Interview With Actor Jack Turner, “My Summer Prince”

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In anticipation of the novel Hallmark film that will premiere on August 6--My Summer Prince–I was “introduced” to several actors with whom I was previously unfamiliar. One of those actors is none other than the handsome and charming Jack Turner. As the proverbial prince in the story, it was a delight for me when he agreed to answer some questions recently regarding the origins of his career, his role in this upcoming film, and his future aspirations.

What inspired you to become an actor? What kind of training have you had?

I was inspired to take an acting class when I lived up in San Francisco. I like to joke I’m maybe the only American-trained English actor in Hollywood! When I was in SF, I worked at Google, and every day when I was getting into work, I’d drive by an acting school (Shelton Studios) under Pier 26 that was covered in the most beautiful 40’ x 40’ photograph of the founder Jean Shelton. I thought to myself, “That could be fun and enormously frightening to try.”  Also, I studied psychology at college and thought acting would be a great way to learn more about the human condition and my own psychology, as well as to help my work at Google. I trained with the Shelton Studios for two years before moving to LA.

I notice that you’re also a musician.  Can you tell us a little more about your music? 

Thanks for noticing! I play guitar and keyboard. I’ve been really lucky since being in LA to meet some wonderful musicians and artists. I was in a band Cable Car, with Nate Mott and Sur Chevvie, which was an amazing experience. We gigged in LA and put a couple songs on TV shows. I love hearing our music on TV! We have our music online–Spotify, iTunes, etc. We have two EPs, “Ride” and “Cable Car”. Please look it up – I like to go back and listen to it! It’s good stuff! I always say it’s halfway between Maroon 5 and One Republic. I still collaborate with Sur Chevvie, and I miss Nate desperately since he moved to Nashville.

As you are new to the Hallmark family, how did you get this role in My Summer Prince?

It was just as simple as an audition! It came through normal channels. My manager sent me the audition material, and I really loved it. I had a ton of fun working with the casting director, Dean Fronk, and really just focussed on enjoying the audition and the character. They booked me for the role from the first audition! It’s the first time I’ve booked something without a callback, and I was so surprised when I was offered the role! Completely unexpected. I’m very happy to be in the Hallmark family. Everyone has been very welcoming and the experience has been truly wonderful.

What was your experience filming this movie?  What was the atmosphere like?  What were the cast and crew like?

I’ve been lucky to already have some great experiences working in this industry, but working on My Summer Prince will probably always be one of the most delightful experiences of my life. Everyone from the crew to the cast to the production team was outstanding. Welcoming, friendly, unbelievably professional, and very fun to party with when we had our time off. We did a few excursions on our weekend, and the atmosphere was truly special. I hope to work with them all again, the sooner the better.


How would you describe your character? Did you have to do anything special to get into character?

Well,  he’s certainly different from me! I am not a prince! I’m from Weymouth, a small coastal fishing town in the south west of England. I had to brush up on my upper class dialect, that’s for sure. Marina {Sirtis} and I helped each other out with that a lot on set because she’s super Cockney, and I sound like a country bumpkin. In terms of getting into character, I just really went with my first instinct from reading the script. Colin is trying to break out of the shell of his royal duties–which he sees as burdens–and Mandy helps him realize he has a lot to give if he lets himself be himself. I also just had a really strong image of Prince Colin, how he walks, talks, speaks. I decided to trust that image. Easier said than done! Sometimes when shooting, if I wasn’t sure about the next take, I just thought, “Let Colin take this one.” It sounds stupid, but it’s true. Oftentimes, I was just trying to get out of the way.

What do you hope viewers will take away from the film?

I really hope that firstly, they will enjoy a good love story. The world presently seems frighteningly divided, and I think we could all use a lot more love and a lot more empathy. I hope that they learn from Colin that responsibility need not be burdensome, and that they learn from Mandy to trust themselves and their talents.

Do you have any other upcoming works you can mention?

I have a few projects I’m creating with some colleagues. We have three scripts in development, two thrillers and a romantic comedy, all of which I’m really excited about.

Do you have any aspirations to eventually write/direct/produce?

Definitely. I’m working on that with the scripts I mentioned, particularly on the writing and production side. I think directing might be a bit down the line; I have enough to focus on for now! I really think that actors have to create their own opportunities and branch out from just acting. There is such a wealth of talent in LA, and although it can be a really tough place, there’s a rich opportunity to create the stories you want to tell with the people you want to work with. Hopefully, people learn from those stories and take insight into their daily lives.

What is your advice to other people who seek a career in the entertainment industry?

Work really, really hard, and be really, really prepared. Try not to take anything personally. If you can’t develop a thick skin, I’ve found learning amnesia can be a helpful – you have to forget things that go poorly, once you’ve learned from them, and just look forward relentlessly! It’s a baptism of fire in terms of living in the moment, trusting yourself, and staying positive. It’s honestly not for the faint of heart, but it can be truly rewarding when you get to have experiences like working on My Summer Prince.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I rarely get it, which is something I need to work on! However, when I do get a moment. I really like eating red velvet cake, and washing it down with tons of coffee. Consequently, a lot of my other free time is exercise! Fortunately, I’ve always enjoyed sports, being outside, and pushing myself hard physically. My calorific and cardiovascular pursuits counteract each other, for now. Other than that, when I can, I play music. I’d really like to spend more time getting better musically. I try (but nearly always fail) to play a little guitar every day, and I’m desperate to brush up on some piano – I think learning some gospel piano will be the next endeavor.


The thing that most impressed me about Jack is probably quite unpretentious, but it meant an incredible amount to me. The very day I requested an interview, he immediately responded, and he was quite prompt on returning responses to me with almost record-breaking speed. I fully comprehend the fact that actors are busy, and as I have stated previously, I do not complain when they are late or aren’t expeditious with their communication. Notwithstanding, when an actor goes out of his way to make such an excellent first impression, how can I not be a “superfan?” While I have not as yet seen him in any of his works, his remarks were so well-crafted that it is evident that he is assured of the nature of his goals, and he is willing to invest the necessary time and resources in those ambitions to effect their ultimate fulfillment. It is with immense anticipation that I encourage all of my readers to tune in tonight (August 6) to the Hallmark Channel to watch the inaugural Hallmark film for both Jack and the screenwriter, Topher Payne (I interviewed him here, if you haven’t read that one.) entitled My Summer Prince. Additionally, I hope everyone will check out the various links below as I doubt this is the last time we will from the incomparable Jack!







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  1. Mary Pugh June 2, 2017 Reply

    Where can we see this movie now? I saw this young man in a Crown Plaza commercial- and enjoyed his boyish charm.

    Would love to see My Summer Prince.


    • Author
      Ruth June 2, 2017 Reply

      Mary, I see it now and then replayed on the Hallmark Channel. Other than that, I do not know. You can try YouTube, I guess.

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