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Some time last year, I had the opportunity to interview Dan Payne, and it quickly became a popular post on my site, since Hallmark fans thoroughly enjoyed seeing him featured in a variety of roles on the network. As busy as Dan was last year, I think he may be even busier this year, but we still recently squeezed in an interview as there is a nice chunk of things coming up for this versatile, handsome actor who always leaves such a pleasantly memorable impression on the screen, no matter the size of his role. 

RH: You were very well-liked in Good Witch last season.  How was that experience? Any plans at all to return or have we seen the last of your character?

from Good Witch

DP: Good Witch was a great experience from the moment I landed in Toronto to start filming.  Literally, on the ride from the airport, I received one of the kindest “welcome to the show” emails ever from Jon Eskenas, one of the producers.  Jon is an amazing and generous human being!  Then I met the incomparable Catherine Bell, who is as beautiful in person as you could imagine.  She also made me feel extremely welcome straight away.  And what can I say, from then on, my job was to flirt with Catherine.  Not a bad gig!

Unfortunately, I think my character John will not return.  I think he is out doing his best “Indiana Jones” on a dig somewhere in the tropics!!!


from A Time to Dance

A Time To Dance was well-received this past year. How were you able to connect so genuinely with your character and make it so believable?  Any special preparation that you had to do to take on a role like that as opposed to the lighter Hallmark roles? Any plans for a sequel to A Time to Dance?

A Time to Dance was a little “darker” than some of the Hallmark movies I’ve been fortunate to be a part of, but I think that was its strength.  I felt like the story and the writing touched that universal concept of struggle in relationships balanced with the hope for happiness.  I could connect to that character because it was grounded in the desire for love, for connection – something I think everyone can understand on some level!  And working with {Jenny Garth} made it that much easier to go where each scene needed to go.  She was always so present and generous with her work.  Just loved being able to engage with her in every scene – the deep ones and the lighter ones too!  There wasn’t any special preparation.  Just wanted to make sure I was prepared, present, and had done my homework!  I don’t know of any plans for a sequel, but I would jump on board in a second!


All Yours is a perennial fan favorite.  What was your favorite part of working on that film?


Photo: Kiefer O’Reilly, Dan Payne, Genea Charpentier, Nicollette Sheridan Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Bettina Strauss

My favorite part of working on All Yours had to be the kids!  We got to goof around, laugh and throw colored water balloons at each other all day – and call it work!

You have an incredible list of things coming up within the next couple years. How do you navigate your personal/family time and still keep up with your work schedule?


It is a unique job to be an actor when it comes to scheduling.  For me, it’s sort of all on or all off.  By that I mean, when I am working (all on), I don’t get much time at all with my family.  There are twelve-to-fifteen-hour days, sometimes night shoots, random call times at all hours. But that is the sacrifice to do each film and my wife (and kids) are extremely supportive.  And when I’m not working (all off), I have all the time in the world with my family and we make the most of it – skiing, holidays, adventures and whatever we can think of!  So far the balance has been there.  I hope to keep getting busier and finding family time through it all!


Welcome to Nowhere has aired in Canada, but not the US yet. What can you tell us about your role in that and how you got connected with the film? 


Welcome to Nowhere happened, for me, because of my relationship with the awesome Robin Dunne.  We have a shared professionalism, passion for this business, drive, and sense of humor.  We had just finished filming Devil in the Dark together playing estranged brothers and I became a huge “fan” of Robin’s through that experience.  Robin then asked me if I’d join him for a very fun role on his Welcome to Nowhere project.  It took me 0.2 seconds to say YES 🙂


with Mitchell Hope Descendants 2 behind the scenes

I have heard a lot of the buzz about Descendants 2. What can you tell us about what to expect from the film and your role in that? How have the fans been treating you?

I get to reprise my role as Beast in Descendants 2 and more …intriguingly I got to get my groove on and dance!  This next installment is going to be huge!!!  The production value is through the roof!  The dance numbers are mind-boggling!  The music is mesmerizing!  There were jaw-dropping sets for us to escape into and the costumes were once again fantastically vibrant.  The tweeting has been pretty crazy and I’ve seen the kids from the show going crazy with it.  I’m just happy I got to be a part of it all and represent the “oldies”!


Please tell us about any of your other works that are coming up? 


I am truly excited for people to see the thriller, Devil in the Dark which has recently released.  I am very, very proud of it.  It was a very collaborative group of great people, including Robin Dunne, Daniel Cudmore, Briana Buckmaster and more.  Carey Dickson did a great job writing us all characters we could “live” in through a pretty intense story.
Residue and Everything, Everything were smaller roles, but each had some intense and exciting elements to them physically.  Hope people will keep an eye for all of them! 🙂


What is your typical workout schedule like?


My typical workout schedule is atypical!  I have two young boys and I’m happy to be dad first…which can get busy taking them to school (when I’m not working) and chauffeuring them to various sports, birthdays, and events, coaching, refereeing and so on!  So I try to fight the good fight and get the gym whenever there’s a window.


 Describe a perfect weekend. What would it look like? What would you do, and who would you spend it with?


A perfect weekend…hmmm.  It sort of depends on the mood and how crazy or busy things have been but as I daydream right now —
A big rented villa somewhere warm …possibly tropical… with three other great friends and their families.  There would be a pool and games …and a nanny so parents could relax too.  Oh, and a chef who loved to cook and kept gourmet magic flowing from the kitchen …and a great big TV to watch hockey on (and if by some miracle the wives were into the hockey too!!! – you did say “perfect” weekend lol)  And we would get to nap (yup I said it – nap!)  And everyone has a fantastic time and feels refueled enough that they look forward to work on Monday!
In a world where “celebrities” of every shape, size, and description attempt to appear larger than life and more significant than they genuinely are, Dan is a breath of fresh air. He is extremely down-to-earth, and I think the best word to describe him is “normal.” Now, I don’t mean to say that his talent is normal–that is anything but! However, in spite of the incredible presence and giftedness Dan brings to each one of his projects, he never comes off as arrogant nor aloof. On the contrary–he enjoys connecting with his fans when his busy schedule permits it. He is a proud father and a loving husband, but there is also no doubt that he immerses himself in every role which is entrusted to his prowess. Moreover, his versatility is practically legendary. He can play the terrifying, dark villain and then do a complete 180 and play the kind, warm, sensitive man with a delightful sense of humor. Not every actor can portray such diverse roles with uncanny effortlessness and amazing credibility, but it appears to be something at which Dan excels. Therefore, I would invite every one of my readers to check out the sites below and follow Dan on social media if you are so inclined. Also, if you would like to, be sure to check out his newest film Devil in the Dark if that genre appeals to you; if not, check out his myriad of works as there is more than likely something in that varied list that will catch your fancy. 










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