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Almost a year ago, I had the opportunity to interview Toby Levins, an actor I only knew as Bill, the wife of Andrea (as played by Lisa Durupt) in the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film series Murder, She Baked. I had virtually no idea of his existence outside of the Hallmark realm, but as a result of that interview, I now consider myself moderately educated in the ways of this young man’s career. Due to his upcoming appearance on the fifth installment of Murder, She Baked, which premieres this Sunday night, March 26th, Toby set aside some time recently to answer a few questions about the current status of his career–which is only continuing its upward spiral, by the way. However, some things NEVER change….

RH: Hallmark audiences will be seeing you in Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts as Bill. What can we expect from your character in this episode (without giving any spoilers)?

with Barbara Niven Murder, She Baked

TL: Without giving spoilers… that’s tough, but Bill and Mike {Cameron Mathison} definitely make a good crime fighting team in this installment. We definitely give the cast of CSI a run for their money. It’s also revealed that Bill might secretly be a member of Seal Team Six, Eden Lake Division.However, that storyline will probably only make the director’s cut.

So the question is–Is Bill “Team Mike” or “Team Norman”? Why?

Bill is whatever team Andrea is on that day. Bill loves Andrea. Andrea is always right.

I know you and the rest of the cast get along like family. Any behind-the-scenes moments you can share? Any shenanigans with Gabriel Hogan and Cameron Mathison?

Cameron and I share a love for both skiing and staying fit. We also enjoy sharing ideas about nutrition and healthy eating. These discussions will commonly occur at the food services truck, often accompanied by an ungodly amount of sugar. I look forward to our next film together when we can discuss our experiences with type 2 diabetes.

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I notice you have a recurring role on the show Beyond. What can you tell us about your role on that show?

Beyond is about to start shooting Season two after a very successful season one on ABC’s Freeform. I pay the town’s Sheriff (see a pattern?) that is investigating the supernatural goings-on surrounding a man who fell into a coma at the age of twelve, and woke up at the age of twenty-one. It’s been a fantastic experience and I can’t want to see what Sheriff Dayton gets up to in season two.

Please tell us about your guest spot on the show Lucifer. What episode is it, and what can you tell us about your experience with the show?

Lucifer was a great show to be a part of. I appear as Tim Pickman, a private jet pilot embroiled in a drug trade fiasco in episode eleven of season two. The cast is phenomenal and Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer, is a true gentleman. One of the days on set I spent in a 30-million-dollar jet screaming down the runway as Tom chased me in a Corvette. Not a bad day at work!

For those of us who love to read IMDB pages (yes, I am one of those geeks that practically lives on that page some days), I notice the show The Deep is listed. Any word on this show?

The Deep was a great pilot to work on, but I don’t think the pilot is being picked up, so I don’t think it will ever grace the screen.

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I understand you are going to be a part of the show Loudermilk. How did you get involved with this show and what can you tell us about your role and the show itself?

Loudermilk is a new show led by Ron Livingston. Ron plays a recovering alcoholic in this thirty-minute comedy produced by Peter Farrelly (Something about Mary). I play the boyfriend of the show’s other lead, Laura Mennell, who Ron steals from me throughout the series. Working on this series was phenomenal; the script is outrageously funny and there is so much freedom to improvise with some of the best in the business. Hopefully we will go for season two and I can try and steal my girlfriend back.

You seem to be an outdoor enthusiast. What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Skiing and mountain biking are my life outside of my career. I have built myself a house on wheels to explore the mountains and plan on going on a two-month road trip from Canada down to Mexico in May and June, climbing mountains on the way. You can follow my adventures on instagram at @toby_levins

What are one or two industry professionals you’d like to work with but haven’t as of yet?

Michael Shannon is someone that has come onto my radar in the past couple of years and represents everything I love in an actor. He is dedicated to the truth of a scene and the human experience, warts and all. David Mackenzie directed the recent Hell or Highwater, which was my favourite film of 2016. It’s an astonishing film, and I would do anything to be a part of something like it.

If you could do a remake and/or a sequel of any film/film series, what would you choose and why?

I usually have an easy answer to this – The Bourne Identity. It’s been my go-to answer for years. HOWEVER – Hugh Jackman just did his last Wolverine with Logan. I think another Australian needs to take up the mantle…..

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What I could never obliterate from my mind about Toby is his impeccable sense of humor and comedic timing. As an inexperienced interviewer, I found that it was rare to come across actors who permitted their humorous side to shine through their responses. Most of my interviews at that time were fraught with hearts, sunshine, flowers, and plenty of warmth. Now, I do not squash any of those things–they are vital to survival in anyone’s world, and I still go out of my way to discover such seeming frivolity. 

On the other hand, with Toby, I immediately ascertained that he is the genuine epitome of the old adage: “what you see is what you get.” He never puts on airs nor attempts to inflate his significance (unless he’s being facetious), and he is as accessible, humble and pragmatic as one could be. While actors with pompous egos may underestimate the true depth of Toby’s skill, once on set, his prowess readily appears while filming and on-screen. Toby has no need to boast of his accomplishments nor pontificate about his astonishing and stupefying talents. Instead, he is a man of action, and that is what the viewers, cast, crew, and anyone who knows him can anticipate any time his name is attached to a project. 

Therefore, I invite everyone to tune in Sunday, March 26th, to the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Network and witness the dashing, benevolent, charming, and consummately gifted Toby as he yet again plays Bill in Murder, She Baked: Just Desserts. I would invite everyone to follow him at the links below as well, for I can promise you that even though Toby does not post every single day, when he posts, it is something consequential! And after all, you do want to keep up with the career of this magnificent specimen, right? 








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