Skills You Need to Become a Voice Over Actor

By Ruth on March 11, 2017 in advice, movie, television

Are you tired of your current job? Have people always told you that you have a good voice? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you might want to change your career path and pursue a job in the voice over acting field. You might have never thought about this profession. However, the people you hear talking during commercials and doing voices in animated features make a considerable amount of money. It would be in your best interests to see if you have what it takes to succeed in the very competitive field. Here are some of the most important skills that are required to become a success in the voice over acting profession.

1. You must have a voice that has a professional sound that is pleasing to the ear.

You have probably noticed that the people you hear on the radio and TV doing voice over work do not sound like the voices of the people you usually encounter in your daily life. There is a very good reason for this. The companies that make commercials want to appeal to a mass audience. Therefore, they want to hire a person to do the voice over on their commercial to have a voice that is pleasing to as many people as possible. For men, a deep voice is usually required. However, it all depends on the particular preference of the person or company who is doing the hiring for the voice over job you are auditioning for. The bottom line is that you will probably not get much work in the voice over field if you have a very nasally voice that is high-pitched. People with voices that sound like this typically do not get hired for voice over work except in very rare circumstances. You will be able to find female voice over talent that is experienced by visiting

2. You will need to be able to read clearly.

For many people, being able to read a few sentences clearly is much easier said than done. However, this is obviously an essential skill for people who have a desire to make voice over acting their full-time job. Stumbling over lines will not endear you to the person who is overseeing the audition you are attending. You must have the ability to read any lines that are given to you in a very clear and steady manner. This is the only way that you will get hired on a consistent basis.

3. Take voice over acting lessons.

You are probably familiar with classes that people can attend when they want to become a stage or screen actor. However, what you may not know is that there are also classes for voice over actors. Becoming a successful voice over actor requires a lot more than the ability to read off a page. It would also be advisable for you to take voice over acting lessons if you are truly serious about making this your new profession. There are certain inflections that casting directors look for during the audition process. The ability to display certain emotions during your reading is essential to getting selected out of the many people auditioning for a specific part. The voice over actors who have these skills are the ones who will get hired the most often. Therefore, you should seek out a voice over acting school with a good reputation and take some classes. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by enrolling in a few classes. The techniques you learn could help you land a few jobs.

4. You must be able to enunciate all of your dialogue clearly.

Having a voice that sounds good and a solid reading ability are not the only things that voice over casting directors look for during the audition process. Having a deep voice that sounds great will not matter at all if you are not able to correctly pronounce the words you are reading. It is essential that you are able to properly enunciate when you are reading your script. Otherwise, you will find it very difficult to get steady voice over acting work.

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