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If you have been following the “June Wedding” films on the Hallmark Channel, you may be aware of an upcoming film, Stop the Wedding! What you may not know is that the film is actually based on a book by author Stephanie Bond. In spite of her very hectic schedule, she took a moment to answer some questions about her career as an author and her current work with Hallmark. 

RH: Why did you decide to become an author? Tell us a little about your journey to becoming an author.

SB: I was seven years into a corporate computing job and taking my last night class for an MBA when the instructor said I had a flair for writing.  He thought we should submit my thesis to academic journals, but my only thought was, “I wonder if I could write a romance novel?”  Since it was my last night class for my degree, I finally had some extra time on my hands, so the following week, I started writing a novel.  Within a few years, I had sold enough books to leave my corporate job to write full time.

What is your favorite genre to write?

I most enjoy writing humorous romantic mysteries because they better lend themselves to series, and I love writing series.  Readers like series, too, so it’s win-win!

What is the best time of day for you to write? What’s your typical writing schedule?

The best time of the day for me to write is first thing in the morning before my phone starts ringing and my email starts pinging.  And mid-afternoon, I usually go to the gym and write while on the treadmill.  The business of writing consumes most of my time these days, so I have to squeeze in writing time when I can, even if it’s late at night.

How much input did you have with the teleplay? I’ve heard some authors say that when their book is picked up to be made into a movie or TV series, they have little, if any, creative input. That must be so hard. Others have deals in which they help write the teleplay. Just curious how all that works.” (Fan question)

Typically, only big-name authors get input into the screenplay adaptations of their books.  I did get to see an early version of the script and make comments, but I agreed with everything the screenwriter did.  To translate a book to screen, adding scenes and/or characters is almost necessary to make the story more appropriate for a visual medium. As a book author, you have to let go of your book version and think of it as your characters living in an alternate universe.

With Stop the Wedding!, did you go to the set to meet the actors? Have you seen the final product?

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go on-set.  The movie was filmed in Vancouver and done in a very short period of time.  And frankly, I was swamped with my own projects.  I knew who had been cast, and I “met” the actors online after production when promotional activities began.  We’re all connected via social media, and I interviewed the star, Rachel Boston, for a special promotional piece. I have read the final script, but I haven’t seen the movie, so I’ll be watching STOP THE WEDDING! for the first time with everyone else.  I’ll be Live Tweeting during the movie, Saturday, June 11th 9pm Eastern/8 Central.  Please join me!

Is this your first book turned into movie? First time you worked with Hallmark?

I’ve had other projects optioned for television, but this the first time one made it into and out of production.  And yes, this is the first time I’ve worked with Hallmark…but hopefully not the last!

Any other upcoming works you can mention?


I have a free daily serial called COMA GIRL starting on my website, July 1.   I hope everyone will drop by and follow along.

What do you do to unwind?

Long walks always help me to put things back in perspective.  Nature is my reset button.

While I have yet to read one of Stephanie’s books, there is no doubt that she has a talent and a passion for writing lighter romances–just the type of book I like to curl up with on a lazy weekend. As Hallmark has brought attention to her literary gift, I certainly hope it won’t be the last time they adapt one of her books into a film. Be sure to catch Don’t Stop the Wedding! Saturday, June 11, on the Hallmark Channel. And don’t forget to follow this remarkable lady via all the links below.






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  1. Sarah L June 13, 2016 Reply

    This looks like a writer I’d enjoy reading. I don’t watch TV so was not aware of the wedding series.

    • Author
      Ruth June 13, 2016 Reply

      Sarah, I look forward to reading her books, too. As the books are often better than the movies, this is a winner!

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