the deal. They can explain what worked, what didn’t work, and more. The community is made up of real people who want to get the best deal they can, just like you, and so if they have a problem with the code or it didn’t the work the way someone else said it should, they can edit it so the next person will have better success.

Let’s look at one more benefit of this site. Not only do real people post the deals, and real people post about their experience, but this is the only coupon site where you can earn real things (points, reputation, and gift cards) for finding, sharing, and editing the deals that are listed. I have to admit that when I find an expired coupon code on another site, I always figure, “Why waste my time posting that it doesn’t work?” Oftentimes, it is a difficult process on the other sites where you have to sign up to be a member and go through a whole difficult process just to say that the coupon code was invalid. Why take the time to do that? I want to just find a working coupon code!

With Dealspotr, you earn points for editing a deal that might not work the way it states or may be expired. And when you do that, you earn points, and those points can be turned in for real gift cards! All the more reason to visit Dealspotr regularly. In fact, whenever you’re shopping online, it should be your first stop, at least in my opinion.

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So, have I convinced you yet? Ready to sign up? Here’s all you need to do.

  • Make your way to Dealspotr.
  • Once you’re there, create an account be signing up either via email or Facebook.
  • Once you’ve created an account, it’s time to take care of your user checklist. This is your new user checklist that will help you to complete your account setup and get used to all the wonderful features of Dealspotr.
  • An amazing feature of the site is that you get a personal feed that is customized by your stores and interests, so you will want to set that up at this point. It is updated in real time, and it serves to let you know the best deals out there that are customized with you in mind.
  • Now, if you like social media, you’re going to LOVE Dealspotr. Check out the deals, like them, follow users, and if you love the deals you see, be sure to give them thumbs up and tell the person why you love this deal.
  • Save the deals so you can find them quickly at a later deal, but know that there is the chance they may expire quickly.
  • Post and validate the deals you find in order to earn your first gift card. This is what will keep you coming back again and again. Talk about an incentive!
  • Be sure to refer your friends. If you click on the link I have to Dealspotr, that is my referral link, and once you’re signed up, you will have one too. When people sign up with your referral link and earn points, you earn too!
  • If you are a blogger or have an active social media following, you might consider signing up to be an influencer. You can get even more perks by doing that!

So, what are you waiting for? I suggest you hurry on over to Dealspotr now and sign up! You don’t have a moment to lose!


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  1. Sally Wilsey May 7, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for the post and tip on this site. I buy a lot online and am always looking for the best deal!

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