Interview With Model/Actress Claudia Rivarelli

By Ruth on July 6, 2016 in fitness, Interview, movie

In today’s society, models are often still perceived as they were eons ago–brainless, anorexic, and only interested in appearances and how they look. It’s one of those trends that society seems to be resistant to change. However, there are women who are laboring to change that archetype, and it just so happens that Claudia Rivarelli is one of those. Landing on her page was what I would call a “happy accident,” and recently, I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her career in modeling as well as her aspirations for the future.
10534140_665779430208953_72416193509925436_n.jpgWhy did you decide to become a fitness model?

I wanted to change my body into more of a fitness look–toned and curvy. I’m not only a fitness model. I also do styles such as pin-up, swimwear, glamour, casual, and foot model. I love changing my look and being versatile as doing only one style becomes boring.

imagen1234567-021.jpg.jpgIf someone wants to become a model, what is your advice to them? What do they need to do?

Just do it. You don’t need to be a skinny girl to be a model. Just determine your best features and find a style that emphasizes that. If you have good hands, be a hand model. Don’t forget that having personality and being level-headed is equally important. If you are only beautiful, but don’t have your head on straight, people will try to manipulate you. Be nice and humble too.

spy-1.jpg.jpgWhat is the best thing about being any type of model? 

It helps to keep you in condition. It opens a lot of doors: television, theater, magazines, etc.

Describe a typical day’s schedule for you.

I check my emails, train at the gym, then it’s work and more work.

cr-25-of-40.jpg.jpgIn addition to being a model, what other skills do you have?

In sports: Martial Arts (kickboxing, Muay Thai ), Crossfit, Pilates, volleyball, fitness routines, Rollerblade, climbing, bicycling, and guns.

I am multi-lingual in the following languages: British English, American English, Spanish (conversational and all dialects), Italian, Portuguese, and French

I also am skilled in fashion design, drawing, painting, sewing, embroidery, costumes for theater, make-up, cartoon design, samba dance, electro dance, publicity, marketing, acting (playing roles like Liz Taylor and Cyd Charisse – Golden Age Hollywood, spy, vampire, and comedy roles). I also have three years university-level in Communication Sciences.

clau1.jpgSometimes there is a stereotype that people have concerning models–they aren’t smart, etc. What do you do to fight to change that mindset?

Sadly, with some models, it is true, they are not exactly bright. You cannot be a model all your life. You need to do other things. Others are smart and transition to becoming businesswomen.

dsc_4822f.jpgAre there any charities or causes you are passionate about?

Yes, charities that are involved in cancer prevention and research as well as animal causes.

In ten years, where do you see yourself? What are your goals?

Living on a tropical island at peace with myself–I hate cities. My goals are to change some of my dreams to reality and help others, and of course, to find my own happiness.

As your life appears to be very busy, how do you manage your professional and personal life?

I always try to find time for my personal life. My family and friends understand my career, so they support me in all I do.

dsc_0408.jpgWhat do you like to do for fun?

Travel, dinner with my friends, watching television when I can, going to the beach, and reading art books.

Where are some places we can see you or check out your work?

I am currently filming two short movies that will be presented at some film festivals in Miami and California.

I have also been featured in a wide array of international magazines:

Billie Blunt Magazine(NY),So be It (Miami)Dream Vixen(Texas)Wish(NY),Pulse (Texas),Fit Journal (NY),RHK( Miami-Vegas)The Definition (Chicago),Bikini Mag(Canada)The BikiniMag (Arizona)Royal Divas Mag(Chicago)Irresistible Fusion Pin up, Baba Lous Pin up,Fivex2mag,Wolrdwidefearless, Mr Dreamz(Canada),Vainn,Bikini Mag and others

Additionally, I do have plenty of acting credits to my name (though some might be hard to find in some international markets):

Uncle Cacho – comedy program(2 times) 4 Channel (Uruguay ), Body art ( Camara Testigo) 12 Channel 
Fashion interviews Fashion Designer, Let’s Go – A fitness program for full-body training (fitness,cross training-kick), 
Mbn the face (fitness-crossfit-martial arts ), Role as a spy The spy  martial arts mini-series, Extra like vampire, Roles like Cyd Charisse (Vegas) and Liz Taylor, Maniac Girl, Countess Bathory

Comics: Gothic warrior

The things I most admire about Claudia are her thirst for knowledge and her quest to demonstrate that models can be so much more than just a pretty face. While she is dedicated to her fitness regimen, and there is no doubt that she takes pride in her modeling career, she is equally committed to expanding her horizons and looking to her future goals and dreams. As she branches out into uncharted territory, there is no question that she will make strides in whatever she seeks to do due to her tenacious determination to her principles and goals. She is one strong woman, and she refuses to let anyone tell her any differently.




I want to say big thanks to my team:

Juan Carlos Garrido Photography 

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Social Make up and artístic : Mary Borrea







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