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Maybe I sound like a broken record. No matter what, whenever I watch movies and television, I am intrinsically drawn to the supporting cast members. While I notice and celebrate the stars like everyone else, I have made it a passion of my heart to highlight the cast that often gets overlooked, but is just as vital to the overall framework. And in the case of Dani Kind, her presence is crucial to every work in which she has been featured. She has been spotlighted in a myriad of supporting roles for a wide variety of networks, and I had the good sense to initially notice her Hallmark characters. Recently, she agreed to answer a few questions about how she got started in acting, her experience with Hallmark and elsewhere, and her upcoming appearance on CBC’s Workin’ Moms.

RH: ​What inspired you to become an actress? What kind of training have you had?

DK: I saw a girl perform a monologue in my class when I was in grade nine. She was suddenly older and she transformed. It was amazing, and I think it was around that time in my life when I decided to pursue it. I joined our high school improv team and went on to college to a theatre arts program. I have been lucky enough to find two incredible coaches that I have continued to study with over the last ten to fifteen years, and I never stop.

I notice you were in one episode of Murdoch Mysteries.  What was that experience like?

It was short-lived HaHa! I was in and out in one day, but I got to work with Peter Keleghan, who was charming and lovely.

Kate (Catherine Reitman) and Anne (Dani Kind) Workin’ Moms

You’ve been in many non-Hallmark works over the years. Please tell us about some of your favourite and/or notable works.

One of my most favourite jobs is one is I just wrapped a short time ago. It’s a new CBC half-hour comedy called Workin’ Moms. It was a total dream job. There’s not a big opportunity in Canada to do comedy and this was top notch. Its brave and beautiful and gutsy. I am so excited to share it in January with everyone.

What was your first Hallmark film/show? How did you get that role? What was that experience like?

Oh man… It might be The Good Witch’s Destiny? I have lost track! I get all my jobs by auditioning. Hallmark is a wonderful company to shoot for. They are a well-oiled machine that has an extremely loyal fan base.

Dani Kind (Sarah) Good Witch

Over the past few years, you’ve been in several Hallmark films/shows. Please tell us about your experience working on the Good Witch show. How did that compare to the part you did in one of the movies?

I was in both The Good Witch TV movie and The Good Witch TV show and both were fun and welcoming sets. Catherine Bell is a total pro and has been playing that character for so long it’s great to watch her slip in and out of it.

You’ve been in two Christmas films–Finding Christmas and On the Twelfth Day of Christmas. Any special moments/memories from these?

Dani Kind as Grace On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

I always love when they create the Christmas feel on those moves. Both times we filmed were in the middle of the summer. We are wearing heavy winter clothing and the crew is outside layering the grass with fake snow.. its hilarious and fun to shoot them.

 You were on the most recent Flower Shop Mystery.  How did you get that role? What was it like working with the cast and crew? What was it like doing a Hallmark mystery film?

I auditioned for that role. The cast and crew were extremely warm and welcoming. Brooke {Shields} set such a beautiful tone the moment our car picked us up to bring us to set my first day. She is grounded and so so very talented. She wears many hats in her life and career and was extremely gracious in all of them. I really enjoyed my time on that set.

Any upcoming works you can mention?

Workin’ Moms! on CBC out in January {January 10 is the premiere date}. It’s going to take viewers on a beautiful and hilarious ride.

Any plans to eventually write/direct?

I sooo wish I could write. I don’t have that talent; it’s a rock star dream. I am very curious about directing. I like being on set on days I’m not working and watching it all unfold. I like asking questions about people’s jobs on set. I’m not sure if this will lead to anything down the line. So for now I guess I will just keep nerding out.

If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, whom would you choose and why?

My Nana, Thom York and my husband.  My Nana passed away, and I think she is one of the most brilliant women I ever had the chance of being around. I’d like to soak up some more time with her and pick her brain about things. Thom York is the lead singer of the band Radiohead and in my opinion a musical genius.  My husband is one of my most favourite people to spend time with, so that’s just easy 🙂

From Dearly Depotted

It is obvious that the term “supporting role” does not mean “woman of leisure.” In truth, Dani is an energetic, pragmatic, conscientious individual who thrives on every opportunity she has been given within this business. She is not busy attempting to break into the business, nor search out more substantial roles. Instead, she is content with the roles she has been given, and when a special one like Workin’ Moms comes along or a sweet feature with Hallmark comes knocking at her door, she can rest in the fact that she is exactly where she belongs and is being permitted to do what she loves for a living. Additionally, she must have a supportive, magnificent, and loving husband to speak so highly of him in her final response.  I have adored her in everything in which I have been privileged to witness the caliber of her acting and the sweetness of her countenance. And her comedic timing in Dearly Depotted, the most recent Flower Shop Mystery, was diverting and fun. In fact, this is yet another time when it vexes me to not be able to watch the CBC, as I have heard nothing but outstanding things about this upcoming series. But I suppose that in time, it will somehow be made available to us Americans. Until then, if you have the good fortune of having access to the CBC, be sure that you tune in Tuesday, January 10, for the premiere of this show that Dani is incredibly excited about, as are the critics. Furthermore, I invite you to check out her links listed below and do yourself a favor and follow her via social media so that you can be made aware of all of her upcoming works and news. This red-haired beauty is one to not be overlooked, and I can only hope that one day soon, Hallmark will see fit to cast her as a lead in her own romantic comedy for the network. She has certainly more than earned it, in my humble opinion.





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