Interview With Actor Trenna Keating, “Dark Matter”

By Ruth on July 15, 2016 in Interview, movie, science fiction, television

I “accidentally” found the show Dark Matter last year (actually it was due to a tweet by Roger Cross since I loved him in First Wave), and I thought last season was intriguing, to say the least. I campaigned along with the other fans for a season two, and I couldn’t be happier as this season is even better than last season! I was taken with the actress who played Felicia Brand on the season two premiere, and recently, she agreed to take some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions about her career and her involvement with Dark Matter.

Picture Credit: Tim Leyes

Picture Credit: Tim Leyes


RH: What inspired you to become an actress?  What kind of training have you received? 

TK: I never wanted to be anything else….well, except I wanted to be Paula Abdul for a short time, but I got over that. I started doing plays in elementary school, and I was hooked. I never looked back. After high school,  I got my theatre degree from the University of Regina, in Saskatchewan. I worked in the film industry there for several years–acting, casting department, stand-in, personal assistant, whatever job I could get to be involved! Then I moved to Toronto and have been acting here ever since.


I see that you were in the Hallmark film A Dog Named Christmas.  What was your experience like with that film? What did you like about working for Hallmark? 
I had a great time on A Dog Named Christmas. Everyone at Hallmark was incredibly kind. We filmed Christmas in the blazing heat of August in the prairies, so I remember that being…..warm to say the least. And I remember this cute little boy sitting beside me during a Christmas dinner scene, and the props people had given us these delicious sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top to eat. Well the little boy was stuffing them in, and I kept saying, “Eat slow, and don’t eat between takes because we are going to be doing this scene for eight hours and you’ll be sick”…..he didn’t listen.


And you were on Orphan Black as well (you have been on so many cool shows!). How did that compare with guest starring on other shows?
I was so thrilled to do Orphan Black. I think the show is wonderful and Tatiana {Maslany} and I both grew up in Saskatchewan, so I’ve known her for years. All of us Saskatchewan folks are so proud of her accomplishments, and I think she is such an incredible actor, so I was so happy to get to be on her show. I also loved the character they wrote for me; she was lots of fun to play.


As Doc Yewll on Defiance

As Doc Yewll, Defiance


So how did you land a role with Dark Matter? What did you do to prepare for your role? Will we see you again this season? 
I actually auditioned for a different role than the one I ended up playing on Dark Matter. But I love lawyer or cop or doctor-type roles more than anything. I like playing strong, intelligent women so I was really excited to be Felicia Brand. I had also just recently finished Defiance, so I was excited to play a role that didn’t require a prosthetic! You won’t see me again this season, but perhaps if we make enough noise they will bring me back next season!


As Felicia Brand, Dark Matter


What was your experience like filming Dark Matter? What’s the atmosphere like on set? 

It was a great experience . I was happy to get a chance to be directed by Amanda Tapping. I have only gotten to work with a couple of female directors so far, and to be directed by one of Sci-Fi’s best was super exciting for me. The set was wonderful, people great, and they seem like a really enthusiastic and supportive team.


What has been your experience with the fans of Dark Matter?  What would you recommend the fans do to help ensure another season of Dark Matter?
Sci-fi fans in general are the best fans out there. I was blown away by the response to Defiance, and it is the same with Dark Matter. The fans are so devoted, and that warms my heart. The best thing fans can do is watch the show, tell your friends, your parents , your mailman, you gynecologist to watch the show!!! And Tweet, tweet, tweet! And always use #DarkMatter



Any other upcoming works you can mention? 
My husband Alden Adair and I will both be in the upcoming CTV series Cardinal.



Do you have any aspirations to eventually write/direct/produce?

I do like to write, and yes, I would love to direct. And we need more female directors. So maybe someday. Producing terrifies me.


If you could explore anywhere in the universe, where would you like to go and why? 
Well, anything that requires me being in a space outfit or a shuttle of any kind is out of the question. That would be fear-based torture for me. But I would like to float. So if I could get to the Moon or some other planet by limo and float around up there in high heels, I think that would be neat.


With Amanda Tapping

As far as I’m concerned, Trenna is the complete package. Not only is she incredibly attractive, but she is endowed with amazing talent and fully immerses herself into every role in which she is cast, no matter the size nor the depth of the role. Furthermore, she is yet another who has learned to harness the power of social media, and she is quite accessible to her fans and always treats each one with kindness and respect. There is no doubt that she has a genuine love for the sci-fi community, but she is so versatile that she can portray any role in whatever genre she is cast. Moreover, she does it with conviction and prowess that some other actors may have to work harder to execute. While this industry is not always kind to females as the time goes on, I believe that Trenna has found a place within the sci-fi community and beyond that will ensure that she will be portraying roles with grace, humility, and fierce determination for many years to come! Be sure that you follow her at the links below lest you miss any of her upcoming roles or any news that she is always thoughtful to share with her devoted fans!







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  1. Francine Anchondo July 18, 2016 Reply

    Great interview.. I love the show dark matter also and loved Defiance.

    • Author
      Ruth July 18, 2016 Reply

      Francine, thank you. I’ve got to look up Defiance. Never knew about it but I love Dark Matter too

  2. Glen Main September 9, 2016 Reply

    Say what you will about actors and actresses, they are some of the most hardworking and driven people out there. And she’s no different, not to mention very brilliant! Hope to see more of her, I think she can bring a lot more into the character.
    Glen Main recently posted…Napa Tours List of FavoritesMy Profile

    • Author
      Ruth September 10, 2016 Reply

      Glen thank you for your comment. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have nothing but amazing respect for actors. Even more as I interview more of them!

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