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By Ruth on June 19, 2016 in Interview, movie, mystery, television

If you’re anything like me, there’s a sense of accomplishment that comes when you work tenaciously to bring something about, and once you have achieved what many may have doubted, you can just sit back and smile. And that is exactly how I feel about my interview with Cameron Mathison. From the moment I first requested the interview to the moment it happened, it was nearly five months, and there were times I wondered if my continued petitions were more irritating than anything else and would even bring my hopes to fruition. I mean, I actually had the audacity to say I was #TeamNorman and would remain so until I interviewed him! (For the record, that was all a ruse.) Well, as you will see, dogged determination did bring about extraordinary results, and so I now share with you an interview with this kind, considerate, talented man who took the time out of his insanely busy schedule to chat with me.
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RH: I am so glad our interview worked out at last!

CM:  Everything in my life is always last minute. If it falls into place, great. It can be frustrating sometimes. But I’m glad this worked out.

cameron 5Is there any chance of you doing another regular Hallmark film? A lot of people continue to say they loved you in The Christmas Ornament, and they would like a sequel to it.

Yeah, I would love that. That movie just touched so many people–myself included. I honestly think that is one of my favorite projects I have ever done. So, I’m all for it. I’m like absolutely one hundred percent game. I haven’t heard anything. So unfortunately, it’s not like something’s brewing, and I’m just not telling you anything. But the way Hallmark works, they move quickly. If they get an idea–man, if they get an idea, I could be shooting it a month later. So it’s definitely a possibility.

Well, I think your fans will be very happy about that. The next Murder, She Baked  installment is coming up on Sunday. A lot of us are very concerned because during the last one, there didn’t seem to be a lot of hope for #TeamMike. What can we expect from this one?

Murder She Baked A Deadly Recipe Final Photo AssetsMike was kind of slacking in the last picture, but have no fear. I definitely feel like there’s an upswing with Mike in this picture–A Deadly Recipe. I don’t want to say that he’s taking the lead off Norman, but I really think he’s in the mix. Hannah and Mike have something really special–they really do have the crime-solving connection, and they also have a special connection on another level. And they challenge each other, and they’ve got a good sense of humor with each other. And definitely, their relationship is taken to another level.

A lot of wonder how on earth you are able to juggle your personal life as well as your busy schedule. Do you have any secrets on how you’re able to do that.

Well, I guess the secret would be I don’t have much of a life. (laughs) It’s obviously really, really important to me to be a good father and a good husband. And it’s also very important to me to do the best I can at work and continue my career for myself and for my family. So I really, for the most part, kind of juggle those two aspects. A lot of the things that I do in my free time–fun things, going to the beach, working out and whatever–I try to fit them in with family or in between work. I don’t have a lot else going on. It’s a real, true schedule though. I do it very mindfully. I’m very aware of what  is likely going to happen the next day and what I can fit in. Time with the kids, and do I get to do my school drop-off in the mornings? Can I squeeze in a swim in the morning before I go to work? In my break between two shows at work, I’ll do my meditation in my room because that’s also something that’s important to me. Everything is planned out. Every day is different, but every day I am mindful of how I fit it all in.

Murder She Baked A Deadly Recipe Final Photo AssetsNow, traveling, those are different challenges. We use Facetime and Skype in a different way than I’ve ever used it before. I’ll get in the hotel room, and I promise you that the Skype could be on for three hours. It will just be on, and I’ll do what I need to do. And the kids and Vanessa will do what they need to do. And every once in a while, we’ll come to the computer, and my son will be like, “Hey, Dad, can you help me with my homework?” And I’ll come to the computer and be like, “Yeah, what’s goin’ on?” It’s not like they have to be stuck to the screen the whole time. Everyone is just living their life. But I’m in their life because I have this sort of window into their home. It’s a very committed way of living as far as making it all work.

I’ve never heard of using Skype that way. That’s pretty cool.

Well, yeah, it’s free and on wi-fi. You have to be careful with Facetime because if you’re in a different country, and I’m using data, it gets a little tricky. But generally, if I’m on wi-fi, it’s an amazing thing.

People wanted to make sure that I told you that we definitely appreciate all the pictures and all the stuff that you share about your personal life. It’s kind of neat to see your family life.

Oh, good. Well, thank you.

Not every actor does that, so it’s kind of neat that you do that and reminds us that you’re a normal person, too.

Well, that’s hopefully what I am first. I hope. I do share some of the fun events I get to do–the interviews with ET and work stuff. But the stuff I like to share the most is personal stuff.

How did you originally get involved in acting and pursue that as your career?

Well, I was at engineering school in college, and it was the summer, and I couldn’t get a job. And I was just out with some friends, and they said I should go check out a modeling agency. Maybe I could make some money. And I did. And I started getting some jobs from them. And then I started doing some commercials. And then I started taking acting classes after I graduated from engineering. And it just flowed quite well actually and very luckily. I was working in Toronto, which is where I am from, on an American production. And I was doing a movie there called 54 with Ryan Phillippe and Neve Campbell, Salma Hayek, Mike Myers. And I got the call that I booked All My Children.



Meghan Heffern, Actress and Co-Star The Wife He Met Online

“Though I worked with him a while ago, I can say that he was lovely, and working with him was very easy!”


What do you like about working for Hallmark?

Hallmark is literally one of the greatest places to work for anybody ever. It’s just the best group of people, and I think they’re putting out such great family-friendly pictures and products. It’s a real family and once you’re in that family, you just feel so lucky to be in that family. Every day I’m invited to something Hallmark I’m like, “I love these guys.” They just do everything right. They make their pictures in the right way. They throw their publicity parties in the right way. It’s just a great group of people, a great organization. And I love making pictures that are so feel-good and my kids can watch, and I’m not going to be embarrassed about them watching. It’s a pretty special place.


brad krevoyKWIK KWOTE

Brad Krevoy, Producer Murder She Baked

“Working with Cameron Mathison on the MURDER, SHE BAKED series, as well as the other Hallmark movies we have done together, is always a true pleasure. Cameron is a lively and welcome presence on every set he’s been on for me. I’m looking forward to continuing my working relationship with this talented actor in the future.”


Do you have any other upcoming works you can mention besides Murder, She Baked?

Yeah, I do. I’m now a co-host on Entertainment Tonight, where you can see me seven days a week. I am also hosting a new Food Network show called Clash of the Grandmas.  It’s not going to be out till the fall, but it was so fun and exciting and silly and tasty all at the same time, and I had such a good time. We shot it already. It’s six episodes coming out starting in November, I think. I’m very excited about this project.

At this point you have done how many Murder, She Baked films?

We’ve done four, and we’re likely shooting the fifth one in August.

Murder She Baked A Deadly Recipe Final Photo AssetsWhat is it you like about that series as it seems like it’s really a family? What’s the environment like?

That’s a good question.

(Okay, I was inwardly jumping for joy! I mean, he’s a professional interviewer after all!)

We’re so lucky because the number one thing I like about it is the people. It all starts at the top. Ali is just awesome, and she works hard, and she’s professional. She’s fun, and she’s funny. She’s kind, and she’s just amazing. Honestly, a really inspiring person for me.

And then everybody else involved. I don’t want to start listing names, but Barbara {Niven} and Toby {Levis} and Gabe {Gabriel Hogan} and Lisa {Durupt}, I mean I don’t want to forget anybody. It’s a super fun group of people, and we’ve become really close. And I think the stories are great!  I think they’re really cool stories–mysteries. It’s tough to kind of dupe an audience, but I think the stories do a really good job of that. There are some really fun characters. Forgetting Hannah and Mike for a second, Norman and Andrea and the other supporting characters are sooo great! Barbara Niven’s character is so funny. Lisa’s character is hysterical. They crack me up. Those are all reasons why I really–like I want these to keep going.  You know, I had such a good time on them.



Toby Levins, Actor and Co-Star Murder, She Bakes

“I would like to say that Cameron Mathison has the best neck in the business! 
And we NEED to take the heli ski trip ASAP!”


Well, I think we got through everything that we needed to get through. 


That was a record for me. Usually my interviews are much longer. But I was trying to keep it to the fifteen minutes.

I appreciate it only because I’m squeezing this in at work. And we can just keep it going. Something else comes up, and we can do another fifteen minutes. Tougher for me to get a bigger window. I’d rather do shorter ones.

Murder She Baked A Deadly Recipe Final Photo Assets

My respect for Cameron has increased a hundred fold following this compelling interview. And what a professional this guy is as he shared more in fifteen minutes than some people do in an hour. There were times where I believe he would have shared more (of course, I will be requesting other interviews in the future, as he invited me to do so), but his hectic schedule did not permit it. It was a situation of mutual respect, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

For me, Cameron is one of those exceptional actors who is exactly what one would hope–humble, benevolent, and he has his priorities straight. The passion and love with which he spoke of his family came across in a tremendous way. But there is also no doubt that he thoroughly enjoys his chosen profession. I look forward to seeing this next installment of Murder, She Baked: A Deadly Recipe on June 19, on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries network, and I highly encourage everyone else to tune in as well. There is unequivocally no trace of doubt that he absolutely loves this series, and if he says it’s good, I tend to implicitly trust his judgment.

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