Interview With Actress Cindy Busby, “A Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder With Love”

By Ruth on October 23, 2016 in Interview, movie, television

Those who were amongst my first interviews always hold a special place in my heart–kind of like the first book an author wrote or the first movie an actor starred in. And with Cindy Busby, she was my second ever interview, and she was incredibly patient, supportive and so professional right from the very beginning in spite of my obvious inexperience. I first became her fan during Cedar Cove, but I soon learned what an amazing person she is as well as a gifted actor. I fell in love with her during Unleashing Mr. Darcy, and from that point on, she has always gone out of her way to thank me for my support. She is incredibly fan-friendly, and when I asked her for a second interview, she couldn’t have been more gracious. 


RH: Unleashing Mr. Darcy was such a massive success. Why do you think it is still popular nearly a year later? Any chance of a sequel?  What can the fans do to see that will happen?

CB: I have to admit, I always had such an incredible feeling that Unleashing Mr.Darcy was going to be a hit from the get-go. There was just this unique positive energy with the entire cast and crew. I think the audience can sense when chemistry works, and let’s face it, a romantic comedy with so many cute dogs? Where can you go wrong? I don’t know for sure if there’ll be a sequel, but Hallmark knows that it would be welcomed with open arms by all the fans. I would definitely do it if scheduling worked out.

download-5.jpg.jpgHow did you land your role in Hailey Dean? What can you tell us about your character?  How is she like you?  How is she different? 

I play Amanda Stone in A Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, With Love. The audition process was like any other. I read for the producer and director, and as it turns out, I guess it was a match. Amanda comes from a very influential and wealthy family, but works hard as a nurse. She’s very grounded and involved in her community. She’s very close to her family, so when both her parents die, she’s devastated and gets caught up in a “who did it” scenario. I’d say her loyalty to family and her compassion are the most similar traits we share, and well, I’m no nurse, but I can play one on TV!  (HAHAHA)

I think this is your first Hallmark Movies & Mysteries film. How does this experience compare with working on a traditional Hallmark film?

Yes, it’s my first Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and I loved it. The hard-working people and smooth process is the same as a traditional Hallmark film, but I’d say the mysteries are more “edge of your seat” kind of stories. I think audiences love to watch something that keeps them guessing and we’re definitely doing that with Hailey Dean.

download-4.jpg.jpgWhat was it like working with your co-stars? Any special behind-the-scenes stories?

Every moment on set was the best time. We laughed all day, despite the hard content at times, and had wonderful conversations throughout the days. Kelli {Martin}, who plays Hailey Dean, is just such a friendly, professional, and open person, so I think she set the tone for the movie. I really loved working with her. Our favourite green room we got to hang out in was in the basement of the “Stone family home.” It had a gym, ping pong table, and a massive TV where the boys (Giacomo {Baesatto}, Jesse {Moss}, our director Terry {Ingram}and Michael {Ritter}) would watch baseball.

Did you get to meet the author? 

I did get to meet Nancy Grace on our last day of filming and I even got to work with her, which was pretty special. She makes a cameo in the movie. It was an absolute pleasure to meet such an iconic female TV personality.

Any other upcoming works you can mention? 

I have a few things, but I’m not sure of all the details yet, so everyone can just stay connected via my Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page for further news 🙂

Any plans to eventually write/direct/produce? 

I’ve always loved to write. I have a couple friends that I get together with and write with. Producing and directing are not off the table for me, but I’m not actively pursuing them right now.

If a movie was going to be made about your life, what actress would you choose to play you?

That’s a tough one, but I think I’d have to say Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone.

In your opinion, what are the top five films that are “required” viewing or ones that everyone should see? 

These should be required because they’re my favourite 🙂

Back To The Future ( all of the them, but mostly 1 & 2)

Interview with the Vampire

My Cousin Vinny

Groundhog Day

The Man in the Moon


When it comes to actors and my categorical support of them, I find that certain qualities cause me to go out of my way to promote their works and projects. I look for candor, benevolence, flexibility, wit, humanitarianism, talent, humility, and reciprocity. While it is true that I will often support actors who do not manifest all these attributes, when an actor possesses and displays these characteristics in spades, I am more willing to choose to inconvenience myself and put other things on hold in order to support them. And in Cindy’s case, she is the embodiment of all those merits I have listed and more. From my earliest interactions with her, I have always been impressed with how she presented herself, and while she has definitely matured in the time I have known her, she has never pontificated nor behaved in a counterfeit manner in her various interactions. I look forward to what this talented, brilliant, charming, and stunning young woman will do as her career advances in the weeks, months, and years to come, as I believe that in so many ways, her career is only beginning to blossom. Be sure that you tune into the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries network tonight (October 23) to watch the premiere of the first Hailey Dean Mystery, as it’s certain to be something emphatically remarkable. I would also invite you to check out Cindy at the links below and follow her on social media as you don’t want to miss a moment of the fabulous career of this versatile, sweet, and accomplished actress!







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