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Frankly Faraci is a new original series on Dove Channel featuring authentic, heartfelt, behind-the-scenes interviews with inspirational figures in entertainment, music, sports, business, and politics who are actively focused on doing good and bringing positivity into the culture. Hosted by journalist Matthew Faraci, Frankly Faraci is an unprecedented show that will delight families with wonderfully unique stories they won’t see anywhere else. For everyone who is looking to be uplifted and inspired…welcome home.

Recently, I had the opportunity not only to review this new show created exclusively for the Dove Channel, but I interviewed the host and executive producer of this show (I got to interview the interviewer), Matthew Faraci. I was not familiar with him previously, but we chatted for awhile, and he was kind enough to explain practically everything he could about this new show (which I will review towards the end of this post).

RH: So good to be able to chat with you, Matthew.

MF:  Good to talk with you too, Ruth

I was doing a bit of research on you, and you’ve been involved in quite a few things in your past. 

{laughs} Yes, actually, it’s a difficult story to tell because it’s so diverse, and it doesn’t seemingly weave together into a narrative. So people ask me, “What’s your background?” And I just tell them, “Look, we don’t have all day.”

{laughs} I do understand that some stories are not the simple, nicely laid-out stories. So being more specific then, what led you to do a show like this one?

Hah! What’s funny about that is that I was not looking for this. The reason I say that is so funny is that if you think about it…Well, here in Los Angeles, there are millions of people running around, pitching show ideas and hoping to get a show. And the funniest thing about this show is that I wasn’t doing that at all. I was moderating a panel at a faith and family entertainment summit that Variety puts on–it’s called Purpose.  This was last year. The panel was looking at upcoming projects in the faith and family entertainment space. The Dove Channel executive saw the panel, and they came up to me and said, “We’re thinking of doing some original programming, and we think that you’re our guy.” {laughs} I was a little bit surprised ’cause there’s that old phrase that says, “You can’t see the label from inside the jar.” I went home and spoke to my wife, and she said, “Honey, you would be perfect for that.” I just didn’t see it. I thought about it and thought, “Man, it is exciting. I love the idea of it. We should go for it.” So I didn’t find Dove; Dove found me.

Well, then it sounds like you should definitely be doing it. I always tell people that over the last year since I’ve been interviewing people, I never would have seen myself doing this. And the opportunity fell in my lap. I believe that you look for those things that God has sent along your way that confirm that you’re on the right path.

You know, it’s funny that you say that. Somebody asked me,” What’s the official Scripture of the show?” I told them that it’s Matthew 6:33, the famous quote where Jesus says, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and these things will be added to you.” And I’ve honestly been on a path where I’ve done my utmost to do what God has wanted me to do. People will ask me that question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I’ve always said, “I don’t know. Wherever God wants me in five years.” Only God can do something like that where you’re in an area where everyone has been pitching a show, but the show finds you. That is God and there’s no other way around it.

That’s right! I agree with you one hundred percent. And I have to tell you that I don’t always get to talk to Christians in the entertainment industry, so it’s nice to be able to talk to one who is.

There’s not a lot of Christians in the entertainment industry. Sometimes I think that’s part of the challenge in the entertainment business. It’s not that the entertainment business is hostile to faith, but they don’t have any grid for it. I often tell people that a lot of these studio execs don’t know people like me. So how do you create content for an audience you don’t know anything about? And that’s why I think Dove Channel deserves so much credit because it is a Hollywood-based company, and they’re very definitely going after the family-friendly audience, and I think we should applaud Hollywood when they do the right thing.

I agree with you completely. I am a firm supporter of any of the faith-based movies that come out. I live out in the country, and since we live back out of the way, we don’t always get the faith-based movies in the theaters out here. But once they come out on DVD or are streaming, I make a point to get them and watch them because I don’t know if the faith-based community realizes just how important it is for us to get our voices heard. And your program sounds absolutely fascinating. How many episodes are there?

Season one is six episodes. And season two I think will probably be double that. We’re working on season two right now.

Is is a thirty-minute show?

Yeah, it’s twenty-two minutes.

I know you have The Piano Guys on for the first episode. 

And boy, what an amazing group of guys. I have never been to a better concert.

On the show, you are interviewing your guests?

Let me just tell you the premise. It’s pretty straightforward. The premise of the show is to interview famous people who are doing good in the world, and it is their faith that drives them to do this. That’s their motivation.

In addition to The Piano Guys, are you able to tell who your other guests are?

Yeah, sure. The second guest is with a family out of Florida that has a group called Winning at Home. Their website is It’s very cool. They use sports to empower parents to raise their kids. It’s really terrific.

The third episode is with Studio C, the famous family-friendly sketch comedy group.

Next, we talk to a YouTuber called What’s Inside with Dan. He has a huge YouTube channel and he and his son, Lincoln, cut things open together. {laughs}

Then we interviewed a bunch of mom bloggers–they’re big mom bloggers. And we talk with them about what it’s like to be a mom blogger.

And also we interviewed Propaganda, who’s a Christian hip hop artist, kind of like Lecrae. He’s trying to do a lot of work on racial reconciliation. He’s super inspiring.

Wow! It sounds like you have a very diverse group of people. 

Yeah, we pull people from entertainment and music, and next season, I’m hoping to open with some people from politics too. But yes, it’s a very diverse group of people.

When you were mentioning all of this, I was thinking about my teenage daughter.

Oh, she’ll love all of this! And the other thing that is super important to me is that this is supposed to be for the whole family.

Was it difficult to get people to come on the show?

Actually, no it wasn’t because when I described to them what I was doing, they all thought it was an incredible idea. As you know, people typically talk about what the interviewer wants to talk about during an interview. They ask a standard group of questions over and over again, and it gets very mundane and monotonous. So to have the opportunity to talk about things that you are personally passionate about is something that people really enjoy.

I hear you completely when it comes to interviews. I do not ask the standard questions. I try to focus on what the interviewee wants to talk about.

I can tell.

Yeah, I guess that has become my trademark, you might say. I mean, I’ll have some standard questions, but as we chat, I try to relate to what the person is telling me, and if we go down a different path, that’s fine with me. {pause} So how do you go about preparing for each show in terms of questions you will ask? 

I spend hours researching and studying each guest, looking for facts and stories that are not obvious. I believe that details say a lot about a person, and so I attempt to learn as much as a I can.

When the interview starts, that’s where God comes in. I pray before each interview and I’m praying as I’m doing the interview, asking Him for guidance as to what and who to ask and when.

So with these people you interviewed, did they come to you or–

No, we went to them. Think of Anthony Bourdain, but faith-based.

Okay, that’s great to know! So for people who don’t know about the Dove Channel, how do they subscribe to this service?

It’s like NetFlix, but it’s family-friendly. It’s available on all the places that NetFlix is available. You can go on your web browser, ROKU, Apple TV–it’s an app. In fact, you can even get it as an add-on to your Amazon Prime subscription. It is $4.99 per month.

Finally, interaction is key with TV shows now. Where will viewers go if they wish to leave comments about the show and possibly suggestions? And with that, will you ever get to the point where fans may be able to submit questions?

We’re a streaming show, and that lends itself to interactivity. We have asked, and will continue to ask, for suggestions and ideas from fans. I encourage everyone to find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the handle is @FranklyFaraci for all three, or send us an email to {website link}

So now for my brief review and recommendation. I had the opportunity to watch episode one with The Piano Guys, and I was immeasurably touched! These four men in the group–these four dads-have a powerful testimony, and they are phenomenal at what they do. I had seen them a while back on Huckabee on Fox News, but this was a much more enlightening experience. Matthew relates to them well, and you will be able to witness the process he mentioned in action as he interviews them in a way we are perhaps not used to seeing people interviewed. Not to put myself on the same level as Matthew (my experience is quite minimal compared to his), but if you enjoy reading my interviews, I believe you will enjoy watching his interviews with these amazing people even more so. It is a relaxed atmosphere, and it is REAL. It is never boring, and the humor is all good-natured. If you are interested, you can watch right here on my site in the player below. I can hardly wait to watch all of the episodes, and I hope that you consider checking into subscribing to the Dove Channel if it’s a service from which your family would benefit.

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