Interview With Leo-Award-Winning Actor Sean Kyer, “Odd Squad”

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It seems like everywhere I turn, I continue to find When Calls the Heart connections, and that is especially true in the caliber of young stars I have been interviewing recently. Remembered fondly as Albert Bickley by the devoted Hearties, Sean Kyer is truly making an explosive splash in the entertainment world. Not too long ago, I had the honor of chatting with this award-winning actor, and we discussed everything from his early days in the business to his current successes as well as his outlook on his budding career.

skeRH: It’s good to get to talk to you, Sean. When I put your name out for fan questions, the Hearties were so excited that I was getting to interview you.

SK: Oh, that’s nice.

They all would love for you to come back to When Calls the Heart, so I wanted to be sure to pass that on to you.

I love the Hearties. They are the best.

SeanKyerWonLeo2016And, of course, congratulations are in order for you. That was great that you won a Leo Award for Odd Squad.  Those kinds of things are so exciting, and in your case, well-deserved.

Thank you very much.

You’re welcome. So what was it that inspired you to become an actor?

You know, I can’t really say I was inspired to become an actor because it was just something that I always did. When I was two years old, I did a little kid TV movie, and I was in a little bear costume, running around, and my mom said I just loved being on the set. So she looked up how to get me into the industry.

Sean Kyer acting reel - Photo: Kevin Clarke

Sean Kyer acting reel – Photo: Kevin Clarke

So from that point, did your mom just start taking you to auditions?

Yeah, I think I did my first auditions when I was about three years old–auditioning for commercials that they needed young kids for. I really got an early start, and it’s all I’ve ever really known.


Most of my readers (including me) remember you from When Calls the Heart. What was that experience like on that set?

Well, this is something that me and mom always look back on, and we always think that When Calls the Heart is probably one of the friendliest sets I’ve ever been on.  We knew a lot of people there even before we had our first day on set. We were very warmly welcomed, and we got to meet up with some old friends. It was a very friendly set and very professional.

Until I was looking through your incredible lists of credits today (which is an amazing list, seeing how you’re only fifteen), I didn’t realize you were in The Color of Rain.  Since most of what you have done is fictional, how was your experience different with this film since it was based on a true story?

When you’re acting out a fictional character, you get to put your own spin on how you think that character is or should be. But when you’re acting out a real person that actually exists, you’ve got to keep their humanity in there.

Did you meet up with the people the story is based on?

Yes, we saw them. One of our first shooting dates, they came out to the studio location, and we got to meet them all.

Agent Oscar- 'Odd Squad' photo: Courtesy of Sinking Ship Entertainment

Agent Oscar- Odd Squad
photo: Courtesy of Sinking Ship Entertainment

How many seasons of Odd Squad have been filmed so far?

We just finished our first season.

Wow, so it was only the first season, and you won a Leo Award and received a Daytime Emmy nomination. That is truly phenomenal!

Thank you so very much.

So what is your favorite part about portraying Oscar on the show?

What I really like about Oscar is he is kind of connected to my crazy side, I guess I’d say. He’s a very energetic character to portray. What I find interesting about the character Oscar is that unlike any of my other characters that I’ve acted out, I really think he’s a bit naughty but kind of softer. They’ve given me such big sets to move and run around on. Because of their trust and faith in me, they have given me a lot of freedom to develop this character kind of in the way I see fit.

Agent Oscar with the latest gadget - 'Odd Squad' photo: Courtesy of Sinking Ship Entertainment

Agent Oscar with the latest gadget – Odd Squad photo: Courtesy of Sinking Ship Entertainment

How did you happen to get this role?

While I’m not sure what went through the director’s head while they were choosing me, like any other job, I just auditioned and got a callback. Then I had to go down there for a chemistry test, and they liked me.

Is there a particular actor that you look up to and admire? I realize you may have more than one, but who really stands out to you?

It’s not one that I really look up to as a role model or anything, but my favorite actor–because I really like his movies–is Tom Cruise. He is an actor who is just really cool to watch.

Supernatural' Season 9-Ep.7 'Bad Boys' (left) Jen-Oleksiuk (right) Alika-Autran-Ghost Mom Photo: Courtesy of Sean Kyer

Supernatural Season 9-Ep.7 ‘Bad Boys’
(left) Jen-Oleksiuk (right) Alika-Autran-Ghost Mom
Photo: Courtesy of Sean Kyer

Since you are a versatile actor who has portrayed a wide variety of roles, is there a process that you use to get into character for these different roles you’re asked to play?

I’d say I sort of jump right into it. Most of the time it has to do with the atmosphere of the set. If it’s a high energy set like Odd Squad was, the atmosphere adds to your character. If it’s a more mellow and dramatic role you’re going with, most of the time, the atmosphere will be more calm.

I don’t think I’ve ever had anyone answer that way before. That’s pretty cool. (pause) How is it that you at the age of fifteen, have been able to stay away from negative influences and remain as grounded and as positive as you are.

I think it has a lot to do with parental guidance and just good parenting.  And I’ve got some good role models in my life. I think I’m smart enough to know to stay away from all that bad stuff.

Agent Oscar with the Hydroclops - 'Odd Squad' photo: Courtesy of Sinking Ship Entertainment

Agent Oscar with the Hydroclops – Odd Squad
photo: Courtesy of Sinking Ship Entertainment

Do you have any other upcoming works you can mention at this point?

No, nothing right now. Just auditioning.

How does school work for you, especially when you’re filming?

I just go to a normal school like any other kid. And then when I’m on set, my teachers are great, and they give me the work I am missing. And I have a tutor who can help me do all my work and help with my projects that I have to turn in.

In your free time, what do you like to do?

Well, I like to hang out with friends, play video games, and play some sports. My main sport I love to play is baseball.



At the Leo Award (from left to right): Cory Grüter-Andrew Havana Guppy Mitchell Kummen Sean Kyer  Katelyn Mager

At the Leo Award (from left to right):
Cory Grüter-Andrew, Havana Guppy, Mitchell Kummen, Sean Kyer, Katelyn Mager

As I reviewed Sean’s answers and demeanor, something even more noteworthy than his obvious gifts and recognizable wit impressed me. This young man has learned at a very young age the essential art of gratitude. I lost track of how many times he thanked me for my acknowledgement of his talent and accomplishments. And I don’t mean he was merely “going through the motions.” Sean has learned the art of living a life replete with appreciation. He is well aware of the fact that he is in a privileged, much-coveted place in his career, and this is a point when some young men might make the choice to believe that maybe they truly are “better than the others.” All too often, young “superstars” get a big head, and their career ends in flames. However, Sean never misses an opportunity to thank his fans and his benefactors. If he stops and thinks about the awe-inspiring opportunities with which he has been entrusted, I think it’s safe to say he may be somewhat overwhelmed–I think anyone in his position would be. But Sean has the proper temperament and mindset to remain on the correct path, and as the years unfold for this talented actor, I have no doubt his career will continue to flourish as long as he remains as humble and as kind as he is now. Be sure that you congratulate young Sean on his fantastic win at the 2016 Leo Awards, and don’t forget to visit the links below and follow him on social media so as to keep up with the career of this remarkable young man!

Sean Kyer | Odd Squad – Rise of the Hydraclops
LEO 2016 Awards Presenter and Winner for Best Performance
in a Youth or Children’s Program


IMDB: nm3908789 | Twitter: SeanKyer | Instagram: SeanKyer | Facebook: Sean-Kyer

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    He is such a handsome young man. It sounds like he is really building a great career for himself. I am so happy he is doing what he loves. Thank you so much for sharing

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      Linda thank you for stopping by and commenting. I certainly agree.

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