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I encounter countless engaging and fascinating people in the entertainment industry, and the question is often asked–“how did you find me?” Oh, I wish I knew that answer each and every time, but in this case, I think I remember noticing Inga Cadranel in connection with the show Dark Matter. When I asked her for an interview, guess what essential detail I did not know. I already interviewed her husband earlier this year!! Yes, she is married to Gabriel Hogan, but as I informed her, she received the benefit of my more extensive experience. I had little to no idea what I was doing when I interviewed Gabriel–he was awesome, but I admit to being somewhat lacking). Recently, I did have the opportunity to ask Inga some questions about her impressive career as well as her current works and future aspirations.

RH: Why did you decide to become an actress? 

IC: It wasn’t so much a choice as a family business. My parents are both actors as well as my brother. I grew up in the theatre. It was just a natural transition.

 mv5bndgwmte4mdi5mv5bml5banbnxkftztgwnzcwntixode@._v1_uy317_cr200214317_al_.jpg.jpgWhat kind of training have you had? 

I attended Studio 58 in Vancouver B.C., but only lasted for two and a half trimesters before I dropped out. My real training was my endless hours as a child playing in the seats and greenrooms of theatres while my parents were in rehearsals and standing sleepy-eyed in the wings watching them perform on stage.

Please tell us about your first professional job. 

I was in a Young Peoples Theatre play at the age of fourteen called The Cabbage-Town Caped Crusaders where I played a homeless teen.

My first professional job as an adult was a summer theatre touring show called Hot Flashes , but my first on-screen job was Dear America on HBO.

It looks like your first series where you had a lead was with Jeff Ltd. How did you get involved with this show?  What was that experience like?  

I was a regular on a show called The 11th Hour with Jeff Seymour. We hit it off and in season three, I was actually pregnant with my first child. Jeff told me he was producing a show and that he wanted me as the lead actress and would wait until I had the baby to start production. What an amazing guy to do that for me! Well,  he did,  and I started shooting when my baby was eight weeks old. I had him with me on set, and we often had to cut while I nursed or pumped my milk. A fulfilling and exhausting time.

hqdefault-1.jpg.jpgRent-a-Goalie looks like your next series where you had a lead role. What did you appreciate about your character and this series? 

Rent-a-Goalie was the show where I can honestly say we were truly a family. We all love each other so much and have kept in contact. I had more laughs every day than I can count. A definite highlight of my career. Getting through takes without laughing was a challenge every day. I was a lead on that with a young baby since I would do R.A.G in between seasons one and two of Jeff Ltd.  I felt so blessed to work somewhere  where they accommodated having my baby on set, and how loving everyone was with him was a real gift.

You have appeared in one Hallmark film–Fir Crazy. How did you land that role?  What was this experience like working with the cast, crew, and network? 

Hallmark has been wonderful to me and my family! My husband is a fixture with Hallmark, so I really appreciate them immensely. I landed Fir Crazy by doing a bit of funny improv in the audition room. I had a blast with that character and her accent and curly hair.

You’ve been on three top shows in recent years–The Strain, Orphan Black and Dark Matter. Please tell me which one stands out to you and why.

I feel so lucky to be able to participate in these high profile shows in any capacity. It’s very cool to be associated with any and all of these projects. They are all so different and my experiences were all very different. All of them great!

What stands out the most for me though is Orphan Black where I made a new lifelong friend in Kevin Hanchard, who plays my partner in the show. We are still tight and he is one of the kindest, funniest , honest and special people I know, and I have to thank John Fawcett and Graeme Manson for casting me with Kevin. We both would joke about the DeAngelis and Art cop spin-off called D ‘n’ A. HA! I loved watching Kevin and the whole Orphan Black gang on the Emmy red carpet!!

ingacadranel.jpeg.size_.custom.crop_.798x650.jpgDo you have any other upcoming works you can mention? 

As far as acting work I will be shooting a guest star on BONES on FOX and can’t wait to reconnect with the producers on that show who cast me in BACKSTROM on FOX. A show I was sad to see go and wished we had got another season.

Any plans to write/direct/produce? 

YES! Big Plans! That’s actually where I have disappeared to! I am in the process of writing and producing my first series. I can’t give any more details except this has been my proudest achievement to date. I have been honoured with the task of writing about someone’s real life and bringing it to the small screen.  It has been my passion for the past year and has truly been my heart and soul . I am beyond excited about it.

As a mother and wife, how do you balance your career and personal life? 

I don’t rest! Haha! Funny ’cause it’s true. My husband Gabriel {Hogan} is ALWAYS away shooting and I really avoid having a nanny for my kids. I call in a lot of family favours, but since moving to LA, it’s been tricky without family here, so my youngest comes with me a lot to auditions and meetings. She has finally started kindergarten this year, so I do have more time with both kids in school, but that time is always packed, and then there’s my son’s sports schedules to contend with. 0128297_13.jpegFinding time for working out is the hardest. My dad flew in to babysit while I shot BONES. I’m always so excited to see him; he’s the best dad ever and always willing to help me.

Some husbands and wives enjoy working together in the business.  Is this something you and Gabriel Hogan have done or hope to do? 

We were both on Rent-a-Goalie together and we had a blast! Yes, we love working together and the funny thing is other than R.A.G, we never get a chance to. I guested on his show KING  four years ago, but he and I didn’t have scenes together. There actually may be a show (I can’t say what it is yet) coming up where we might be playing husband and wife……We’ve had the producers tell us that’s their plan if the show gets picked up……so fingers crossed it does!



This is when I just step back as the interviewer and ponder, “Wow, what an amazing woman–Gabriel is one lucky guy!” But beyond that, Inga is an extraordinary actress in her own right. In fact, it is apparent that I have seen her in more things than I realized, and now that I have “filled in the blanks,” so to speak, I will be incredibly vigilant when it comes to spying her superb appearances. I am most intrigued by this script she is writing–I’m a sucker for well-written biopics. Her limitless energy as a wife, mother, and multilateral human being also captivate and inspire me, not to mention her vivacity and radiance that beam from within her glamorous exterior. I tend to find myself drawn to photos of people who manifest genuine smiles and buoyancy, and there is no doubt that Inga has that joie de vivre that illuminates everyone around her. In fact, Inga’s light shines so effervescently that I believe her positivity is decidedly infectious. I would invite all of you to check out her various links below and possibly search out her past works while awaiting her future ones. Furthermore, where do we campaign for Hallmark to cast Gabriel and Inga together in a Hallmark masterpiece??





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