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Christmastime is full of traditions, especially in the Buckley family. With their home perfectly trimmed for the Christmas season it is now time to choose a family the four Buckley brothers along with mom and dad will secretly “Elve”. This year Mom has decided on the Hagbarts, and according to the Buckley boys they are the meanest bullies at their school. Eleven-year-old Matthew can hardly stand it. By day the Hagbarts torture the Buckley brothers into submission, and by night the Buckleys drop of thoughtful Christmas gifts and treats to their sworn enemies. What will happen when Matthew is faced with a choice of ultimate revenge or doing good to others? The Christmas Project is a heartwarming comedy the whole family will enjoy.

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14711613_1680230582306186_2376870882563320317_oI happened to get a sneak peek at this film, and from the beginning, I had memories of The Christmas Story. I love the fact that the four Buckley boys are the typical kids from a bygone era. Their antics are often silly, but unlike some Christmas films, they are also compeletely family friendly. In fact, that was always my only criticism of The Christmas Story. As funny as it is, some of the humor is crueler than I would have liked, and some subject matters are not appropriate for my daughter, especially in her pre-teenage years.

If you do choose to watch this film, please do not compare it to the films you might see in a theater or even on major television networks. This story is predictable, and some of the acting is not as strong and polished as one might see elsewhere. However, that is not the real reason to watch this film, in my opinion.

14856062_1684699585192619_6393499775850688009_oThe unquestioned star, in my humble opinion, is this darling canine. His name is Farding, and every time he makes his appearance, it sets the family off into a fit of laughter (with the exception of the mother in the family). But Farding certainly adds spice to the story and loads of humor.

14542343_1669149180080993_6045959318686041454_oAdditionally, I absolutely adored the mother in this film. Meet Pam Buckley as played by Alison Akin Clark. She is the perfect epitome of a pregnant mom who is “cursed” to live with five men (four little boys, and her husband who isn’t too far behind that). However, if anyone can do it, Pam can! And indeed Alison is purely charming in this role!

14524406_1669669293362315_2050469678643842890_oThen there’s her hilarious, harried husband who loves to join in with his boys’ adventures whenever he can. But there is no doubt about his devotion to his family, and Brian Neal Clark gives a fun-loving performance in this film with the creation of this character!

Curious about the boys? Well, here’s the first.

14542293_1670790569916854_1139683883497159291_oMeet Jacob Buster who plays Matthew Buckley. He does an exceptional job protraying the boy who is a part of this fairly normal but often quirky family. He is the central figure in the story who often struggles with being the butt of jokes and not being able to stand up for himself at school.

14500234_1671261573203087_7417904192455845205_oAnd here’s Anson Bagley who plays Simon Buckley. You’ve got to love that face and glasses, right? It is a pure rapture to see so many young, talented actors in one film all playing brothers and doing it do convincingly.

14566202_1671927136469864_3732706691779651778_oOh look, it’s Josh Reid as Peter Buckley. Don’t forget how much he loves that chicken. It becomes a big part of a humorous event within the film. Josh is a true pleausre in this film.

14589601_1672545173074727_6274888743984705255_oAnd then there’s Cooper Johnson who plays John Buckley. He’s the youngest of the four boys, and as you can see, he is devoted to Farding. Another enjoyable actor in a fun role!

Now, I promise that there are more than just this family in this film. The Buckleys are central to the plot, but there are some other amusing stories along the way, but I don’t want to spoil those moments for you.

So what is my verdict? For me, this is not the most excting and entertaining Christmas movie I have ever seen, but there are so many worthwhile moments in the film that provide true family-friendly entertainment that will regale all members of the family unit. I would say your kids might enjoy the film more than you, but that’s not a bad thing. It is something everyone can appreciate together this holiday season. And the message will remind you of the true spirit of giving while providing some fun entertainment along the way.

So be sure that you check out the film at the links below. November 3rd is the official release date, but it is available for pre-order, so be sure to check it out!


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  1. Crafty Nunn October 31, 2016 Reply

    I like the idea behind the film. I would like to see it. I love Christmas movies.
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  2. Jazaiah workman December 31, 2017 Reply

    I love this movie it is absolutely a awesome movie especially for when kids bully it is a great movie to help them stop. It’s a good Christmas movie and bullying movie.

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